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i borrowed the information below from the a&p 1 fall club.(hope no one minds) i thought that it would be helpful to those of us taking a&p 1 this winter/spring semester. hopefully there will be... Read More

  1. by   cmp06
    Well I have the next 3 days off...nice since I haven't had 2 days off in a row since around September....but anyways...I decided I'd go and buy my A&P book. I walked into the bookstore found it and stared...."what in the world are you thinking you can be a nurse for?" is what the evil little me said...Grabbed the book, grabbed the study guide....left the lab manual for another day...was choking on just speding the 150 that i did. Didn't need to add insult to injury with another $40+ something. I figured I'd browse through it...see what it's all about. Get all my crying done BEFORE school starts, so that I won't have any tears left for when school DOES start.

    I can do this...I know I can...I can do this... I know I can...

    Isn't there something about repetition...if you do something long enough it become habit. So my thought process is that if I say it enough times, my mind/body knows it has to be true and then there won't be any problems... Gee I love my type of logic

    Have a wonderful day everyone!!!!
  2. by   cherylnj81
    Ah!! What did the books look like?? My school won't let you buy books for spring semester until Jan 11th.

    What did the lab book look like? Does it say what the first couple labs will be about?
  3. by   alakaea
    I'll be taking it this upcoming semester. Thanks for the info!
  4. by   lizavaca
    Thanks so much for posting this!!! YOu are an angel! Be blessed!
  5. by   Princess74
    Now that school starts back up in just a couple of weeks how many of you have bought your books? Which one is your school using?
  6. by   LadyEtain
    i pre-registered right after i finished chemistry, but can't get my books until next week. class starts january 16th. and i'll also be tackling pharmacology at the same time. i'm so excited though, i can hardly wait! once i passed chemistry, i felt like nothing could stop me! thanks for the encouragementfrom everybody! happy new year!

    :heartbeat ladyetain
  7. by   bluemerle
    Hello all fellow A&P people!

    I will be starting my class on 1/17 (I think that is the date). I am going to a community college here in Northern California. Anyone else from California? If so what school do you go to?

    I can't WAIT to take this class. I just finished Medical Terminology and LOVED it so I am excited to see what A&P is going to be like. My husband took this class a few years ago and told me that if you just read your material and do my homework that everything will be just fine.

  8. by   Paula7
    [font="comic sans ms"]i have no idea what my book is yet. the bookstore won't let me see it until next week! classes start 01/17/06 and if i could buy the book cheaper on-line in time for class i would like too. i wonder if that's why they wait so long to tell you?! scammers! :chuckle

    happy new year everyone! :smiley_aa
    let's enjoy the time off while we can!!
  9. by   mdbarker
    The community college i attend has it's own website where you can register and find all of you information on it, it also has a link to the book store so you can order or see what books you are going to need, so if your school has it's own site maybe you can check to find your book.
  10. by   Jessy_RN
    Best wishes to you all. I loved A&P 1, I hope you do too.
  11. by   kbclary4
    i will be starting on monday and am so excited! i am also a bit nervous as i am five months pregnant with my first (a girl!!) and am due a little over a week after finals. wish me luck.:wink2:
  12. by   kgkarma
    Quote from kbclary4
    i will be starting on monday and am so excited! i am also a bit nervous as i am five months pregnant with my first (a girl!!) and am due a little over a week after finals. wish me luck.:wink2:
    my a&p begins on friday the 6. i'm a nervous wreck and the book i'll be using is by martini. i'm really determined to do well in this class but my "evil twin" keeps trying to put doubt in my mind.
  13. by   lisabeth
    LOL. So that is what that little voice of doubt is. I am feeling it too. I guess I have that evil twin also.