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  1. Dlansey

    Anxiously waiting for the acceptance bus

    I got my acceptance today but I still have to get through this crazy semester of A&P II, Gen Chem, and statistics....
  2. Dlansey

    Pre-Nursing student taking Sociology online?

    I'm taking sociology online now. It's not a time consuming course and the prof just outline the basics for us out of the book.
  3. Dlansey

    3 Years into B.A. - Best Way to NP from Here?

    I'm confused, if you want to be a nurse why do you need the B.A.? I's that for you to work?
  4. Dlansey

    Professor making it difficult in chemistry

    Tell me about it, my Chem professor gives us a quiz EVERY single day.
  5. Dlansey

    Anxiously waiting for the acceptance bus

  6. Dlansey

    Friend asked to cheat off me from exam?

    Update: She texted me back saying she doesn't know what I'm talking about and that she never cheated off me. But I know she's lying. I have the text messages to prove her wanting me to cheat off me in the first place!
  7. Dlansey

    Friend asked to cheat off me from exam?

    Yeah I can change my seat. But I think she's dropping the course anyway. She texted me that she didn't do so hot on the exam. She got a D on it. I also took the leap of faith like you guys said and told her that I didn't feel comfortable with her cheating off on me and I rather not sit next to her because I can't focus with her constantly pushing me for responses during lecture. I sent that to her two hours ago and she hasn't texted me back yet.
  8. Dlansey

    Anxiously waiting for the acceptance bus

    I won't know my admission decision until early April :/ And I know how never racking it is for you, but just try to get your mind focused on something else to keep you from thinking negative things.
  9. Dlansey

    Friend asked to cheat off me from exam?

    Well because I'm very passive aggressive and very nice when it comes to people. So it's very hard for me to "confront her". I tried to give her all the cues of not answering her text messages or moving my seat and used my eyesight as an excuse so I don't have to sit next with her. Or I tell her a lot of excuses so we can't meet up. And when she ask me questions I'm very clip with them.
  10. I'm taking A&P II and there's a girl in my class who basically won't leave me alone, she constantly wants me to study with her and explain everything the prof says in the middle of lecture! So I be missing things that the prof says because I would have to stop listening and turn next to her and basically repeat something to her or explain it to her. She could easily ask me for the material after the class and not during. I tell her this but she doesn't care. Also I do not do group study when only thing I have to do is memorize the material, but she keeps bugging and trying to meet up with me so I basically can teach her the information. I barely have time to do that since I taking 5 other major pre-nursing class. But really made me think if I should be her friend is when she told me that we can cheat off each others lecture exams today in class!!! She said the teacher won't notice and we just need to be casual about it. But I think she's just trying to be my friend for that sole reason to use me for a grade. I don't know if I should continue being friends with her or not because she is very needy and honestly I feel like she's trying to be my friend for all the wrong reasons. She seems desperate to get an A in the class and I think that I'm a easy target for her to manipulate because I'm nice and have a 4.0 GPA. Edit: Also during the exam, she kept glancing over my arm to see what I wrote down but I tried to cover it the best I can without being noticeable. And when I was done with my exam before her, she told me to just wait a second.
  11. I got an A....and I barely studied as I had my prioritized A&P course at the time. I literally would open the book 1-2 days before the test. It was 50% for midterm and 50% for final=100% of overall grade. Not I'm saying it was an easy A, but it wasnt tremendously hard either. Granted some definition's in A&P 1 overlapped with med term.
  12. If they require you to be accepted into the university first before you can apply to the nursing program then you do that first and wait on the admission decision for the college itself.
  13. Dlansey

    What is a better field to go into?

    Do LPN if you want to be a RN at the end goal.
  14. Dlansey

    Who got in fall 2017??

    I won't know my admission decision to early April...
  15. I'm only applying to one school because the other nursing programs in my area require a lot more prerequisites which will take me another semester to complete. But I rather just take the major prerequisites and apply now then wait another year and take out more loans. If I don't get in this cycle then I will just do another semester of prerequisites and apply all around. But for now, all my eggs will be placed in one basket.
  16. Dlansey

    What should I choose?

    Hi thanks for replying. I need the loan now since I'm not working due to helping my mother of by babysitting her new baby so she can work nights. I get paid $140 a week to do that but it is not enough to save for my apartment + pay off my loans and continue to support myself with it.