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  1. willowita

    LA County Hospitals

    Hey Crystal. My biggest piece of advice is be patient. You will show up to your unit during orientation to basically introduce yourself and familiarize yourself with the layout and where everything is. Don't be surprised if they don't want to deal with you yet or if you don't get a preceptor until the last minute. It's nothing personal. It's just County time and culture. It eventually all gets sorted out. The orientation with your hire group will be more structured and easier to go through. They review everything you will need to know and there are some tests on some basic meds and hospital policies. Which area did you get hired for?
  2. willowita

    New Grad CA (LA area) Advice???

    LA County hires new grads with a license and BLS. The hiring process is a little confusing but it starts with applying for the exam. Here's the website: Job Opportunities | WELCOME TO THE COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES Search for nurse and apply for Registered Nurse I/Relief Nurse. White Memorial just opened the application for their New Grad program. Info is found here: RN Residency Program - East Los Angeles - Boyle Heights, California(CA) - White Memorial Medical Center, Los Angeles Get on this one ASAP because the application window is usually open for a short period of time
  3. There are many hospitals with UCLA in the name not associated with the County so not sure which one you called. The exam at the County is still open. I can't copy and paste a direct link but here is the search for the job board: Job Opportunities | WELCOME TO THE COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES Search for "nurse" and look for Registered Nurse I/Relief Nurse
  4. LA County DHS operates LAC+USC Medical Center, Harbor-UCLA, Olive View UCLA, and Rancho Los Amigos Rehab Center. Passing their entrance exam allows you to interview for any of those hospitals.
  5. I keep reading about the doom and gloom of California and it has not been my experience, though it definitely was in Oregon and Hawaii where I used to live. One of the level 1 trauma centers in L.A. is a county facility and they only require you have a license and a BLS card to get to take their entrance exam. That is it. Got two job offers from them. That's how I and others with no prior acute care experience and new grads got in. I guess the caveat for some people is that the pay is lower than a private hospital and the patient population is predominately not English speaking and/or homeless. Those are the people I want to serve so for me it was no problem. I know other hospitals and areas of the state are maxed out on available jobs but there are opportunities.
  6. willowita

    I need some encouragement?

    Thank you OP! I am in the same boat. Starting my new job tomorrow! My dad, who used to work ER in the same hospital asked me if I was excited. I said I was terrified. I'm working a med/surg floor and I worry about the same things you mentioned. The feedback I get is that it's normal to feel this way. To feel unsure, to worry about your competence (mostly lack thereof). I especially worry about IV skills! I was horrible at doing them in nursing school, which has hurt my confidence in getting good at it. But my parents, both RNs, tell me that I will be fine. And I have to trust that. Good luck to you!
  7. willowita

    California student: is a $30k LPN "worth it"

    Honestly, it doesn't matter that you don't know enough math or science at this point. That's you and everyone thinking of going into nursing. You will learn math and science as you go through the pre-req courses. Doesn't matter what happened 10 years ago. If you're motivated to learn it, you can. Even if you have to start in remedial algebra. It's okay! Take it one step at a time and do not be discouraged that you somehow have to have it all together right now. You don't. Really! And please do not throw 30k out to be an LVN. You can find much more affordable programs all over LA to be an LVN. You can find ADN and BSN programs for less than that! Instead of going to talk to this counselor at a school that just wants your money, see if you can talk to someone at one of the community colleges instead. I forget what's up in North Hollywood but maybe LA Valley College and Pierce College.
  8. willowita

    What Can't You Live Without?

    Definitely nursing school friends and an awesome study group! Would also add time to exercise because it'll decrease your stress and make you feel good about taking care of yourself. One thing I see a lot on these boards is people who feel like there is no time to exercise when you're in school. There is, you just gotta organize and manage your time. In my final year of nursing school, I trained for a marathon. I ran it and graduated valedictorian. So it can be done.
  9. willowita

    Rn to bsn bridge program

    It's never too late to go to school and do it. I got my ADN at 32. I'm in a BSN program now at 34. Hopefully in 5 I'll be in an NP program. Can't sweat the time that is behind us. Only plan ahead starting today. Good luck to you!
  10. willowita

    lac-usc salary

    Hi everyone, I'm also in the same position of having to choose between RN1 F item vs Relief at different county hospitals. They are both in Med-Surge but the Relief position has a better schedule that allows me to fit my full time BSN program into the mix. I'm just nervous about not having an opportunity to get hired as an RN1 in the future if I go with Relief. Any opinions?
  11. willowita

    New Grad Nursing Jobs in CA

    Here's the new RN residency program info from Children's Hospital LA. You don't need prior experience. RN Residency in Pediatrics | CHLA
  12. willowita

    Do any 30 unit programs exist anymore?

    Yes! LA County College of Nursing has a 30 unit option. I think Rio Hondo does too. Maybe check the CA Board of Nursing site for a complete list. Those are just the ones I know off the top of my head.
  13. What grades did you get in the prereqs? Those grades are weighted more than overall gpa
  14. willowita

    LA County Hospitals

    From what a manager told me, the patient population at the county can be shocking to those unfamiliar. It's the underserved of the underserved so by the time they get to the hospital, they are complex cases. There are language barriers, homelessness, mental health issues, substance abuse, lack of support, jail patients, etc. I went to County school so did all my clinical rotations within the system. For me, it was fulfilling to serve people who really needed it. I'm trying to get a job there now. But I can definitely see why some wouldn't want to work there. Also, private hospitals pay more, though benefits at the county are better. That's the only perspective I can offer.
  15. willowita

    ADN nurses Los Angeles

    Maybe it was just luck but pretty much everyone from my ADN program got hired at a hospital in LA. Some went into the county system, which you have to be patient with the hiring process but they only require a license and BLS. Others went into RN Residencies at private hospitals. Still others combed through openings at hospitals that did not require a year of experience (they do exist) and got in that way. I see a lot of posts in the CA thread about how bad it is here but I find there are opportunities. But the hiring process does take a bit of time.
  16. willowita

    Does anyone know Spanish?

    I'm a native speaker in California so it's definitely a plus for me. Picking up conversational and medical Spanish is a good idea if you live in area with a population of Latinos. It definitely can't hurt.