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Have many of you used this website to check out/rate your professors? A couple of semesters ago, someone told me about the site and I have found the ratings to be very helpful in selecting... Read More

  1. by   Hope2Be
    Thanks Moondance!!!! I will take a look!!
  2. by   katonialynn
    I have used this site and found it quite helpful. I chose profs with higher ratings for being helpful than anything - I honestly don't care if they are easy or hard as long as they are willing to help if I am confused
  3. by   kaety
    I also use rate my professors.com. I find it to be very helpful finding the good teachers. You really need to read all of the ratings though, don't just base it on a couple of ratings. You may have a disgruntled student give a very bad rep for him, but the rest are very good. Another thing to look at is the dates. Some of the bad reviews may be from years ago, and now they are good. This site has saved my butt from bad teachers more than once!

  4. by   shrimpchips
    i love ratemyprofessor.com - i use it all of the time! most of the time i've found it to be pretty accurate, except for a few times...but that's based on opinion. =)
  5. by   Oz2
    I wouldn't register without checking ratemyprofessor.com first. It's most useful when there are many ratings, rather than a few (obviously). After a while you can sort of tell which ratings to take seriously and which to not.

    People can mess with the ratings though. I had a horrendous new teacher last semester and by the time I posted a rating, others had too - all very negative. It was then time for a new semester and nobody was registering for his class, while all the other classes were filling up. Then, oddly enough, there started to be positive ratings on this guy. It was so blatant that it was the teacher or someone else who knew him that one person posted a rating that said "Why does his wife keep posting for him?". lol!

    This teacher looked like Karl Rove, and stood about 5' 5". When one of the ratings said that "the teacher is so hot, I can't pay attention in class", I knew something was amiss!
  6. by   DoubleblessedRN
    In my experience, it is usually pretty accurate. The only times it really hasn't been were for SOME of the nursing instructors...some of their negative ratings are in retaliation of a failing grade. But for other non-nursing co-requisites, it's usually right on the money.
    Also, for those of you who were not aware, there is a site affiliated with them called ratemds.com where you can rate a doctor. I haven't had the need to find a doctor, but when I posted something about certain ones, I've read subsequent ratings and learned that others feel the same way!
  7. by   JeanettePNP
    You know, the school I am registering for has its schedule online and it updates how many spaces are available and how many were already taken. I picked the two Chemistry classes that fit best into my schedule, but I see that while the other classes are filled up and some are closed already, the ones I'm taking have barely a handful of students. Is it just my luck that the classes in the best time slot for me have duds for professors? Or is there some other explanation for why these particular classes are so unpopular? Of course it was a stroke of luck for me since I got the spots that work best for me, but it makes me wonder.
  8. by   carol72
    I have rated all my profs & rely on this. The masses can't be wrong.