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  1. AriaRN

    Any input on Humana at home -care management job?

    I have any information to offer. I just wanted to say good luck! I applied for the same position today. Im hoping I get to the interview stage. Would you mind sharing a bit about your background? Im a little over 5 years into my nursing career, with pretty diverse experience.
  2. AriaRN

    Living Overseas, work at home jobs?

    There are websites out there specifically for finding work from home jobs. As I'm searching for myself right now, Ive seen several LPN specific positions. PM me.
  3. AriaRN

    Working from home

    It seems like there are lots of WFH/Telecommuting positions out there, but they are difficult to get. Companies want a certain set of qualifications. Ive been applying for a Work from Home position for about 8 months now. Ive had zero luck.
  4. AriaRN

    How Old Are You?

    21, waiting for my ATT for NCLEX!!!
  5. AriaRN

    Who's graduating this semester?

    I will be done in 8 weeks, then i get to tackle the NCLEX monster :hlk:! Lets kick some NCLEX butt!!!! We WILL do this:grad:! :ancong!: everyone!
  6. AriaRN

    San jacinto college adn fall 2010

    Hello everyone:) I am a current student in the ADN program at San Jac. To those of you that were accepted :ancong!: You are in for an exciting and challenging 2 years. To those that did not make it this time, please do NOT give up! :hug: I excited to meet you all at orientation in a few weeks. Enjoy the rest of your summer, and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.
  7. AriaRN

    San Jacinto College ADN Fall 2009

    Hi Jazmin! To answer your question, Under option B the course work that you apply with MUST be completed at San Jac. If they arent they you have to use option A.
  8. AriaRN

    San Jacinto College ADN Fall 2009

    Im so crazy that I did next weeks MNL. Now i have to try to erase all of the concepts from memory as they are not on this weeks test. Oh well, now i can spend all of next week studying for the final, yay! Im not really that excited. Oh and by the way.:stdnrsrck:
  9. AriaRN

    San Jacinto College ADN Fall 2009

    My Nursing Lab bugs the H E double hockey sticks out of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. AriaRN

    San Jacinto College ADN Fall 2009

    Kill a rock.... Now is that possible. Lol
  11. AriaRN

    San Jacinto College ADN Fall 2009

    Hey everybody! Lol, Poor Russell wants his scrubs. Me too:)
  12. AriaRN

    San Jacinto College ADN Fall 2009

    I totally bombed the A&P 2 Final but got a B in the class! I am so relieved! Does anybody know if we have to wear all white shoes?
  13. AriaRN

    Ok I am trying to keep tabs, all starting this fall say I

    Finally I can say... I begin August 24th :)
  14. AriaRN

    San Jacinto College ADN Fall 2009

    There are 2 options you can either have it mailed to your home or you can just pick it up.
  15. AriaRN

    San Jacinto College ADN Fall 2009

    Done!!!!!!!!!!!!! With A&pII!!! By the way Russell, you suck! Lol. Only cause im jealous that you have the next 6 weeks off. I uploaded a pic to walgreens.com and it only cost 21 cent to have it printed.