"You're a nurse...."

  1. Has anyone else started to get the "you're a nurse....what do you think this is?" or "what should I do about this?". I haven't even been accepted to a nursing school yet and people are already calling me a nurse and asking my opinion. I usually tell people to ask their doctor about their problems. And these people all know that I'm not even in nursing school yet. Has this happened to anyone else yet?
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  3. by   pjgarrett1388
    Yep my parents like to do that too me, but nobody else has really asked me anything. I just tell them I don't know b/c I'm not a nurse or doctor!
  4. by   prmenrs
    I used to tell them I hadn't gotten to that part yet. Now I tell them I don't know anything about grown-ups anymore!

    If whatever they asks me about worries me, I say I don't know, but if I were them, I'd take it to the doc ASAP.
  5. by   lisabeth
    I guess that is just to be expected. I get that from my best friend, and she knows I'm not in the program yet, much less a nurse. :chuckle I always say you goofy woman, give me at least 2 years after I get accepted. Of course, sometimes I do know if it is something I have learned, but I always tell her to to her Dr.
  6. by   DesertRain
    Hehe...my cousin cut up his toe really bad and I kinda looked away like, don't ask me for help...I'm not on the bloody toe section of my program yet lol.
  7. by   lainith
    I used to have people ask me stuff like that when I only worked in Nutrition Services at my local hospital. People love "free advice." I think the best advice was given above... if it is something serious, tell them your medical opinion is that they see a Dr!
  8. by   xt1
    No one has asked me anything but I sure have shared new information I have learned from A&P with friends... whether they wanted to know it or not.
  9. by   casi
    I've gotten it. I just remind them I'm still on my pre-reqs and am taking classes like English and Algebra....
  10. by   WDWpixieRN
    Wait until you're in clinicals, in first semester or early second semester, and your pt or their family starts asking you questions that weren't covered in bath/bed making!!

    My favorite was my first week of second semester clinicals when my pt was being discharged and she hunted me down in the halls to ask me to remove her heplock so she could go home!! I vaguely remember testing out of that last semester (2 months ago?!?!), but hadn't done one....my instructor said, "Go for it!"....I had to take a deep breath and really THINK....and you know what? It went well...the only "mistake" I made was not using a bandaid, but tape, to cover the gauze where I removed the needle, lol...you can bet I won't forget that again!!
  11. by   Ruby Vee
    [font="comic sans ms"]i just tell them that's not my area of expertise. after 30 years, i can answer questions about heart attacks and cardiac surgery, but i haven't seen ob, mental health or peds since the mid '70s! if you're not comfortable answering the question -- and you probably aren't -- just tell them so! and keep on telling them so until they get it.

    people rarely ask me questions anymore unless they know it is my area of expertise.
  12. by   sddlnscp
    LOL - yeah, I got that all the time as a pre-nursing student and now that I am a nursing student it is even worse. As a pre-nursing student I would tell them that I was only taking core classes and had no idea, but they should contact their medical provider.

    Now when they say, "you're a nurse", I always finish their phrase for them with "student" and still refer them on to their health care provider. I know many a seasoned nurse who won't answer questions either - people really do need to follow up properly with their health problems and allow us to treat them as the doctor orders and based upon our area of expertise.

    People will probably never quit asking once they have started, so just keep reinforcing the point.

    Good luck and enjoy the journey!
  13. by   RNsRWe
    My personal favorite was when my kids' school bus aide (who knew I was in nursing school but clearly didn't know how far in) asked me to look at "this thing on my back". :uhoh21:

    Told him unless someone had drawn a molecule on there he wanted me to identify, I wouldn't be of much help, since all I had under my belt at the time was algebra and chemistry!
  14. by   mommy2boys
    I get it all the time and I'm not in the program. I guess my family and friends think that I'm this super genius. I always tell them to ask their doctor.