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Hey everyone! I'm first going to say this board is awesome!!!! What is everyone taking in Sprin '06 I'm taking A&P 2--16 weeks English 1--6 weeks Am. History 1--6 weeks Nutrition--16... Read More

  1. by   Annabelle57
    [font=lucida sans unicode]this is my last semester before i start nursing courses - still waiting for that letter, though - and i am taking:
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    [font=lucida sans unicode]intro to chemistry
    [font=lucida sans unicode]intro to sociology (online)
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  2. by   sydylo
    Start the nursing program in January, I am taking
    Anatomy and Physiology 2
    Introduction to Medicine
    Concepts in Nursing
    Fundamentals in Nursing 1
    Fundamentals in Nursing 2 (Which my school has you take at the same time as 1)
  3. by   Achoo!
    Finally starting!! I took pharmacology already so I have a light load.

    Nursing Fundamentals
    Nursing skills
    Intro to clinical practice
  4. by   mdbarker
    Just finished English Comp and Intro Chem

    Start January 9th

    A & P I (4)
    Algebra (5)
    Computer Concepts (3)

    Fingers are crossed, Prayers have been said!!
    Still scared!!
  5. by   Lisa CCU RN








    Total Enrolled Hours: 16.00
  6. by   Angels'
    :Melody: My spring '2006 classes are Developmental Psychology, Substance Abuse Awareness, Basic Chemistry, and College Orientation.

  7. by   DaughterofRuth
    I'm just starting my pre-reqs, took my first class last semester (Eng Comp) and got an A. Loving that 4.0 GPA even though its only from one class

    For the Spring 15wk semester, I'm taking:
    Intro to Allied Health (required for AP I&II)
    College Algebra
  8. by   cad4296
    A & P 1 (already took it at another college, but credits won't transfer!)
    Maybe~ Nutrition

    I am getting married in April so I already know I will be super stressed out so I'm trying to take a light load. Not sure about nutrition. Has anyone taken it yet? Is it tough? I'm usually really good at sceinces.
  9. by   BostonRN2B
    I too am taking all the non-nursing courses so that by the time I start school I will only have to take the nursing classes and do the clinicals.
    For Spring of '06 I am only taking English Comp. I. I am also going to try and test out of "Intro to Computers", so then I will have completed 2 classes in the spring semester! The last time I spoke to someone at the college to which I applied, I am number 4 on the waiting list!
  10. by   Jessy_RN
    Microbiology, Nursing 100, Nutrition
  11. by   Nurse-To-Be-Joy
    I'll be taking A&P II, Micro, and Math for Meds. These are the last classes (pre- and co-reqs) that I need, so that is a huge relief for me. I'll be applying for the nursingprogram, too, in January!
  12. by   WannaBRN4
    Only taking two this semester. I had a bit of an overload last semester and the one before (Summer 05). I had to take some remedial math and then College Algebra, Eng. Comp 101, Health calculations, Med term. and Human Growth and more. I won't ramble on oh and an Intro to A&P, which is a great help. I feel I will pass A&P I with flying colors.
    Spring 2006
    Anatomy & Physiology I/ LAB
    College Chemistry I
    That is it for me.
    Followed by A&P 2 in the Summer
    Clinicals in Fall 2006
    Good Luck to everyone with their course loads.
  13. by   BunnyRN
    Quote from BostonRN2B
    The last time I spoke to someone at the college to which I applied, I am number 4 on the waiting list!
    Hopefully, everything works out!!! Number 4, Whoa!!! Pray!!!:angel2: