Should I Take Chemistry?

  1. Hello. I am new to posting on this forum and I was hoping for some opinions on this topic. I am currently working on taking my prerequisite classes for my Associates, and ran into a huge issue. My school changed the degree name to Associates of Applied Science with a major in nursing and took out a ton of GE classes that were previously required. I was hoping to attend a great RN-BSN program afterwards and had the plans already set. Now I have 9 (well 10 if you include a prerequisite to one of the classes) that are required to get into this BSN program I want that I am not offered in my program. I am just going to work hard and take them all and do what I need to do. Well now I am at a crossroads of some sort and don't know which direction to take. The BSN program I want to get into just changed their requirements and dropped chemistry from the list but you still have to have the hours in some sort of electives. But I thought chemistry was important and this doesn't really make any sense to me. So I was thinking about taking chemistry anyway, and wanted to know some opinions on this. My husband thinks I am crazy to WANT to take more classes than I need to (really I kind of love to learn as much as possible and I think everyone should) but I thought it was important. I mean if there is chemistry in the every day of the job, chemistry on the TEAS V (which I am taking in a few months) and on the NCLEX-RN why wouldn't it be necessary? Sorry so long of a question I really appreciate your thoughts!
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  3. by   leenak
    Well chemistry will help you understand some things and if you have electives to take, why not?
  4. by   Angsturdy
    I totally understand your dilemma! Strange that they would take chem out! Wonder why? Yes, you will need chem for your entrance exam, but honestly, I took chem so long ago that there was so much that I didn't remember. I took the HESI and used the study guide, which sort of helped me and I also studied with a friend of mine before the test. If you feel like you need the class then I would take it but I'm kinda with your hubby on this one.....why take it? I only say this because I hated chemistry!! Good luck trying to decide. It's a tough one. Have you talked with an advisor yet? Maybe that's the best place to start.
    DON'T DO IT! my advice is take something fun or if your school offers it, a medications calculations class.

    it will help tremendously and no....chemistry is not THAT crucial. unless you're on a game show lol

    seriously just take it only if its required or if you want to go on to your MSN

    btw: i am in inorganic chem right now and it is SUCH a waste of my precious life!
  6. by   SentimentalGeek
    I had to take a semester of Chemistry and I actually really enjoyed it. I had to bust my butt to get an A and it was hard work, but I did learn a lot. Interesting that your programs have dropped it from the required courses! I would personally take it anyway if you have the time but if you have other classes to take with a heavy workload then take something fun instead. OR see if you can take some classes from within the program to ease your workload once you're in the nursing program. Like pathophysiology, pharmacology, etc. Nutrition and Diet Therapy is part of my nursing program but I took it early to get it out of the way. All I'll have now first semester is theory and clinicals, no extra stuff.
  7. by   Thujone
    I would take Chemistry if I were you. You may want to apply to several different schools when the time comes, and since most school's require that class, it would be a good idea to have it.
  8. by   SentimentalGeek
    Quote from Brian Ruff, CNA
    I would take Chemistry if I were you. You may want to apply to several different schools when the time comes, and since most school's require that class, it would be a good idea to have it.
    Good point!
  9. by   caliotter3
    A good argument could be made either way. If it were me though, I would strongly consider taking it. You never know when you will need the class for some future goal. Get it included in this degree cycle and you won't have to worry about facing it in the future.
  10. by   lifelearningrn
    As much as I hated it- I am with those who say you should go ahead and take it. Most BSN programs require it, and by the time you've taken all of your classes they may put it right back on the list of 'must have' classes... and if you apply for others schools you may need it anyway.
  11. by   willowita
    Yes, take chem. Expand your knowledge and school choices. I know people like to avoid hard classes but chem is as fundamental as bio, in my opinion. It's given me a greater appreciation and better understanding of how the body works.
  12. by   ZekeMass
    At my school, the fundamentals chemistry class seems highly geared towards nursing students. Almost daily, there is an example that applies to nursing. One semester is all you need to do well on the teas. If I hadn't already taken a Physics sequence, I would take another semester of chem - because it is helping me understand a lot, and is a great brush up on the basic math needed for the teas as well.
  13. by   strawberryluv
    Chemistry is extremely important because it lays the foundation for A&P. I can't tell you how grateful I am for taking chem1 and chem2 before taking A&P because when the textbook talks about ATP and ions, you WANT to know what thats about. And you won't know unless you take chemistry.

    Take chemistry!