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  1. by   catzy5
    Quote from qaqueen
    I'm using Microbiology an Introduction by Totrura, ninth edition.

    This would be great for bouncing around hard to grasp concepts.

    I think this is the one I am using too I just bought it today, ok yup I just looked same book, it comes with a study guide right? that looks like it will be a big help the more tools for me the better, it also comes with a Cd which I haven't checked out yet.

    I am taking ap2 as well and have been studying the Nervous system this week to get ahead that is the unit we will be starting off on.
  2. by   LisaJ_RN

    I am right there with you.I have been reading up on the nervous system too
  3. by   IaCountryGirl
    I have Micro two nights per week. Mon and Wed with lab on Wed after lecture. LOVE my instructor. She is hilarious. She says she's only had one student fail her class and that's because that student tried- meaning she purposely skipped lectures, was never prepared, etc.

    Our first true lecture was tonight and we basically did an overview of bacteria, fungi and protozoa....the three domains, history. Lab consisted of getting to know people, lab rules, playing with the microscopes to get familiar then we got to swab a part of our body to see what we can culture. I chose my ear canal lol. I'm interested in what I find next week.

    Nice part is she prints off the power point slides for us vs a class last semester we had to print them off ourselves. They are only on the shared drive at the campus and computer labs close early so it's hard for those of us night people to get there and print that stuff off. And she does a really good job of explaining things in terms we can understand. She keeps the lectures moving at a decent pace but answers questions- no diddle daddling around with her.

    It's going to be a great semester!
  4. by   cesRN
    That is great! I love technology LOL
  5. by   gashba
    Just starting the process this January, but have all my classes except for A&PII and Micro which I am taking this spring. Anyone have any help regarding the TEAS test and how hard it is??? Thanks so much!
  6. by   anxious
    Micro starts on the 22nd for me and I must say I'm a bit nervous. I am taking it along with Sociology and an LPN program where we will be on MED/SURG and Pharmacology
  7. by   roro83
    Well I just finished my first week of micro. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I have the same instructor for lab and lecture (I believe this makes the course run smoother). In lecture she gave each student a packet containing lecture notes and she said that our test questions were all coming from there. Isn't that great!!! I won't even have to open up my text book. This takes a load off of me because now I can focus more on my fundementals class.
  8. by   *Blessed2BaNRS*

    Just because your instructor gave you all the notes and stuff and said that the test questions will come from that does not mean that you won't need to open your textbook and that everything will be much easier. I KNOW!! My instructor last semester had her own notes printed and told us the same thing. We had to write tons of notes on top of her notes and when it came to the test, it was awful. We had 30 pages of notes to basically memorize and did not know of those 30 pages what she would be testing over. My first 4 tests I made a 71, 64, 67 and 67. I had never before made such low grades. Needless to say, I was looking at droppping, but the instructor encouraged me not to and sat down with me to show me how to study for her tests, which were different than any other I have ever taken. I went from making those low grades to making a 97 and 93 on her last 2 tests. I ended up with an 85 in there because I busted my butt and threw everything else to the wind until Micro was over. Luckily I had high enough grades in A&P II and Psych that I could do that. But the point I am getting to is this- Micro is definitely NOT a fluff off class. It IS one of the fundamental classes for nursing, and if you don't give it your full attention, you are going to regret it.
  9. by   saral_123
    I'll be taking Micro in the Spring too! Good luck and hopefully we can help eachother out. I'm excited for Micro, I've heard only great things about this course. I'm also taking Medical Term too. It's not a requirement, but I think it'll help in the future. Good luck to you!
  10. by   libragirl
    Ok let me get this straight, you have completed your first week of micro? I will say that I am happy for you in understanding the first week of micro, but I promise it will get "a little" tougher, more like alot tougher. That book will be used! Please understand that micro is a very complex subject and there is alot of complicated information to absorb in a very short time. It takes more than just reading some printed notes. Good luck to you.
  11. by   *Blessed2BaNRS*
    I have to agree. One week is not enough time to totally assess how easy the course will be. Micro is a very complex subject and to take it with anything else, especially nursing classes is not something I would recommend to anyone. I did it with Psych and A&PII and wished that I hadn't. I made good grades in there, but not without a major struggle. Granted, there are some people who are gifted with being able to make A's without cracking the book, but I'm not one of those! And if you are one of those who has any "easy" instructor, great, but I wouldn't think there would be much teaching going on. Micro, to date, has been the hardest class that I have taken, and I have finished all of my pre reqs for the ADN program. And if it stays the hardest class that I have to take, that will be just fine. But at least I finished that class knowing what the instructor wanted me to know, and I have a very good grasp of what Micro is all about!
  12. by   nurseingrid
    i too am taking micro and applying to nursing school this month....i am excited about this and hope it is not much more difficult than a & p...also taking Pharmacology so i did not want to pile anything else on top of me with 2 boys in sports and scouts...GL to all
  13. by   cesRN
    I start on Tuesday. I am a little excited about this class. I have taken A&P I,II as well as BIOL I & II. Hopefully that background will help me tremendously but that will not stop me from hitting the books hard b/c I know it is a difficult class.