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  1. Butterfly3001

    Those who just took the NCLEX

    I took the NCLEX RN yesterday and let me tell you I did not feel confident at all. I mean you hear the horror stories of people failing and all kinds of things. But I personally did about 50 questions a day and some days I did 100. I stuided Kaplan not the course but the stragies book, Lacharity, and Saunders. Like everybody says just do questions over and over again and pay attention to rationales. Pay close attention to infection control I had ALOT of those as well as priority and SATA. I found out that I passed today and I am soooo excited that Florida is one of those states that lets you know in 24hrs for free to boot. But good luck to you and don't pay attention if you don't stop at a certain number I had 200 questions and passed!
  2. Butterfly3001

    i passed!!!!

    CONGRATS!!!!!how many questions per day did you do?
  3. Butterfly3001

    NCLEX 3500: Study software for NCLEX-RN

    Sending you an email!!! Thanks in advance!!
  4. Butterfly3001

    WOO passed just found out i passed NCLEX

    Congrats!!! How many question per day to you suggest, or how many did you do?
  5. Butterfly3001

    Thoughts on/advice for new grads in Neuro ICU please...

    Any updates??? I will be graduating soon and I am also interested in Neuro ICU, but of course shaking in my boots because it seems so challenging.
  6. Butterfly3001

    Working Students with Children

    For me personally, I couldn't see myself working fulltime and going to school full time. Nursing school requires ALOT of studying and for me that would be too much. Not to say that you can't work at all, because I do work every weekend (20hrs). So if possibly work parttime or find a hospital who will pay you for going to school. Thats what I'm doing and its great, fulltime pay and I only work 2 days a week. Good luck to you!!
  7. Butterfly3001

    Parents at Orientation

    Alot of parents come to orientation when we had ours. I bought my mom, step dad. Its so sweet she wants to come, plus it will give her insight on how busy you will be! CONGRATS AND GOOD LUCK!!!!
  8. Butterfly3001

    What is it most time-consuming you are studding now?

    I agree with fluid and electrolytes being hard, but also in my class a bunch of us had a hard time with diabetes.
  9. Butterfly3001

    Nursing School

  10. Butterfly3001

    I met an amazing person tonight....

    Wow thats wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing
  11. Butterfly3001

    Nursing School

    In our program it goes like this NP1 80% NP2 85% NP3 85% NP4 90% NP5 95%:no: I pray I can do this!!!LOL
  12. Butterfly3001

    Nursing School

    Yes it does make great sense!!! Thanks
  13. Butterfly3001

    Nursing School

    Thanks for all your responses. I guess I never thought about a paitents family member looking over my shoulder. DUH!!!!LOL!! So it will be great practice for me. Wonderful advice!!!
  14. Butterfly3001

    Nursing School

    Okay thanks that makes me feel better. The feeling of someone looking over my shoulder I know is something I will HAVE to get over since I know this ahead of time. I rather them tell me what Im doing wrong and see it rather than potentially hurting a patient. I also would like another chance if I screw up.LOL. So thanks makes me feel muuuuuch better.
  15. Butterfly3001

    Quit nursing school?

    WELLHEREIAM: Did you decide to stay in your program? Are you doing better in clinicals? I am having really bad anxiety and I am so nervous when I think about clinicals? Do you have any tips for me? Thanks and I hope things are going wonderful for you no matter what you decied to do!!!!!!:redbeathe
  16. Butterfly3001

    Nursing School

    Thanks for this post, I am nervous. I guess its not knowing thats really got me nervous. But I have a question about clinicals since this is either pass/fail then what have you experienced or seen happen to other students that have failed clinicals. I have heard that some instructors stand over you and watch your every step and that is something that really makes me nervous. I understand that they don't want us to harm a patient, but how do you remain calm in situations like this? Sorry for so many questions I am so scared and of course I dont want to let them know because of the whole weeding out thing and of course I want them to know I am confident. Thanks in advance