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I took my test on 1/27....I read on here some people are getting their results back in 12 days...well that's today. Does anyone who took their test that day have theirs back? How about those of you... Read More

  1. by   Johnny_B
    You likely go to the same school I do. What happens is there are 3 teachers that can take 10 students per section (2 sectons per semester). That is a total of 60 students. The NLN provides the top scorers to compete for the 60 slots. If there is a tie, it is decided by the other grades and other factors. At my school CLC, last semester, the requirement was 91st percentile. I am not sure what it was this semester. It is solely based on the number of applicants each semester, as to the lowest percentile accepted.
  2. by   keekeedt
    You're right Jonny B I do go to CLC. Yeah I didn't think about that, if some people tie in test scores then they do look at your grades, but initially they only consider your test scores. I've tried researching other schools also, like Harper College and Oakton College, but they consider in-district students first. I got a B in A&P and BIO123. I am taking Micro this fall. I am going to try and get in the CNA class this summer because I would like to apply to the nursing program this fall. I was trying to go back and read what you wrote previously, but there is a lot to go through so forgive me if I'm asking something you already wrote about:spin: So did you get into the program?

  3. by   Johnny_B
    Yes, I got in the first time. But then I had a score of 99%'tile. I did very well in all three sections with my highest score in Science (almost perfect), missing only about 5 or 6 in math and about 10 or 11 in the vocabularly. I also had an A in BIO 123 (with a 99%) a very high B in A&P and an A in micro over the summer. Don't take a course like Micro in the summer would be my advice - it was quite difficult. I even managed to get a scholorship. But like I said, its all on the NLN percentile ranking (not score), and not usually based on grades unless you are in a tie.

    If you'd like to email me - my personal email is jmarcus at w9dg dot com, if you can put it together right.

    Also, pay careful attention to the upcomming course requirements. Stay in touch with the nursing office and registration and records to make sure, constantly, you meet the requirements. I say this because the 2010 requirements have changed. A&P has gone to a 2 part course and the nursing program changed too. One change is there are now 5 courses in nursing instead of 4. 2 of them are taken in the same semester. The other change is the requirement to complete a CNA certificate prior to getting into the program. I believe it requires a class and the CNA exam. This is because several people entering the program before were not prepared for the terminology or type of work they would encounter and were having to get out of the program. The school cannot afford to have the nurses dropping out because they did not know what they were getting into in the nursing program.
  4. by   SierraMoon
    Bringing this up for new people to see. I wish the title said something about the good test advice in this thread.

    Topic: I hit 99% with a 150. 99% in vocab and science, 87% in math.
  5. by   Johnny_B
    arab_rider - Yes, 99%tile is just a comparative ranking of some 20,000 other test takers and where most of them scored. Congratulations!

    I am curious, what is the approximate score you will need to get into your school? Did you use a book to help prepare, and if so, what book? Others would welcome that information.

    KeeKeedt - what is going on with you? I did get, finally (without any help of the CLC nursing office), my approval form for the CNA exam. I had to contact the IDPH to finally get it going.
  6. by   SAK240SR20
    Hi new here, and I just took the NLN test for the first time February 21 and thought I'd share my results.

    I got a composite score of 139 and it says that puts me in the 93%tile....hoping it's good enough to get in, I'm pretty nervous.
  7. by   Johnny_B
    It all depends on the number of applicants. At CLC in Illinois, in the recent semesters, above a 91 percentile or 92 percentile got a person in.

    For example, if 250 people applied (as is usual), and they have room for 60 (Teacher/student ratio of 1:10 x 2 sections x 3 teachers = 60 students), they have to eliminate 190 students. They take the top 60 scores. If person 60 and 61 get the same scores, they compare GPA's and other factors.

    If only 60 applied and they all met the minimum acceptable percentile requirement, they would all get in.

    Most people I know score between 80 percentile and 93 percentile on their first attempt. Most people improve by the 2nd attempt and score between 83 percentile and about 95 or 96 percentile. Sometimes it takes 3 tries to get there. Many give up. I had no trouble my first try. But then again, I had extensive physics and math, worked as an electrical engineer for 3 years and knew a secret. If you know most of the material, it is key to relax.
  8. by   keekeedt
    Johnny_B - Hi! I'm just waiting for registration to begin in April so I can sign up for the CNA class in the summer and studying for the NLN. I have to do better So do you start the nursing program in the fall or did you start in January?

    SAK240SR20 -Hi! Your score was really good. Congratulations! You should get in with a 93%.
  9. by   keekeedt
    Sorry arab_rider, you did really good too!
  10. by   Johnny_B
    Oh, I am already in the second semester in the program. I just worked in computers before so I am going to take the CNA soon. I have the application here at home and will send it in soon so I can work in the area of my education.

    When you get in, you can certainly ask me for help. Also, so you know, there is a benefit to knowing people that have taken the course before you. Some of it will remain the same.
  11. by   Jsverk
    Hello! ^_^ I will be taking the NLN Pre-entrance exam on May 7th, and I am really excited!! I got the prep book and am working from it quite a bit.. Anyone hve any suggestions for when I take it? Do they provide a calculator..?

    Is there anyone else from Massachusetts out there?
  12. by   Johnny_B
    I believe they all have standardized instructions for administering the test. I cannot recall if they provided calculators, but I do recall that we could not have much with us. I think I had a pair of reading glasses, a mechanical pencil and an eraser.

    If I recall, most of the math problems were fractional. There were several basic physics problems. I remember 2 basic electronics questions and a handful of some basic anatomy (heart related) questions.

    The number 1 thing that helps is to not be nervous. Eat before going, if you know any relaxation techniques, use them and just relax and take it easy. I am not a fast test taker and I finished all the questions easily in the time required. I even had time for a bathroom break in the middle of the science test.

    Good Luck
  13. by   Jsverk
    Ooo, thanks for the tips! I'll have to go over my heart flashcards a little extra, just in case ^_^

    For some reason, taking tests doesn't normally get me nervous, but I have a feeling I'll be nervous for this one. I'll have to look up some quick meditation/relaxation techniques like you said. This is a pretty important test to me, heh.