How many schools did you apply to? - page 3

I applied to 5 schools. Had to take the TEAS for one, the NET for another and the NLN for the rest. :specs: So far, I've been wait listed for one, and accepted to another. Still waiting to... Read More

  1. by   SweetGurl
    I applied to 4 schools. I got turned down by my first choice. I got accepted into my second choice and I'm still waiting for letters from the other 2 schools.
  2. by   trini1186
    I only applied to one school...Hunter College (still waiting on nln results...) The wait for this whole process is killing me!!!
  3. by   kangaroo621
    I applied to 4 schools... finally heard back from my 1st choice for a direct entry program for NP's... I GOT IN!! Woohoo! Sorry, just have to do a bit of a happy dance since I've been waiting to hear since September

    Start my program in the fall & I can't wait!!

  4. by   Butterfly3001
    I have applied to 3 schools and may possibly do a 4th. Wont know anything until June or July.
  5. by   RNDreamer
    I applied to 3 programs, here is the order by choice:

    1. Pace University Acc BSN/MS program: still waiting on answer.
    2. LIU brooklyn campus, just in case I did not get into Pace
    3. NY Adult Learning Center LPN program, took and passed the test. Waiting for the next step (interview, I think).
  6. by   Cinqly
    I applied to only one school. And I was accepted! Classes start in August. Woohoo!
  7. by   krenee
    I'm only applying to one . . . it's the CC where I'm doing my prereqs. Their program it's good, it's the most convenient, and it's the cheapest. I've also applied to my local hospital for a scholarship, and their scholarship is in conjunction with the cc, so I'd have to go there if I got the scholarship (fingers crossed). Actually, there's not really a question of getting in . . . if you meet the requirements, it's first come, first served. So it's just a matter of this year or next year, because I have to finish this semester before I can apply.