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  1. Hope2Be

    Hating the med pass

    I"m 3 weeks into my new job at LTC. already been written up on my second week for forgetting to inital treatment book for 2 days that i was on orientation. I have been unemployed for over 8 months before getting this job that I HATE!!!!!! i work 7-3, with every weekends off, the only good thing about this job, but i can not stand the drama, the attitudes from everyone from the CNA's down to activities ppl to kitchen to housekeeping, family members not to mention falls, and new admissions or return resdients from hospital stays!! i have to deal with so much BS during my shift that it is unbelievable!! i am so under paid for one, and then the phone is another issue, have to carry a cordless phone with me on my cart that never stops ringing!! my DON interrupts me during 9am med pass for 29 residents to ask ridiculous questions like why a residents bed was moved, have i called to arrange transportation for certain resident...the list goes on and on!! i cant quit because i am a single mother with a mortgage! i just am in tears all day long...i hate that ppl dont talk to me, i am still trying to learn what is expected of me during the shift..i just feel lost most of the time..sometimes i dont leave until 6pm, i arrive every morning by 6am to start CNA assisgnment sheets before they arrive, I dont know what to do...i am so unhappy..i know LTC isnt for me..i luv the residents but everything else is not for me!!! will i ever find a nursing job that i will like?? i will try to stay here 6months to a yr if possible so that my resume wld look good, but boy its gonna be a long horrible year!!!!
  2. Hope2Be

    My program sucks!!!!

    I'm not a guy, but I graduated from PN school this year. i was in a class of 48 people only 2 guys. No different in that class..I was a bit older (38) than most of the people, but it was horrible, the drama, the fights, the clicks..it was worse than being in High school....I tried to be as social as possible, but with all the problems in the class, made me hate nursing school!!! But keeping focused and determined helped me get thru it...yeah and from what i hear it isnt that much different from being at work!!! lol:uhoh3: just hang in there, dont drop out!!!
  3. Hope2Be

    Who hires newly license LPNS???

    I passed my boards in July 2010, have applied everywhere, and do not get any responses. The best thing u can do is keep in touch with some class mates and find out where they are working, have them get u in somewhere. I am beginning to think is who you know..I am on my way to an interview this morning...a class mate refered me to the job in a LTC facility she works in...not where i wanted to start in, but I am taking what i can get so that i can have that 6mos to 1yr experience under my belt...good luck to all looking for work...
  4. After nursing school was over, I took time off to study for boards, I didnt work anywhere so i decided to volunteer at the city hospital. I volunteer in the ICU department. Its been great, instead of sitting around like some volunteers do, I made everyone know that I would help out in all that I could. I stay busy and they love when I'm there because they say that I am so helpful. They know I have graduated waiting to take my boards. The pluses of being a volunteer is when you see a job listing you can go directly go to that floor and talk to the unit director in person for the job. chances of getting hired are much higher than just applying on line...
  5. Hope2Be

    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    *My Update*6/28/10 I just received my NCLEX PN quick results......I PASSED!!!!!!! I took my test on a saturday 2pm, received my quick results Monday around 3:30....I did the PVT each day over the weekend and kept getting the notice about not being able to re-register....so maybe it does work. Good luck to everyone taking the test, and to everyone waiting hang, in there..I know its pure torture..one thing for sure i can say between nursing school, the NCLEX horrible test experience and then the waiting for the results..I have more gray hair and stomach issues than i did before i started this journey...now on to my RN.. :redpinkheTHANK YOU GOD, I know that its because of you that I have made it :redpinkhe .....I'm an LPN..... :clpty: :dncgbby: :anpom::anpom::anpom:
  6. Hope2Be

    Questions and concerns going to school at 36

    Hi meesterjojo, the develpmental math courses will only build and help u understand math better. dont look at it as a bad thing. I had to take 2 developmental math courses before i could take regular math for the prerequiste for nursing, and still i had to take the regular math course twice because first time i got a B and I wanted an A so the second time i got the grade i wanted. I also am not a good math student, but hard work and dedication will get u where u want to go...by the way I am 38 yrs old and just finished my practical nursing program, just took my boards this weekend waitg for my results....I am a single mother, and been unemployed for the past year and a half...... put your mind to it and go...even if u must start with the developmental courses..it will make u better a math...good luck to you!!!!
  7. Hope2Be

    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    :barf02:took my NCLEX PN yesturday:eek:, saturday a 2pm...shut off at 102, I have been sick to my stomach since i took the test. couldnt sleep last night at all!! I do believed I bombed it!! I am SOOO worried, I just felt during the test that i was doing bad....i just dont have a good feeling about this. I have done what everyone has done with the PVT, and i am getting the "good" pop up, but I'm concerned that since this is the weekend, that the info i am getting is incorrect. do i need to wait 2 business days to get my quick results?? then that would be Wednesday 6/30..:grn:oh gosh i cant wait anymore..pure torture:eek:..this is horrible...!!! :barf01::hdvwl: test questions were: 3 pharm calcs, about 6 SATA, 3 on culture, loads of client teaching, 3-4 infection control, med/surg, several nutrition, lots of meds that i never even seen before...i felt my test covered basically the entire nursing course!!! I would really hate to have to go thru this whole thing again if i fail!!
  8. Hope2Be

    How do I clean the tubing of my Pink Littman?

    my pink steth was also ruined by ink, then the ink just kept spreading all down the tubing..only had it 2 weeks during clinicals ...such a disappointment...
  9. OMG! I start on monday and I feel like I'm going to faint. I'm so nervous, all hear is how grueling the program is, and its made me SO Afraid and second guessing if I'm really ready for this and if I'm qualified to get through it!!!:barf01:
  10. Hope2Be

    Leave Good Job for Nursing?

    I am so happy I found this thread..I am in the SAME situation!! I have worked so hard for the last 3 years, I am 36 yrs old, single mom w/ a mortgage..and have been accepted into the nursing program March 30th. right now I have a good job, insurance benefits, 8-4 hours, and am frightened at the thought of leaving it all behind for nursing..so many unemployed people wishing to have my job, and here i go deciding to just quit..I have wanted to be nurse forever so many people also wanting to have this opportunity to get in the program, and now here i am, getting what I've wished for and so unsure about it....I'm so confused and scared! I have to give my job notice this friday March 13th,,I know i have to just do it and I will!! I hope I'm making the right choice.
  11. at my school, net reading and math minimums were score of 60 for both my scenario: 1. took net july 1, deadlline was july 30th. 2. scored 97 in math , 58 in reading 3. next step was to fill out application for the program, scheduled for july 21, i cancelled going because i did not make a 60 in the reading portion of the net, didnt make sense in wasting my time going since i scored below requirements... 4. had been very upset so took off summer quarter to re-group, all my pre-req's are completed, expected to make it in the fall program and that did not happen. 5.started fall quarter and ran into a student that i knew quickly talked about the net...here is where things change, she tells me school lowered the reading minimum to 53 :eek:because not enough students passed ...so because i never filled out the application, i never knew:sniff:, lost my opportunity of entering the pn program this fall..the school only contacted those that filled out applications 6. i feel that i was not given a fair chance.... 7. what should i do now:confused:, how should i handle this? so upset :cry:and mad...
  12. Hope2Be

    reading part of the NET(HOBET) tricks and tips?

    when reading the NET study guide there is part that explains how to master the reading part..to read with a "purpose". meaning read the question first and then read the passage, that way you know what your looking for...for some depending on how the test is administered, this tactic may not work...i have bombed the reading portion 2x, will attempt it again before this yr is out...
  13. I currently work as a home health aide (CNA) 15yrs ago I worked in a nursing home, having those 2 experiences I can tell u that if you are offered a position in the hospital..TAKE IT!! not for the money, but for the experience!! Nursing home is much different than working at somones home. As I monitor my patient through out my day, I fairly dont get to use all the training I learned in the CNA class..I really do not feel like I work in health care to be honest..I dont under mind my job, I take it very seriously, but wish that i can work in a hospital setting. I have been applying for 9 months now and keep getting rejected because they claim i have no hospital experience. I am currenlty in school, finished all pre-reqs for the nursing program, working on passing the NET test..and hoping everyday that I will receive a call from the hospital!!
  14. Hope2Be

    Anyone a CNA (while working on pre-req's)?

    I'm a CNA, while in school. dont work in hosp or nursing home, I do home health, cant get my foot in the door at the hospital, they want experience.
  15. Hope2Be

    DearGod, will I ever pass the NET?????

    made a 97% on math, 58% on reading=DID NOT MAKE IT.. needed a 60 or higher in the reading, this was my 2nd and last chance at it for this year at my school......cried all the way home, now have to wait until 2009 to try again.
  16. Hope2Be

    Psb Pre-admission Nursing Test

    funny, I was just going to start a thread asking the same question, I just started to apply to a school for the PN program and this is the test that I need to take in June....I have never heard of this one.

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