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  1. nurse12b

    Passed Transitions!!!!

    I also will C my way through...lol
  2. nurse12b

    Excelsior LVN-RN

    I PASSED!!!!:) 4 more to go!
  3. nurse12b

    Excelsior LVN to RN

    Hey all, I am having a hard time studying for the Transition to RN exam. It is not clinical based and Im freaking out. I keep postponing the test a week, and then another and another I was supposed to have done the test tomorrow and I moved it again to next week. I don't want to fail it and have to waist $300 and wait 60 days to retake the test. Can anyone give me any pointers of how to face this test.
  4. nurse12b

    math calc

    I did give it at 44ml/hr, I gave it at the steady rate because that was the Dr's orders. He wanted me to give 1mg/kg/hr once a day for 5 days.
  5. nurse12b

    math calc

    I have a math problem for anyone that can help me. I have a pt that was ordered IVIG and the dose is 1mg/kg/min his wt is 73kg the ordered dose is 29gm in 290ml I need to know ml/hr do I need to run it. I called the pham and he gave me 43ml/hr and of course that is what I went with, but I want to know how he got 43ml/hr. 3 of the nurses on my floor tried to do it and they all came up with differant answers. I know I am way over thinking this prob. Thanks for the help.
  6. nurse12b

    pt safety question, please help

    Just an update the pt is still alive. The order has been D/C'd since it was taking so long, the family was getting aggravated that the Dr. kept say this it it and everyone would come up to visit him and nothing would happen.
  7. nurse12b

    pt safety question, please help

    I know it is unbelievable, and I would never believe it myself if it didn't happen. I am off today so I don't know if he passed away or not, I will call my friend that is working in a bit to ask. One thing I can say is that he is a fighter for life. I have made a few phone calls but since it is the weekend no one has called back. I just feel horrible about the whole situation, and this is what happens in America. I did not become a nurse to help kill people! I agree with all of you that hospice is supposed to help the pt to be comfortable until the end, not kill the pt. I am such a new nurse and didn't know if I could do anything because he is hospice. And my charge nurse just told me to use my nursing judgement on giving the medication and it is up to the family. I know I must be careful on how I follow thru with this because I will probably be on my own. Being a real nurse is nothing like nursing school, or being an EMT. I can honestly say that I am afraid!! I keep going over in my head,"did I document enough" most likely I didn't.
  8. nurse12b

    pt safety question, please help

    Ok, the problem that I have is with Hospice and the rules. I am a LVN at a hospital and I had a pt last night that is on hospice. The Dr. and the family is waiting for the guy to die, so at the start of my shift the Dr. had ordered for the pt to receive Dilaudid 1mg EVERY hr PRN. However I did not feel comfortable giving that much and I told the family that it is PRN and the pt was sleeping and VS were all normal. So I gave 4 doses thru out the 12hrs, so he did not die thru the night. The Dr. got there at 5am and noticed the pt had not died yet, he took the charge nurse aside and told him to have the family step out and smother him with a pillow! He in turn told me what the Dr. said and I about freaked at how he could even say such a thing. Anyway, the Dr. came back at 0700 and ordered Dilaudid 1mg every hr (not prn) and adivan every half an hr until death. Of course the Pharmacy called up to clarify the order and told the on coming nurse that she did not have to give that much and to use her judgement with it. She had the same feeling as I did. This is not right and she also said there was no way she would give that much just to speed up his death, and with 5 other pts there was no way to even keep up with it. So, what can I do or because he is on hospice it is ok to give him lethal doses to speed up his death. P.S I just called to check to see if he had died yet and he is still alive, with good vital signs.
  9. nurse12b

    Fed up with Stupid Parents

    Hey now, I am a nursing student and a vet with a child that is on Medicaid. I hate that she is on it, but I don't want her to go without. Just because someone is on medicaid does not mean you can treat them any differant than with someone with regular ins. I know I never want to be a nurse like any of you that treat parents of children on medicaid like they are ignorant. We are doing the best that we can. Oh and the father with the cild that had a cold, YOU should know that an ear infection or strep throat has the same s/s as a cold. SO who is ignorant now!!!! Last week I had thought my child had just a cold and I took her to the Dr. because she had a fever and the Dr. did a rapid fast culture and it came back pos for strep. So that father is looking out for his child. Oh, yes I am very demanding when it comes to my child, what kind of parent would not be!!!! Or is it only people that have regular ins that only have that right. If you feel like you should put pt down because of their class, GET OUT OF THE MEDICAL FIELD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even when I become a nurse I will always be an advicate for all of my pt's no mater what!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh an pt eduacation is apart of your job, so help them understand...
  10. nurse12b

    pct/nurse tech wages

    Here in Texas, we start IV's in the 2nd semester of NS. Actually the 2nd semester we finish all of the skills we will be doing in the hospital, even central line. I was a PCT in Ohio, I worked for an agency and got allot of hospital experience at $13/hr without being a NS. Here in Tx it is only $10 and you have to be done with your first semester of NS. Compared to a CNA, it is only min. wage.
  11. nurse12b

    Teacher falsley accused me

    I think what she is trying to say, is that she is giving favoritism to the other races. If it was the other way around, the situation would be a big uproar. My advise is to be supper early all the time and try to do things before she asks and stay out of the lime light. Now if there are other problems document it. Just in case she tries to fail you for some reason. In my clinical we had issues with this one group of people that the teacher played favorites, but it had nothing to do with race. They were all just brown nosers and could do not wrong. I know for a fact that a couple of them failed but were aloud to pass (They would brag about it). But in nursing school, you have to kiss butt because they hold your future in their hands and they always hold it over your head.
  12. nurse12b

    Hmm, what do you think..

    so why are they not going to fix the AAA, you can't live long with one. I had a pt with a AAA and it was asending and desending and they had it fixed that night. I know some Dr. don't want to try that hard when pt's get older, it's not you...
  13. nurse12b

    What is statistics like?

    Hey its better than college algebra. The symbols actually mean somthing.
  14. nurse12b

    Rant about my nursing school

    its going to be alright, don't worry about it. It is the same in the regular BSN program that I am in. I watch a video before class and then in class they lecture and sometimes we don't get to even practice it because our teach talks too much instead of showing us how it is done, and letting us practice it. Then we test off on it, and then we do it. That aside, you will learn new ways of doing things once you are in the hospital. Your just going through the motions in NS, you get most experience on the job. I am fortunate that I was a nosey CNA and emt before nursing school, so I always want to do what I just learned.
  15. I would not recommend another class like that. Im in Pharm now and we just talk about meds. And when I was taking Patho I don't think we talked about muscle's, it was mostly over lab values, and disease processes. I would recommend studying Pharm material before going into class, it is alot of material. Like indications (what the drug is for), MOA (how the drug works), contraindications (what type of situations would you not give the drug), Side effects, and nursing instructions/teaching. That is what is covered in Pharm. Good luck and study hard
  16. nurse12b

    please help with my situation

    Well just think of this, living in a small town has many perks. No traffic, short commute, and the rent is usually cheaper in small towns. I know when I graduate that we are moving to a small town. I am willing to take 23/hr for peace of mind, and to not live in the hussle and bussle of the city. And if you don't like it after 6mo to a year, move back with some experience and hospitals may look at you then. I know around here hospitals won't look at you unless you have any medical experience.