Anyone take the TEASE assessment to get into RN program?? Help!

  1. Hi guys, need your help. I am an LVN two prereqs away from going to the Bridge LVN-RN program but my college has just required this new assessment exam called TEASE in order for you to get in. You must pass all modules of it and it has algebra, geometry, physicis, A&P, Chemestry and English. After looking through the study manual, I do not see how I can pass this thing. Especially the math. What are they trying to do keep everyone out of nursing school. I am freaked! I am 49 and need to get in soon. By the way my daughter graduates from the RN program on Sunday. She was lucky did not have to take this darn thing. Anybody know anything about it, take it, pass it. Help please!!!!
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  3. by   bookworm1
    Did you take any math classes recently? If not, maybe look into taking one over the summer. I don't think the test was too bad. I studied from the ATI study guide for months and had just completed my prereq's, so much of the information was very fresh in my mind. I felt that the study guide represented the actual test very well as far as format and general content.

    good luck!
  4. by   TruDivaRN
    the teas is not as hard as it seems:spin: . the study guide is actually much harder than the test. i got in the rn program on the first try. it is just basic education in it, maybe two or three algebra problems . i'm sure you will do lovely on it:redpinkhe .
  5. by   bandas
    Yeah, I had to take it to get into the RN program. I just really recommend going the the study guide page by page if you feel that you are rusty on stuff. The study guide I have is called the Test of Essential Academic Skills: Pre-Test Study Manual by ATI. The test is pretty much just like the manual, especially the math portion. I think that the math and science were the hardest for me. Just remember that you don't get to use a calculator (you should be given scrap paper) and that each section of the test is timed. Another thing is don't get stuck on one problem, go on. I did that with the math portion and it killed my time.
  6. by   sunnydaydream
    Getting a study guide for the TEASE can help. At my school you can actually borrow them for two weeks or something. Although it says that there are chemistry and physics questions on there it may only be one or two at the most. Take your time, don't rush, if you don't know an answer keep going. Just remember each section is timed. I was able to pass it the first time and was accepted into the ASN program the first time I applied. Good luck!! :spin:
  7. by   Jilaweez
    I had to take the TEAS and only found out a few days before. Honestly, it wasn't that difficult and I wasn't able to order the study guide. If you brush up on your math (especially ratios and precents) you'll be fine. Don't worry yourself too much, you'll do better than you think.
  8. by   PaulshoeRN
    I believe the computer test adjusts as you take the test so don't plan on only having a few questions in certain areas. I found that if you can do the study guide questions, you should be okay. But, if you've looked at the study guide and the math freaks you out, invest in a tutor (or maybe the school has some free tutor help). What helped me the most is knowing the math well enough that I could do the problems backwards. Since it's a multiple choice test, you can plug in the various answers and see which one fits! It worked out great for me. The only problem is it can be time consuming so you have hustle working the problems on your scratch paper. Hope this helps!
  9. by   EricJRN
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  10. by   justme1972
    If you take a developmental high-school level algebra course at your college, then that should be all the Math that you need for the TEAS. Just remember that the TEAS is a high-school level test.

    Ratios, all-types of fractions, are the most common type of math problems on the TEAS.

    I personally, didn't think the study guide was necessary. A search under TEAS on this website, and you'll see that there are certain things that everyone claims is on the test and they are very repetitive.

    Also, some schools have students with very high scores on the TEAS, but if your school is using it for the first time, fully expect lower scores. I scored an 86, which was in the 93rd percentile, and it was the second highest grade they got for the TEAS, but that would have been considered low at other schools that have had the TEAS for awhile.
  11. by   aisforamanda
    I took the TEAS a few weeks ago. I had ordered the Study Guide a couple months back then completely forgot about the test! I didn't remember until the day before I was registered to take it! I studied all that night and the next morning. I was completely freaked out because on the Math and Science practice tests I did horrible! But I got my results back last week and I got a 92.4 and was in the 99th percentile for the program! I am taking the test again next week in hopes of bettering my score, since I will be more prepared than just studying the night before!

    Keep your head, stay confident and study the info in the study guide!

    Oh and remember your metric conversions, thats what got me! lol
  12. by   HikingNinja
    It's really not as hard as the study guide. I took it a couple of months ago after studying the study guide for a couple of weeks. Got a 98% national and 99% program. Just study the guide and you'll do fine.

  13. by   MimismomRN
    Thanks so much guys for all the great advice and encouragement. I really need it as I am freaked out about passing this test. Every time I get close, they seem to throw another roadblock in the way. Just finished Microbiology with an A after working my butt off. Hoping to take Anatomy over the summer and Physiology in the Fall then applying to take the exam. My math is really poor. I did okay in the begining algebra class but have forgotten everything!!! Why can't they jsut give us nursing math?? God bless you all.