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  1. HopefulRN2010

    Dekalb Medical NICU

    Just seeking more information regarding what the NICU is like and how the work environment is. Thanks!
  2. HopefulRN2010

    Charge and Resus --How does your facility do it?

    Thanks again for all your responses! You all have given me several ideas to take back to my manager.
  3. HopefulRN2010

    Question on dopamine infusion

    We do it the exact same way.
  4. HopefulRN2010

    Charge and Resus --How does your facility do it?

    Thanks for all the suggestions so far! It sounds like most of you work in teaching or large NICUs! We are a small unit, only "supposed" to be a 15 bed unit. However, we have had up to 27. So we are MUCH smaller than the hospitals most of you work in! We also are not a teaching hospital, and since I work nights we do not have an NNP and the MDs on just on call. We go to all c-sections and any other "high risk" delivery. So for us going to deliveries is the biggest time consumer of our charge nurse. So if they want to separate charge/resus it just makes sense to me that they would at least give charge a baby. And then have a 1st admit like it sounds like most of you have. Thanks again everyone! And Bortaz- We have to scrub in and catch for preemies; but for full term c-sections they place the baby in a sterile bassinet.
  5. Hello Everyone! I work in a local level III NICU at a delivery hospital. Our current system is for our charge nurse not to have an assignment, or if she does, she usually only has one baby. And the charge is responsible for also attending deliveries (resus). Our manager wants to change it so more of the staff attends deliveries not just charge. Which I agree with, but the way she is going about it doesn't really make sense to any of us! I was just curious what method other hospitals use? And do you like? Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks!
  6. HopefulRN2010

    Georgia State University Spring '14 RN-BSN Program

    Hey! I just saw that Georgia State added a RN-BSN program and stumbled upon your post! Hopefully you were accepted! Do you happen to know what their curriculum looks like? I can't find too much information about the program since it is so new!
  7. HopefulRN2010

    What kind of experience did you have?

    I start in the NICU next week. Straight out of nursing school I worked on an adult step-down unit. And for the last year I have been working in a Level 1 Trauma PICU.
  8. HopefulRN2010

    Starting NICU in 1 week in need of helpful tips!!

    I start in 2 weeks! I've worked the past year in a PICU, but I know NICU is pretty different. But just wanted to tell you that you are not alone, and good luck!
  9. HopefulRN2010

    Clayton State RN-BSN

    Hey Everyone! I'm looking into RN-BSN programs, and would like a program that is online. My question is regarding clinical/practicum for Clayton State. Has anyone been through the program? How many hours of clinical was required? Also, how many times did you have to go to campus? And in general, how was the program? I know that is a lot of questions. I looked on their website but the info regarding clinicals was a little vague. But any info is appreciated! Thanks!
  10. HopefulRN2010

    Dream job...no longer my dream job??

    Thanks so much for replying! It is very hard to pinpoint exactly what I don't like about it. And since I was SO excited to get the job, everyone always ask me how my "dream" job is going. I always feel obligated to say "it's going great and I love it!" I hope you find the job the "meshes" for you soon!
  11. HopefulRN2010

    Dream job...no longer my dream job??

    Thank you so much for posting this! I can definitely relate!
  12. HopefulRN2010

    Dream job...no longer my dream job??

    This is something I'm afraid of! I'm afraid that I started in adults, didn't hate it but I didn't love it either. Got hired into PICU...not loving it not hating it. I'm concerned that this just might be me. But you have a very good point that I may have idealized the NICU, because NICU is the reason I went to nursing school. It is what I have always dreamed of, and I don't I can really change that. But it is a real fear of mine to get there and then it be just like my previous jobs. But I won't know that until I actually work there...
  13. HopefulRN2010

    Dream job...no longer my dream job??

    Thanks for all the great advice! Now that I have woke up from my "nap" before heading back to work. I think I realize this is more of a blog type entry. Yes I love and appreciate all of your comments. But I do think I'm still struggling with the newness off the PICU. And that has a lot to do with my day to day feelings regarding my current job. I don't think I'm naive enough to think once I get to the NICU everything will be perfect and I'll love my job everyday kind of thing. And I do enjoy the PICU, but I do find myself being very indecisive on what the next step should be. But again thanks for all the comments, as I wake up more I might think of a better way to share my feelings! The fog of just waking up isn't helping right now
  14. HopefulRN2010

    Dream job...no longer my dream job??

    I have been a nurse for a just under 2 years. After graduation I started out in the in adult world, only because that was where I could get a job. But my goal had always been pediatrics, NICU to be exact. As soon as my year was up with the adult hospital I was hired at the top children's hospital in my area. It was a dream come true. However, there weren't any NICU positions available but PICU was hiring. So I said I'll take it! (Well after the interview process and all). But here I am about 6 months into and I just don't love it. I don't really know how to put it into other words...it just doesn't to "fit" me. So now I'm sitting here wondering is it because it's still not my dream job (NICU) or will I ever be happy in a nursing job? This post is part vent and part curious if anyone else has felt this way? And if so, did you ever find your "dream" job?
  15. HopefulRN2010

    adult tele rn to picu?

    Hey! I just came across this. But I too cam from adult tele/stepdown unit, I was hired to the PICU in August. And while it is def a COMPLETELY different world, and sometimes feel like a new grad all over again. I love it! Yes there are days that compeltely stress me out, but I love it in the end. And peds is SOO much better than the adult work :) So just curious did you apply or get hired to the PICU yet?