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TruDivaRN is a BSN, RN and specializes in Long Term Care.

Married with 3kids and a full time RN student!!!

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  1. TruDivaRN

    Should I stick with LTC?

    I'am a new grad, and recently got my RN license. I have worked in LTC for the past 11 years as a CNA, at the same facility. I was thinking of going to the hospital for the experience, but I don't enjoy it at all. On the other hand I have been working at the nursing home part time and I actually like it. I know all of the residents, they have watched me grow from a 18 year old girl to a 29 year old woman. Everyone tells me I will loose my nursing skills:cry: if I stay there, but I like LTC!!!!:heartbeat
  2. TruDivaRN

    Ok so now Im REALLY WORRIED!!!

    I took 50 hours before my results showed up, don't worry the NCBON is moving fast this year, once they got my results from Pearson Vue.........I had my license 5 days after I got my pass results.
  3. TruDivaRN

    I Passedddddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!

    I just changed it:hhmth:
  4. TruDivaRN

    q trainer 6 results in.....

    I took the NCLEX on the 21st, I had lots of drugs, I only knew maybe 6 out of about 15...........the others I just tried to see if I could make a good guess by reading the answers.......I think alot of the drugs are those testers.........I passed with 75 questions...........GOOD LUCK, try not to stress too much.
  5. TruDivaRN


    WOW, just found out I passed!!!!!!!!!!! I guess I'll have to work as a NA untill my num. shows up in the system, I have a job in the ED, can't work as a RN until it shows up with NCBON, but hey I'll work as an aide, at least I get the RN pay:lol2:.
  6. TruDivaRN

    May Nclex takers...come and join hands...

    YES, that site, it was a really good review and I only paid 59$ for 5 weeks, still have 3 weeks left, glad I will not need them.
  7. TruDivaRN

    May Nclex takers...come and join hands...

    Don't give up, until you hear different there is still hope.............GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!:wshgrt:
  8. TruDivaRN

    May Nclex takers...come and join hands...

    I didn't spend alot of money on a review, I just did the NCSBN review, used my Kaplan CD, and the nclex 3500 questions, I tried to do at least 100 per day, IMO the NCSBN helped the most, alot of my NCLEX questions seem to run similar to those.
  9. TruDivaRN

    I Passedddddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!

    :grad::grad::dncgbby::dncgcpd::dancgrp::hhmth::nurse: April W RN
  10. TruDivaRN

    May Nclex takers...come and join hands...

    Ok its been 48 hours since my test ended and still no results:cry::urgycld:......this wait is killing me, I know I'm going to have some serious GI problems...the ppl at the test center said 48 hours:dzed:
  11. TruDivaRN

    NCLEX quick results in Nebraska

  12. TruDivaRN

    I passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!

    :dncgbby::ancong!:, I'm still waiting took the exam at 1pm on the 21st, so my results should be up soon:urgycld::barf01:
  13. TruDivaRN

    NCLEX Stopped at 75!!!

    There are a few ppl up here that took their exam on the 12th, and are still waiting. There is hope, keep the faith...........I'm still waiting too, should know tomorrow............GOOD LUCK
  14. TruDivaRN

    NCLEX Stopped at 75!!!

    where are u located?
  15. TruDivaRN


    i would think so
  16. TruDivaRN

    May Nclex takers...come and join hands...

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!:wshgrt::tinkbll: