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  1. Tnpap as a student

    Weed should not be in your system, 4 months later. I would ask to be rescreened.
  2. Drug Screen

    Your question is very vague.. What company is doing the drug test?
  3. NYU Prereqs Advice

    Take classes that will make you stand out! Physics! Calculus! Forensic Psychology! The classes you listed are great, but EVERYONE is going to have them on their transcript..
  4. Having issues with being a "babyfaced" nurse.

    I became a nurse at 19 lol. How do you think I feel.
  5. If you have money to spend, then I suggest buying a littmann stethoscope. They are all good!
  6. 4.0 in nursing school?

    This depends on the school you go to. Some schools may have lower bars then others. At my school, its IMPOSSIBLE to maintain a 4.0 average. I took a test last semester, that was worth a huge chunk of our grade, and the highest grade was an 88! That a...
  7. Anatomy & physiology 2A and Chem 2A at the same time?

    I personally wouldnt recommend doing 2 sciences, PLUS a math class, PLUS 2 other classes. Thats a bit much. But it looks like you had a heavy workload and did fine last semester.. My biggest tip is to just keep up with all the work and try not to fal...
  8. BA degree in Psychology but want to get into Nursing

    Its possible that some of your credits will transfer over from your original degree. But you will still most likely have to take all the science classes. You can complete most of your prerequisites online, but you will have to take your nursing class...
  9. BSN Vs ADN

    If you get your ADN, you will not have to retake any of your classes. Financial aid depends on your income, but you will get it regardless if you get an associates degree or bachelors degree.
  10. Worried about GPA

    You definitely still have time to pull your GPA up. It is NOT too late. I suggest taking it slow though. Theres nothing wrong with only taking 1 or 2 classes at a time. Give yourself plenty of time to study so that you can get the best grades possibl...
  11. best way to get my BSN

    Sorry, but I do not agree with your math. I got my associates degree from a community college in 2 years. I came in straight out of high school, and started taking nursing classes my first semester there. I took all the corequisites at the same time ...
  12. Fall Semester

    So you are planning on taking 2 science classes and 2 math classes in 1 semester? O.o AND you are planning on working? That is a recipe for disaster. You should be aiming for A's, and not B's. I highly advise AGAINST taking that course load.
  13. I failed my adult health test can I appeal

    What are you trying to appeal? You took a test and failed.
  14. How do Nursing schools calculate GPA?

    My school only took into account the prereq grades for their nursing program. So, A&P, chemistry, statistics... and so on. Its best to check with your school regarding this!
  15. Taking science classes while applying?

    This depends on your school. Some schools with allow you to finish your prereqs and you would just have to send them an updated transcript once you are done with the semester.