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  1. HI, I got in Fall 09' had to withdraw due to health issues with a family member. I submitted my readmission letter for January 2010. Keep me posted when you get your letter. I mailed off my readmission letter in the beginning of Oct. I hope they let me back in......
  2. Hello, I was informed the other day by my nursing instructor that the college has changed from a content-based curriculum to a concept-based curriculum. The first class of the new curriculum started in Jan. 09. I just started this Aug 09. Just finished my first week. They no longer have a Peds clinical rotation or a Psych clinical rotation. My instructor said its been integrated. Well, I am feeling a huge amount of apprehension in regards to this new curriculum because our instructors have not taught it before and I feel like a guinea pig for lack of better words. I am scared. I hope this new curriculum will prepare us enough for the NCLEX. I guess I will have to wait and see what happens with the Jan 09 class. UGH!!!! If anyone is familiar with it please help me settle my nerves....... Take Care D:o
  3. Domina

    What's your method of madness? Study tricks???

    It's funny you mention studying. I just got finished and I have been studying for 6 hours. No kidding either. I just finished my first week in nursing school. I went to our "Jumpstart" info session before school started and I took their advice. I read the chapter through once. I read it again but make an outline based on the key chapter components. I leave space under each components to add notes from when I am in class. I know for me I will always read the chapter before class...always. I made flashcards today. I made them for vital sign ranges from adult to infant and for just about most of the information I read. I hope all of this helps me get a good grade on our first exam in 3 weeks!!!!
  4. Domina

    Anyone starting Daytona State ADN Fall 09

    Hi, I got my physical @ Employmed. It's right off of Dunn and Clyde Morris. I was told to go there I can't remember the exact price, like a $100 I think. That is what they do all day long, give physicals. I already bought the CPR book. Oh well!. I have a 3.46 Gpa and I got a 78% overall TEA's score but I did good on the math and reading it was the life science stuff I bombed in!! LOL I am so ready to get started!!! Take Care....
  5. Domina

    Anyone starting Daytona State ADN Fall 09

    I have finished all pre-req's and core classes. I took the TEA's test wasn't to happy with my results but I guess I made the cut. I am pretty sure we will find out about books and uniforms and such at orientation. I have been scouring these boards for a couple of months and I took a recommendation for a must have book for nusring students, RNnotes by Ehren Myers. I bought it yesterday at Books-a-Million. I would already be studying if I had our book list. LOL Do you have your CPR certification yet? I go on July 28th @ 9:00 am. I have my physical done and all that stuff!!!! I am literally sitting and waiting anxiously! Take Care:D
  6. Domina

    Anyone starting Daytona State ADN Fall 09

    I have a ton of questions. I guess we shall find out the answers to them very soon..!!!!!! What campus did you request? I requested days in Daytona. I have heard that they place you where they want...I really don't care what campus I can't believe this is happening. I know we have a ton of hard work ahead of us but I am so ready to get started.
  7. Domina

    Clinical Day 1: Discoveries

    Great story!!! I am starting ADN program in the fall. Needless to say I am nervous, excited and scared. I find it somewhat reassuring to know I am not going to be the only one that is nervous!!!!
  8. Domina

    Anyone from Daytona Beach Community College

    Thanks...not very familiar with the inner workings of allnurses. All I know is that I am excited!!!!
  9. Hey, I thought we could chat before school starts. Orientation isn't very far away. I am very excited!!!!
  10. Domina

    Anyone from Daytona Beach Community College

    Hi Everyone, I'm starting Daytona State's RN Fall 09 program. I am so excited about starting. Can't wait for orientation I have so many questions. Just wanted to chat with some other students starting this Fall in Daytona.
  11. Domina

    Anyone from Daytona Beach Community College

    Has anyone got their acceptance letter for Daytona State ADN Aug. 09? I got mine today and wondering if anyone can tell me about orientation or jumpstart. Any info would be appreciated.
  12. Domina

    Sick of waiting to know? Say "I"!

    Wooooohoooooo!!! Got my letter today.....accepted to Daytona State College's ADN program August 09. No more waiting....ehehheheheGood luck to all you guys waiting.
  14. Domina

    Daytona August 2009

    Hey there, I applied for the Aug. 2009 class at Daytona State. All pre and core req's finished. Did okay on the Tea's test. The waiting is driving me crazy though. Hopefully we will here something soon, it's almost been 4 weeks now since the deadline..lol. Good Luck
  15. Hello, I am currently attending DSC. I am taking College Algebra and speech. I have only those two classes left and all my classes are finished. I have yet to take the NET test. My GPA is 3.43. My question is for those who have been accepted with the NON waiting list, what were your GPA's and or NET test scores and did you have all your other coreqs and prereqs completed when you applied? I am hoping to submit my application in May for the August 09 class. Thanks in advance for any replies, R.