Pre-Nursing student taking Sociology online?


I registering for Summer 2017 classes tomorrow. I will be taking 12 credits working towards my associates degree in nursing. I plan to take English 101 and PSY 201 in class. I plan to taking sociology but I am thinking about taking it online. Do any of you have any experience with taking Sociology 101 online please? If so did you like it, do you recommend it to anyone else.

I started to take sociology online but I ended up dropping it. It was a 16 week course so not as demanding as taking it over the summer. I overall didn't like the setup and the professor I had for it. We had a chapter to read every week and we had to read it very thoroughly to pass the weekly exams. They were open book but you got one minute per question and the questions were very detailed or came from little side readings and passages. I dropped it after 2 weeks. This is just my experience though, it will differ with every school and professor. Taking it over the summer will just give you a lot more content to learn in a short amount of time. I also think its harder to learn and fully understand the concepts online without an actual lecture, ill probably take it again but just with a different professor and in an actual classroom.


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I'm considering taking it online just because the days they have it available I have to work on those days. I might consider taking it online just want to make sure I get a good professor. Thank you so much for your opinion I really appreciate it :)

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I recommend taking as many classes online as you can. The only classes I took in person were math and hard sciences. Sociology online is a breeze.


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It really depends on your teacher. And generally, online classes are not always easier than in-person classes. They often involve a lot of online postings.


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I recommend taking as many classes online as you can. The only classes I took in person were math and hard sciences. Sociology online is a breeze.

I agree with this. I took everything but stats online. Sociology was an easy class for me. We had quizzes based on the reading and a couple essays that we had to write. I breezed by with an A.

I took it online last year. I loved that class and had a great professor. My final grade was a 97.

I love online classes, but they suit my learning style. I like learning on my own, at my own pace. But you do really have to be organized and motivated.


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My suggestion to you is to look into getting credit at your college for the sociology CLEP!!! I found out about this from one of my classmates. Basically, you talk to someone in the school who handles credit transfers, or maybe the chair of that department, see if they will take a CLEP score in place of having to take the course, and if so, what minimum score they will take. I did this, my school would take anything over a 50 (out of 80 or something, I forget). Anyways, I had no classes, studied in my spare time, paid about $100 for the test, took it ten minutes from my house and BAM I had credit and didn't have to pay hundreds for the class, go to it, take tests, or write papers. I STRONGLY suggest it. A study guide is very useful, but theres a lot online that can help you, especially on youtube. I wish I had done this with more courses. It can't hurt to take a look into it!


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I took sociology online during our college's Winter intersession (1 semester crammed into 6 weeks), and it was a breeze. The textbooks were required, but I never read it. I did skim the readings that the professor posted though. We had blog postings due every other day aside from the weekends. Enroll in the course, and stick around for a week or 2, and then decide whether or not you want to drop the course before the deadline to drop without the course appearing on your transcript. Take as many courses as you can online (except the science courses).


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Sociology online was easy for me although in general I prefer physically attending a class. Tests were short & multiple choice, there were requirements to post in a discussion forum, & then a paper due as the final. Growth & development was similar online as well.


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I took Sociology over the winter intersession. I had to stay disciplined, but if you are comfortable writing a lot, it's a breeze. Definitely scope out where you take it, and figure out how the class is presented - and find one that works best with your learning style.

Good luck!


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I'm taking sociology online now. It's not a time consuming course and the prof just outline the basics for us out of the book.