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:) creating my present dreams to be my reality :)

Angels''s Latest Activity

  1. Angels'

    interview next week!

    Best Wishes :balloons:
  2. Angels'

    Anyone here live in Ohio?

    Merrique :) Welcome to allnurses.com :) Angels’ :)
  3. Angels'


    iya05tall :) Welcome to allnurses.com and :)The best of wishes with your net exam. :) Angels’
  4. :) Welcome to allnurses.com and Best wishes with applying with a pre-nursing program. :) Angels’
  5. Angels'

    How many Nurse jobs have you had?

    johnson001 I’m a student, taking the prerequisite classes. Angels’ :)
  6. Angels'

    Good vibes and prayers for Fun2Care!

    :balloons: :balloons: :) Fun2Care :):balloons: :balloons: :Melody: :balloons: Congratulations :balloons: :Melody: Angels’ :)
  7. Angels'

    Accepted to Austin Community College Today!

    :balloons: Congratulations Nurse Nini :balloons: :) Welcome to allnurses.com :) Angels’
  8. Angels'

    East Arkansas Community College, Forrest City

    donna64 :) Welcome to allnurses.com Angels'
  9. Angels'

    The Cold Shoulder?

    :) Hi I did see your post. I gave birth to two of my children at home. Both boys. :) Angels'
  10. Angels'

    How does this work exactly?

    This is good new to many of us. Thank you. Angels'
  11. :balloons: Brian :balloons: Cheers :Melody:Cheers :Melody:Cheers :Melody: Angels’ :)
  12. Angels'

    Should I ??????

    chill65 :) Welcome to allnurses.com :) A pre-nursing student, Angels’ :)
  13. Angels'

    Pre-Entrance exam for RN

    princess2008 :) Welcome to allnurses.com :) A pre-nursing student, Angels’ :)
  14. Angels'

    Really, how is it?

    hill65 :) Welcome to allnurses.com :) A pre-nursing student, Angels' :)
  15. Angels'

    What has been your fav prereq??

    Developmental Psychology A pre-nursing student, Angels' :)
  16. Angels'

    Chemistry 2006/ 2007 Club***

    Basic Chemistry summer 2006 ? A pre-nursing student, Angels'