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OK, It's been a while since I've taken a college course (I graduated over 10 yrs ago...)... but is it just me.... or are students much ruder to professors these days??? :uhoh21: I CANNOT believe... Read More

  1. by   Asklepios
    I love that clip! They titled it "Angry Professor" but he didn't seem angry at all. He was very matter-of-fact, and I think he got his point across!

    It never ceases to amaze me - whether at a meeting for my job or in class - when the manager or teacher tells people to shut off their cellphones, and inevitably one will ring in the middle of the event. What part of "shut your phone off" don't these people understand? If I were a professor I would tell students to leave their phones in their cars or don;t bother coming into my class. Then, of course, if there was an emergency and someone couldn't get through to a student, I'm sure an ACLU lawyer would show up to sue me and the school.

    I think our society as a whole is so self obsessed that the selfishness and rude behavior doesn't really surprise me, but it does make me sad. Everyone is so caught up in having enough money to buy an SUV and a McMansion and big screen TV, that both parents have to work full time, and then they feel so guilty for not spending enough time with their kids that they try acting like their friends rather than their parents. This is why so many parents dote on their kids so much - running them to and fro every activity, sticking up for them if the kid misbehaves in school, etc. The parents set a bad example.

    Our "get me a lawyer!" society is doomed to get even worse...
  2. by   lisabeth
    I bet that guy was in a state of shock over his cellphone. I cant believe someone would have the nerve to answer the phone.
  3. by   luvmy3kids
    Ahhh, Yes... about the cell phone.... I have 3 kids... Our first day of class we were told not to use cell phones... if they had to be on then they had to be on vibrate and we could not use them at all during a test or quiz (obviously for texting the answers and such)

    OK.... soo......The next class (Tues night class) we are taking our first quiz, and me.. being the good mom and considerate student, turned my phone onto vibrate so it wouldn't distract anyone, but I would be able to find out if there was an emergency with one of the kids (mine are prone to an ER visit at least once a month LOL).... and what happens you ask???

    My dear sweet husband calls and leaves a MESSAGE!!! (something like wishing me good luck on the quiz) AAARRRRGGGGHHH!!!! The ******* phone kept going off because I had a voicemail... It was so embarrassing and annoying and I couldn't reach into my purse to turn it off because I would have been caught with my phone and he would have thought I was cheating... I was sweating and nervous as it was...

    From then on, I turn my phone completely off if we are having a test or quiz. If something happens to one of the kids, there's nothing I can do about it anyway.. so I figure.. Oh well.... LOL
  4. by   dougRN2BE
    I teach at the University level and I don't know how it was before (only been teaching for a few years), but there just seems to be an atmosphere of cautiousness with everything. I had a girl in class who was being negative and would say, "this is stupid" when I would introduce an activity and just had negative energy. I sent her an email asking her if anything was wrong and that I would appreciate her respect in class. I also told her that if the behavior continued I would start docking her participation grade. As per policy, I cc'd my chair on the email and wow, was I surprised when I was told that we should never write these types of thing in case the student goes to the student newspaper or claims discrimination. It was all I could to keep myself from laughing. I saw it as being concerned, blunt and having expectations for appropriate classroom decorum. In any event, it just reminded me of how many people (students and those who are the pc police) have this sense of entitlement. Perhaps it belongs to one generation, perhaps not...but there are a lot of people who think they are entitled to anything and everything...quite unfortunate really...

    BTW, the girl ended up shaping up her attitude and apologized. It was only the "establishment" that was worried I had addressed the issue with the disrespectful student! An institution that doesn't back you feeds directly into disrespectful students, IMO.

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  5. by   MySimplePlan
    Wow - I'd like to see some of those people try that stuff in our nursing class....our instructor would make short work of them. I can't imagine the fellows in class using the language I'm reading in some of these posts in front of us - they have manners galore. I guess we just lucked out.

    I was getting annoyed at the packing up books and jangling keys near the end of lecture period, which seems rude to me, but now I'll just appreciate the fine people, of all ages, that are in my class.
  6. by   RebeccaJeanRN
    The rudeness that I witnessed throughout my nursing classes astounded me. People were constantly negative with feedback, slammed books and such in protest if the instructors went a minute over time, wore tops with boobs and fat bellies hanging out, no matter how often they were reminded about dress code, and so on...the attitude was 'they work for us, we're paying their salaries!'. This may be true, but considering how underpaid teaching is, I found the whole attitude amazing and another symptom of the entitlement attitude of the current age (same attitude that has a few patients treating nurses like personal servants in the hospital). But of course, its not just nursing school...a mid-age man slammed a door from a store in my face just the other day as I was leaving with my arms full- and he just tried to pretend that he didn't notice someone behind him when I know he saw me just a few moments before, just because he didn't feel like giving up a few seconds to be kind. Rudeness is just a sign of the times- so I say 'kudos' to that professor who threw down the student's phone- bet we see him soon on The Today Show, with everyone (but the university) praising him for refusing to take the "cell phone rudeness thing" any longer!
  7. by   charebec65
    Quote from CseMgr1
    If parents and teachers were allowed to get back to the basics of child-rearing and teaching without fear of being reported to DEFACS or being sued by the same parents who fear retribution by their own kids, we wouldn't be having this problem today.

    Back during the 80's when my son was growing up, he knew better than to act up in school. He not only knew that his teachers had my written blessings to kick his butt prn, but also that he would get it kicked again, when he got home!

    No discipline = no respect for others.
    Well put CseMgr1
  8. by   akspudus
    I once went to a class where the instructor put a bucket of water near the door. If your phone rang....you could either go out the door to answer it....or drop it in the bucket. The only catch was the door was locked. If you went outside....you were not allowed to come back into class.
    Cell phones have become my own "pet peeve". I take the responsibility to turn mine over to vibrate....and don't answer it in class. My wife has instructions to test me if there is an emergency..at least I can read it without disturbing my class mates.

    As for other rude behavior...
    The other day my chemistry professor overheard a student calling him "a rude bastard" as he walked into the classroom. He had a bundle of papers under his arm. As he reached his podium he announced that our take home test would be an in class test. He didn't actually point out the student, but he told the class what he over heard. He figured that since he was being labeled a "rude bastard" he might as well act like one. There was a handful of people that heard the students remark....and well....to make a long story short....the class sort of kicked her out.
    WE are in class to learn...and the professors are the people we are learning from. That demands a certain amount of respect for them.
    If any of my classmates went to a military school they wouldn't make it through the first day.

    I have been promised by my advisor that the class environment gets better the farther you get along in your studies. The students lacking "class/work ethic" get weeded out.

    OK stepping down from the soap box.

    Miami Dade College
  9. by   catzy5
    Well our school is so competitive for the nursing program I don't see anyone getting away with anything like that once in the program. Most people I know with the slightest chance of even getting in are type A personality work aholics take every class very seriously read the 100+ pages and then go out and read two more books on the same subject and read those too LOL.

  10. by   Freedom42

    Sounds like you did your "stupid" student a big favor by pointing out her inappropriate comments.

    I agree with you: So many people come to class with a mysterious sense of entitlement. Where does that come from? (As it happens, there are a lot of African immigrants and refugees at my school. They come to class prepared, are often the best students and are always respectful. They don't have that sense of entitlement.)

    In today's installment of Strange But True, several of my classmates told our nursing instructor that this week's reading was "much better" than last week's "stupid assignment" and that she'd done "a good job of making the selection." Ah, the condescension of uneducated 20-year-olds. I can only hope that our professor -- a veteran nurse and a Ph.D -- was amused.

    It's so unfortunate: These people ostensibly come to class to learn, yet they resist the instructor's every attempt to get them to think out of the box. They miss the point entirely. It's OK to disagree with a point of view, but do so after thinking about it -- not simply because the point of view is different from your own -- and exptress your disagreement in a civil, constructive manner.
  11. by   originals
    REisrespectful students, the college i went to this would in no way be tolerated particular the nsg department the professor's did not take disrespectful behavior you are told to turn off all cell phones and their policies are if you're talking while they are lecturing read the chpt. on your own, and these are the students always bugging for explanation and complaining about the test.
  12. by   akspudus
    As I posted (vented) before, the disrespectful or disruptive students are truly a pain in the @ss. I am 34 years old with a 16 year military background. I have to stop myself all the time from saying things to other people in class. Saying things like "your actually gonna have to get off you lazy @ss and study".
    This morning we had a 6 question quiz. After everyone turned in their paper, the professor went around the room asking students for the answers. A grand total one student was able to answer at least one of the questions on the quiz. (guess who). Simple questions like, "what kind of tissue would you find adipose cells in?"
    When the professor got onto his soapbox and preached a sermon about studying and paying attention in lecture....the majority of the students had the attitude of "how dare he preach at me".
    Most of the students in my class are there on federal financial aid. I guess trying to better themselves...or taking government handouts....ok..ok..ok...I'll stop myself there before I break my keyboard out of frustration...sheesh.

    Most of the students I have talked with in my class think they have the world pegged. "As soon as I graduate nursing school...I'm gonna make 100's of thousands of dollars...blah...blah...blah" They seam to think that some miraculous act of affirmative action is going to get them into nursing school. Like it is their right or their entitlement to go. I hope they sober up when they get the rejection letter from the nursing school.

    ok...stepping away now...blood pressure way to high.

    Miami Dade College
  13. by   vickynurse
    [QUOTE=llg]It's another reason why there is a shortage of instructors.

    I've taught for 5 years in an ADN program. Each year, student behavior worsens. Unfortunately, we have to put up with it because "the students are our customers." We have to speak to them as if they are "adult learners" even when their behavior is worse than that of middle school children. I demand respect and have methods to help students to alter their behavior for the better. Their classmates thank me in private. Unfortunately, the ill behaved students stab me in the back on the written instructor evaluations and that is all my boss sees. I am labeled as the meanest nursing instructor in the program. Thank God for tenure! At least I have the satisfaction of improving some for the better.