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Critical Care: Cardiac, VAD, Transplant
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bookworm1 specializes in Critical Care: Cardiac, VAD, Transplant.

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  1. bookworm1

    Try before you buy Littmann 3100

    I just got my trial 3100 and I can't wait to try it out on the floor. I have used it on my family members to compare to my Master Cardio, and I find the volume adjustment quite helpful! it may be my next Littmann!
  2. bookworm1

    Try before you buy Littmann 3100

    thanks so much for posting this! I am a new grad working in cardiac ICU and I am looking for a better scope! this just might be it, although I already have the master cardio by littmann, which I love so far. anyone else have experience with the 3100 or comparable electronic scope?? please share!
  3. bookworm1

    Pay Scale

    I'm a new grad and I obtained a position in a great cardiac ICU in Chicago that performs open hearts and transplants. New grads all receive the same rate until they have 1 to 2 years experience. Our starting rate is $27 base plus differential for nights and weekends.
  4. HARTFORD, Conn. - Florence Wald, a former Yale nursing dean whose interest in compassionate care led her to launch the first U.S. hospice program, has died. She was 91. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20081116/ap_on_re_us/obit_wald;_ylt=AvOLW5L3h7fzYczbPJW4oMNvzwcF Hope the link works
  5. bookworm1

    Ati Ob Test

    You know, you are probably correct. I don't want OB, but I did love my Peds. rotation. Those in love with OB did better than I did on ATI.
  6. bookworm1

    Ati Ob Test

    The test is tough. I was extremely frustrated with the content difference between ATI and class lecture. I do watch the dvd's, which helps somewhat, but I have little time to read through the book. I don't believe our instructors even looked at the ATI books nor exam, so the answer is "yes, they really don't know". In regards to exam content being the same, well...some of my classmates had the same exam and some didn't! This was the first ATI exam that I didn't pass on the first time through-in fact, no one in my class passed the first time. Unfortunately, starting next semester we will no longer be given a second opportunity to pass:o. I did manage to pass the Peds portion by starting the video portion EARLY and apply the video to the current subject in our lecture portion. There were still glaring differences in content, but the isntructor is always right (at least she is if you want to pass:)
  7. bookworm1

    I feel like Harry Potter

    I have to admit, we spent more time complaining about how terrible the movies were in comparison to the books! There is no way a good director could refrain from taking 'artistic liberties' with the movie version, but they always end up ruining the film:bluecry1:. I loved the first movie, though. Does that redeem me somewhat?? LOL.
  8. bookworm1

    IDPH Rural health scholarship?

    I've applied several times and have never been selected. My EFC has always been well below 1000. Would have been great, though. One of the few that I can receive and still use my academic scholarships. That would have more than eliminated any need for loans...
  9. bookworm1

    I feel like Harry Potter

    Don't you think the Triwizard tournament would be Clinicals?? Each task is a battle against the evil clinical instructor... well, I guess I really can't say that, I loved most of my clinical instructors. Or maybe just the NCLEX, itself! Hmmm, will have to think about that one. Obviously another HP fan! Hubby and I even took the kids out of school to see the first showing of each new HP movie. Bad parents:uhoh21: and we never missed a single HP book release party.
  10. bookworm1

    patient education class

    I have to develop an educational plan for a mentally retarded patient regarding maintenance care for my online Patient Education class. I am supposed to choose something 'simple' so I have decided that educating a patient on the use of a transdermal patch would fulfill the bill. I haven't worked with transdermal patches before and my experience with MR adults is limited. To make it as realistic as possible, I am asking for some help! what I need help with is: 1) What types of transdermal patches are available (I know nicotine, nitro, and a few others) 2) any personal stories on specific difficulties or positive encounters on educating a MR or learning disabled patient on home care for specific medical conditions. Thanks alot! Bookworm1
  11. bookworm1

    Sick kids and nursing school

    I have 5 kids-2 have chronic conditions that require hospitalization and frequent sick days or doc. visits. I have never missed clinicals, although it has been close this semester, but I have been required to miss part of a class here and there. We have no family close by and haven't found anyone willing to deal with the kids-even for a short time-when they are having health issues. My husband has no personal days at his current job, but we've taken advantage of the Family Leave act on several occasions so that I can make it to clinicals. Just try to work out possible issues ahead of time. Work out an agreement with your spouse that he'll cover days you have exams or clinicals, and you'll cover the rest. Nursing school doesn't pay the bills now, but in the end it will! In addition, I make sure my instructors are aware of my situation and bring in proof of their medical diagnoses before I need them.
  12. bookworm1

    are care plans a joke for you?

    The careplans my school requires seem to be reasonable compared to surrounding schools. They end up approximately 7-12 pages in length. They really do assist in training your brain for critical thinking, recognizing trends in symptomology, and in assessments. Our instructors are honest enough to admit that we aren't going to see them once we are done with school, but it has already changed my thought processes!
  13. bookworm1

    NS about to start OB rotation. Any advise?

    I just finished my OB rotation this week. Some advice a kind physician gave me as I was watching a C-sect: "step aside, you are directly in the line of fire". I stepped to the side just as the doc made the incision into the uterus and was just missed the spray of blood and amniotic fluid. The doc was laughing her butt off, but my classmate was turning all shades of green. It was great:bugeyes:. Also, compare textbook norms to the real world norms. Keep the real norms in the back of your head, but remember the textbook norms for exams! The other thing I had difficulty with: don't be judgmental-even when you see the teen dad trying to give his 2 hour old infant a cheeto...took alot to bite my tongue and kindly inform dad that cheeto's are inappropriate for all babies. Babies prefer bottles with formula-oh that poor baby:crying2: . Right after that, we came into the room to discover he had left baby alone on the sofa while he was across the room talking on the phone bragging about his status as father:banghead:.
  14. bookworm1

    nursing school and marriage

    16 years of marriage and the last 4 as a nursing student. If all goes well, I will be done May '09. My husband and kids have been great. We discussed every issue that we could come up with prior to beginning school, but surprises still came our way. Nursing school really DOES change who you are, but always keep in mind who you were and where you've come from. Things haven't been easy, but we survived. Set your priorities and learn to let little things go (I rarely see the floor of my house, anymore). And don't forget to say 'thank-you'.:redbeathe
  15. bookworm1

    Your state's "preferred" ED credentials?

    I would love to work in the ER after graduation (2 more semesters to go)! I know what PALS & ACLS are, but what do the rest stand for? I want to take ACLS over the summer, but the hospitals in the area will only train employees at this time:(
  16. bookworm1

    What's your take on this?

    As frustrating as it is, the entire class always seems to find out who received the highest score. Our teachers often post scores with ranges from highest to lowest grade to show that the 'test was sound' (meaning that it followed the rule of stats showing a bell curve) or they will tell disgruntled students what the range of the scores was. In theory it is to eliminate the arguments by students trying to get various questions thrown out of the exam. Don't think that getting an 'A' in college courses should be embarrassing! but I agree that grades should be private. Hopefully nobody has your password information.