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I was sooo excited to get a spot in the Jan. nursing class. However before I can start I have to pass A&P I with a "C" or better. Normally that wouldnt be a problem -but life has been anything but... Read More

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    It's really amazing how things work out sometimes....
  2. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    ((((((((((hugs to you))))))))))))

    i hope that you do take the school's closing is a blessing to you, and you use the time wisely.

    use my website for lab, if that would help you, find websites, make flash cards. i do agree with the other poster about answering questions from the book, and also turn the chapter objectives into questions and answer those.

    study pictures and diagrams that are in your book.

    dedication, motivation & determination....get it, do it! :hatparty: good luck! think positive, you can do this!
  3. by   smk1
    study study! Yeah for the snow! Remember try to get ALONE time to study if you can. It makes so much of a difference for me and i only have one rambunctious 5 yr old, (who currently has caught the flu that i had this weekend and is snoring on the couch)
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    I think that a week is enough to learn 4-5 chapters. There is a lot of info, but if you really put your mind into it you can do it!
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    Quote from SMK1
    study study! Yeah for the snow! Remember try to get ALONE time to study if you can. It makes so much of a difference for me and i only have one rambunctious 5 yr old, (who currently has caught the flu that i had this weekend and is snoring on the couch)
    Having ONE child is sometimes worse than having more....because the lonely only will always seek your attention and has nobody else to play with. I have ONE 7 yearl old left and he is also rumbunctious. He has homework like crazy also and needs my help alot. He has difficulty with I need to practice alot with him. Last year he had allergie/asthma related problems which worked themselves out and at least he is better this year. Whetehr it's one or more kids they all need us for a long time and can zap all of our energy
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    whew, this thread reads like an exciting novel, when the school closed and you got a reprieve I felt tears in my eyes! LOL. The Lord is good, sent a whole snowstorm your way to help you. ~grins~ Good luck on the test when you take it.

  7. by   MMARN
    Quote from onehusbandsevenkids
    I was sooo excited to get a spot in the Jan. nursing class.
    However before I can start I have to pass A&P I with a "C" or better.
    Normally that wouldnt be a problem -but life has been anything but normal here lately.
    I could go on and on about how my husband has decided he wanted to be 20 yo again instead of 37, have a midlife crisis, live a party lifestyle and become an addict again. I could tell you about how many times over the past year he's totally ripped my heart to shreds and stomped on it, how cold-hearted he's been and irresponsible.
    How when given the ultimatum - me and the children or your buddies and partying, he didnt choose us.
    How I've been almost suicidal and beyond depressed and anxiety filled...
    But, I won't go on and on....LOL.

    Truth be told, I've let all of this life drama get in my way and interfere with my studies (I'm finishing up my 3rd semester of pre-reqs now) and I've 99.9% sure that I've screwed myself out of my nursing class spot.

    I've gotten too far behind in my A&P class. In the next week I have one quiz, lecture exam 4, last lab exam and the comprehensive final.
    Right now my grade is a terrible 76% (should be at least a very high B!!)
    I have not learned anything that is on these exams yet. The lab exam is Thurday evening. The quiz and lec exam 4 if this weekend and our final is Tuesday evening.

    I just dont see any possible way to learn 4-5 chapters between 2 classes in this amount of time. Its an enormous amount of info - I'm still shakey on lots of stuff before this material!!

    I am SO angry and disappointed with myself.
    I sit down and try to study but I can't focus, I'm not retaining anything.
    The schools tutoring is a joke - a couple of grouchy people in the open lab who dont want to be there and definately dont want to be tutoring others.

    So, in approx. 18 mos I would have been a nurse, now who knows when I'll get in again if I can't miraculously somehow get a C in this class.
    Thing is, is that with my marriage so on the rocks, I was really, reallly needing this opportunity to better myself so I could be pretty much self-sufficient and raise my children alone if need be.

    My husband is very disappointed in me - but refuses to take any responsibility for his part in my non-ability to do well due to how insane our lives have gotten. He just shrugs and says - "well, if you want it badly enough, you'll find a way to pass." Well....hmmm....probably would if I could focus and concentrate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I dont know why I'm even posting this, feels good to vent and whine and have a pity party, I guess. Maybe I am just making excuses....
    I really need some major motivation to study my butt off for the next week around the clock - but at this point its looking pretty darn hopeless and I just am so discouraged and want to say to heck with it all and give up.

    (deep breath)...As for you being suicidal, NOTHING is worth your life. You are very valuable and you have people who love you and care about you and need you to stick around and be there for them as well. Your husband may be a little off right now, but your kids, especially, need you here, ALIVE!

    Your class...I gotta say that when I was taking A&P 1, it was difficult, but I did get through it. I had about the same grade you have right now and I STILL passed it with a B. You CAN do it. Don't give up. You want this, you know you do, you just have to work like you've never worked before and prove it to yourself and him. Don't do this for him. DO this for YOU.

    Is it a done deal that you will be getting kicked out of the nursing class? Most of the time, if you've already been accepted, you just have to be able to pull it off. Talk to your program director and see if he/she can help you out. Most of them DO understand.

    Now...I don't know you, I don't know your husband. But, I gotta say that I was VERY UPSET when you posted that your husband is disappointed in YOU!!!!:angryfire I'm sorry to say, but he seems to be going through more than just a midlife crisis. He seems to have forgotten his vows in the time you've been married. However, does he have any problems that are bothering him and causing him to act this way? Because, his behavior is absolutely RIDICULOUS!!!

    Don't give up. Please. You will get through this. Someone UP there loves you and you WILL get through this. (If I sound too Dr. Phil-ish, I'm sorry, but one of my very good friends has been through this and I don't like it!!)

    God bless you. You will be on my prayers and I hope that everything turns out all right.
  8. by   MMARN
    I'm sorry my post was soooo long, but I forgot to give you this web site: This web site contains pictures of A&P 1 done by the web site "maker", who is actually a part of the allnurses family (Mi'Shelle) She also has links for other things you may need help with. Good luck, sweetheart!!
  9. by   NeverQuit
    Quote from onehusbandsevenkids
    Oh my gosh! Thank you all so much for the support and encouragement!
    I'm sitting here in tears, you all have given me some hope.

    I wish I had time to respond to each of you, but I need all of my time to study all day today.

    Lab exam is this evening, I have until 3pm to study. I was up until 1am this morning studying until I fell asleep on the couch and figured I'd best get a couple hours of sleep or all th studying in the world wouldnt help.

    Basically - if I fail this lab exam tonight, its all over.

    In my first post I said it was 4 chapters, its 4 units....
    Lab exam tonight covers chapters 11-23 - YIKES!!!
    All muscles, brain model, sheep brain, CNS, PNS, tissues, nerves, ect...ect....

    My brain is already scrambled! I dont know why I did this to myself. I am sooo stressed and pressured now - its do or die tonight.
    And IF I pass this lab exam by some miracle - then I have a quiz and lecture exam 4 AND the course final to pass yet. All by Tuesday evening.

    I never thought I'd find myself praying for a "C."

    I'll let you all know how it goes tonight - I'm really not holding out much hope, but will do my best.

    Thank you all so much! :icon_hug:

    I have been througn A&P I and II, as well as Microbiology. I never would have succeeded without my trusty notecards!!! Take good notes, even if
    there are powerpoints available. Take notecards everywhere with you and run through them often. Get your kids involved too! When my mother was in Nursing school she had me quiz her every night. We spent time together and we both learned. It sounds a little weird, but I make up songs or phrases to learn my material. Also, I am no artist but I draw or make visual comparisions between things. For example, bone tissue under the microscope looks like the inside of a tree, stuff like that. Be your own best friend and never let anyone, including yourself, put you down.
    You are doing this to better yourself and WHEN YOU SUCCEED( and you will), you will be an inspiration to your children!
    Good Luck to you!
  10. by   angelsarch
    This is a beautiful thread with very very positive affirmations.

    Best wishes and our prayers are with you.:Melody:

    :typing Angelsarch :spin: :Holly1:
  11. by   angelsarch This is an excellent thread.
    Re: How to learn A&P I in a week or less...
    I wish you the best and my prayers are with you that you do well in your classes and that your family will show that they appreciate your hard work and help you to reach your goals.

    :typing Angelsarch :spin:
  12. by   GPatty
    Best of luck to you and let us know how it turns out!