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mother of 2, changing career

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  1. Rockland Community College's nursing program in new york

    Thanks Felicia
  2. Rockland Community College's nursing program in new york

    Hello Felicia I did look into Dorthea Hopfer but I need a school that's NLN accredited due to my employer.....so my choices are limited.
  3. Rockland Community College's nursing program in new york

    Felicia327, Thanks for responding. I actually have taken everything and right now i am taking classes just to take credits. I've done EVERYTHING including all my bio's, 2 eng, 2 pysch, I even taken nutrition but so far no answer. I call the nursing ...
  4. Rockland Community College's nursing program in new york

    Hello Felicia327, I am currently waiting on a response from the nursing dept. i applied this fall. can you tell me how long before you got accepted. and are these rumors true. you can email me private if you like. thanks
  5. A&P II Spring 2009, anyone?

    hello, well i took a&p i during a summer session (6 short weeks) and got an a, and i took a&p ii during a regular fall semester and struggled for a c. this was a few years ago and i have decided to retake a&p ii this spring. i feel that ...
  6. Rockland Comm College

    Hello I have a question. Does anyone know how long it will take get in the nursing program at Rockland if you have taken all of your pre-reqs and passed the math entrance? I hear its a 3 semester wait but does that apply to those who have nothing els...
  7. Hello everyone I would like to know if there is anyone here who is starting or is already in the LPN Program @ Bronx Comm Coll. Please share your experience... I am scheduled to start this fall and would like some input on what to expect. Thanks
  8. BMCC just called...

    congratulations !!!!!!! :smiley_aa :yelclap: :w00t: :roll:roll:roll:roll:roll :roll:roll:roll:roll:roll
  9. Well, I didn't get in, but...

    It seems to me that you are applying to the RN program without any science classes, unless I am not reading your post correctly. The schools that I have attended to require that you take at LEAST API before applying. I would suggest taking API and th...
  10. What nursing school did or are you attending?

    Attended BMCC transferred to BCC ...starting the LPN program this fall....hope to finish next fall and bridge to RN (fingers crossed)
  11. officially LPN student

    Thank you ~!!!! I will definetly stick around... I'll need pointers and direction:lol2: :lol2: Good luck to all of us starting the program I am going to see if I can handle it, but I may have to cut my hours. I have to say I have been blessed ...
  12. officially LPN student

    Thank you very much for responding.... I am so excited ... I can't wait til' september.
  13. RN program with family

    I feel if you have done well with the evening program you should continue with that schedule. Don't fix whats not broken. Its okay to take an extra year, its worth it. You can do your program stress free. I am also taking the long route when I origi...
  14. officially LPN student

    well...... i will be lingering around here more & more since i am officially an lpn student coming this fall any tips on what to expect? my program will meet 3 x a week/ saturdays (clinical). it will run for 1 year including the summer, so if...
  15. question for LPN' s... I have a dilemma

    Thank you for responding I am officially an LPN student. I enrolled today and I feel good and I am excited about starting in the fall. Now I have to get my physical and my CPR certificate and I will have orientation Aug 14 I am hearing from alot of...