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With all the people waiting on pins and needles... I thought it might be nice to forget about getting into a program for now and talk about where you see yourself once you are done with nursing... Read More

  1. by   Multicollinearity
    Wow. Quite a few are interested in L&D, NICU, and Peds. I personally want nothing to do with the birthing of any babies or any sick little people!

    Neuro and hospice sound interesting to me.
  2. by   scholar
    1rst place ER or ICU?
    2nd place Ltc Acute care hospital?
    Never in a million years place---- Peds, ob

    I think I would like the ER b/c there wouldn't be a daily necessary routine. Being able to handle anything that comes through those doors and remain intact emotionally,physically,mentally seems challenging.

    Working with patients during a time of great need, I would guess is more satisfying. Although you may not follow up, you still know that you've played your part.
  3. by   Jeannai
    HI we have a lot in common I want to work at childrens hospital mpls nicu or med. surg. and my other is L&D at a good hosp here in mpls/st. paul. what general area do you live in or what school do you attend? we could be neighbors lol. I go to century college.
    Quote from luvmy3kids
    With all the people waiting on pins and needles... I thought it might be nice to forget about getting into a program for now and talk about where you see yourself once you are done with nursing school....

    I'll go first....

    I would LOVE to work in the NICU at Children's Hospital in Mpls. I also see myself in L&D. I have always had a passion for babies and recently, pregnant women (after having 3 kids I've been facinated with pregnancy)... so L&D would be really wonderful for me as well....

    My heart is with the babies though as I would love to really be a baby nurse...

    So what do you all think??

  4. by   Laura77598
    Being a long-time neuro- patient, I would like to go into Neurosurgery or Brain mapping or some sort of corrective neuro floor. I have previous Neurosurgery experience (as a patient) and a degree in psychology already. I am facinated by the workings of the different structures of the human brain. I would love to help ease the concerns of someone facing brain surgery or something like that. Also recovery from brain surgery would be fascinating!!!!!
    L. K.
  5. by   BlaineCM
    Before I started nursing school I thought I wanted to work in the NICU. Now that I am in practicum, I am not sure what area I want to specialize in. I am starting the family NP program in the fall though.
  6. by   TAB_RN
    I want to work in a burn unit or in the E.D. I have been interested in burn for many years and have asked my clinical instructor for my final semester if there is any way I can get into the burn unit for my rotation. She is trying to accomodate me.

    It's amazing that once you start going through the clinicals though, that what you once thought you were interested in, suddenly doesn't seem to be what you wanted. I always thought I would love pedi and the l&d, but now that I have gone through it, it really doesn't interest me at all. I seem to like mostly OR, ED, trauma, ortho, med/surg type nursing.
  7. by   2bNurseNik
    I think I want to try Oncology . Their spirits, strength, and how they value life really moves me. If that doesn't work out then I'll try a plastic surgeon's office to get discounted tummy tucks (or abdominoplasty in medical terms).
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  8. by   sweetbeet
    Hospice or gerentology here!
  9. by   Smartferret
    I'm still doing pre-reqs, but from the little experience I do have I think I'd like the ICU. I worked for years with an ophthalmic surgeon and I'm not interested in going back to the OR, especially as an RN. (In our facility techs did all the interesting stuff.) My husband is a bone marrow transplant nurse and I don't think I could do what he does. He concurs that ICU is the perfect place for a geek like me. LOL
  10. by   nursn4me
    wow, we have alot of future nicu and labor and delivery nurses!
    I think I want to work in psych nursing. Who knows maybe that will change but I have an strong interest in helping those who are mentally ill.
  11. by   renebean319
    I think i want to work in the Peds. ER, ER, NICU, PICU or Peds. Oncology . Those are my favorites so far.
  12. by   ImGonnaKnockUOut
    No doubt in my mind... I want to be a CRNA!
  13. by   mydee
    :spin: I not sure about anyone else but I just want to get into nursing school first.