Is dating or flirting with an another nurse or patient is acceptable?

  1. Not in the nursing program yet, from experience when i was volunteering at a hospital dudes was flirting with me and a patient even took me on a date, so in the nursing field is flirting or even dating is acceptable with an another nurse or even a patient:kiss? if so, what is the limits to keep a nurse name clean? can nurses have a social life with other co workers outside of the work place.please tell me your experience if you had one? or whatever your thoughts on it.
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  3. by   nyteshade
    There is no way to "keep your name clean" when you play such a dangerous game.
  4. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Patient--absolutely not! It crosses professional boundaries, can be considered abuse of power and can be reported to the board of nursing which may ultimately result in the revocation of or stipulations against your nursing license.

    The limits to keep a nurse's name clean?-->Just say "I'm flattered but no thank you"

    Nurses dating nurses--depends on facility policy (some have no fraternization rules), whether one is in a supervisory position over the other, and a few other areas. It could be mighty awkward if you dated a college who worked the same shift/unit and it didn't work out.
  5. by   Ansumana
    Wow. I say you don't poop where u eat. Easier said than done but I would go for dating someone out your workplace in which if things don't work out, it won't have any effect in your job nor could a person (per say patient) become spiteful and complain on you.
  6. by   Esme12 policy is never mix business with pleasure. A patient? Personally for me? NEVER. There are professional boundries. A kind "Thank you and my parents thank you" will suffice.
  7. by   BloomNurseRN
    Patient = NO. Absolutely not, never. Unless you want to lose your job, your reputation and very possibly your license you need to get it out of your head and know that it can never happen. I have no idea how old you are but this is a very immature way of thinking. Professionalism in the work place, especially in healthcare, is something you should never mess with and something you never want to give anyone a reason to question.
  8. by   Ashke
    On my first day of chiropractic college, our very first lesson was "don't have sex with your patient." Violating this rule where I'm licensed meant an automatic revocation of your license for 5 years minimum before you could even request to have it reinstated. Chiropractors aren't even allowed to treat their spouse or they will face the same consequence. When it comes to fraternizing with patients, regulatory bodies don't play; losing your license is the rule, not the exception.
  9. by   Ashke
    Bear in mind, also, that having such a thing on your record in one profession will likely get you banned from ALL health care professions in the future; so don't think you can be deregulated in nursing and then just hop-skip-and-jump to medicine or physio or any other health care profession -- you will be black-listed.

    In short: DON'T DO IT!!
  10. by   RNsRWe
    Umm, "Beautiful Virgo"? I'll take this from a different direction: once you get started in the nursing program, if you find you have time or energy to even THINK about this silliness again, you're not studying enough....
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  11. by   Ryassin92
    did you even take psychology or philosophy? first, it goes against ethics as a nurse. a patient and career should always be divided by a line. second, if your patient and you start dating well sooner or later you’re looking at a law suit.
  12. by   EMT89
    I try to stick to the rule of no patients and I have made a rule on not dating on same department/squad. BAD things happen when you date the people you work with directly.
  13. by   loriangel14
    Getting involved personally with a patient will get you in hot water really fast.Generally that would be a one way ticket out of health care if you get caught. Where I work you are allowed to date coworkers but it is often NOT a good idea.I worked with a couple that were dating(female RN and male aide).It was uncomfortable when they were at the "googly eyes" stage and REALLY uncomfortable when they were fighting.
  14. by   Clementia
    I know some folks have met their significant others/spouses at work, but frankly I would never even consider dating a co-worker. Too much could happen, especially if it ended up not working out. At my facility people have been fired over relationships that got too personal on the job. (Granted, these people were messing around on their spouses, but still...) I think it's best to keep personal life sharply divided from work life.

    As for dating a patient? Absolutely out of the question. You're gambling your license on the relationship, and that's a lot to risk.