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I need some commiseration. Who else is anxiously waiting to find out of if they got into nursing school or not for this fall? Tell me where you applied, what the deadline was, and how crazy you're... Read More

  1. by   Unique87
    I keep getting letters from my school thinking it's about the nursing program and it's all been about finicial aid. It's really driving me insane. Hopefully I will find out next wait but they will probably wait till the last two days in June.
  2. by   KathyRN2B
    I am waiting as well. My school is accelerated. Deadline for apps
    is 30 June. Nursing dean said by mid-July letters/packets should
    be going out. Trying not to think about it too much
  3. by   Mariah'smomSOON2bRN
    Just wanted to say Congrats to all of those who have gotten those of us still waiting, lets not pull all our hair out yet. I applied to CSU Fresno and the deadline was March 31st. I of course had everything ready on March 1 and have been sitting in agony since then. I had to finish up two prereqs this last spring semester and went from worrying about getting A's in those classes to now worrying about whether or not I got in...I feel crazy. I don't really know if we will get emails, or phone calls, or letters in the mail, so I am running around anytime the phone rings or as soon as the mail man leaves I'm out the door. I even have my email coming to my phone so just in case something happens I'll know right away. We do have a spot where we can check or application status, but that hasn't changed in weeks yet I'm still checking it like mad. I'll probably check it again when I'm done writing this. I didn't get in last semester so I'm not looking forward to being let down again. I guess all I can do is be patient and keep mu fingers crossed....Good luck to everyone!!!!
  4. by   AriaRN
    My application deadline was June 1st. This waiting really sucks! Congrats to all of you that have gotten news, and Good luck to everyone still waiting
  5. by   caribgal
    I got my letter today. My prayers are now for all of you to get your acceptance letters asap!

    Good luck!
  6. by   AriaRN
    I just got my letter!!! Good luck guys
  7. by   Meliss214
    I didn't mind waiting until my classmate got her acceptance email and I had a higher SAT score than her. The secretary at the nursing office said that for the option we used, the selection committee solely goes by the SAT scores. So I'm anxiously waiting for Monday so I can talk to someone on the selection committee. The counselor is even puzzled as to why I haven't received an acceptance email.

    I wish tomorrow was Monday,
  8. by   Domina
    Wooooohoooooo!!! Got my letter today.....accepted to Daytona State College's ADN program August 09. No more waiting....ehehheheheGood luck to all you guys waiting.
  9. by   Meliss214
    Congratulations!!!!Hopefully your luck is contagious!!!
  10. by   Nervous1
    I am still waiting, hopefully it will come sometime next week.
  11. by   Meliss214
    Nervous, where are you applying and do you have classmates who have already been accepted?
  12. by   bluechick112
    goodluck to everyone!!

    i'm still sitting around on my school's waitlist (I'm #1). they sent letters saying that the 2009 fall class is full but that they anticipate SOME potential movement in the waitlist by the end of summer and will continue to admit people off the waitlist if spaces become available. since I'm #1 on the waitlist, I only need one spot to open up! but it's still sooooo hard and such a downer that I still haven't been accepted. i've been #1 on the waitlist for 3 or 4 weeks now and it's heart breaking every day when I don't get a phone call!!!
  13. by   Meliss214
    Bluechick, you stand a high chance of getting in since so many things happen in people's lives to make them change their plans.If I were you I would stay focused on the fact that someone who was accepted will decide to attend a different school or may decide not to go into nursing after all.

    I'm staying focused on the fact that selection committee has made a mistake in the past and that once again they made a mistake by overlooking my application and accepting someone else who has a lower SAT score. I'm so glad that tomorrow is Monday so I can finally talk to someone on the committee to get this situation resolved.

    Praying for all of us who are waiting,