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pre-nursing mom of 3 needs advice


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Just do what is in heart, if you are happy your children will be happy, the biggest regrets in life are the things you did not do, not the things you have done. This comes from a grandma that is in her first year of Nursing. You can do anything as long as you set your mind to it and have a strong support system.


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24 yrs ago I was single mom to 3 children 1,3,8. I singed up for Community college as it was close and the state helped pay for Child care. Had enought college credits to go one hr away for BSN but was afraind i would have to quit. Ended up graduating with honors. I had sitters quit night before clinicals and every horror situation come up but I did it and my children all said when they got older how proud they were that I went to college with them being little. Wish now I had the BSN then but probably would have been quite harder with the commute. Yes, they are only little once but it is not like you are going away, you will be there.. if you are not sure..do it online!! They did not have such things years ago, then you do not have to leave except for clinicals and forget the guilt.. Trust me no matter whether you work, stay home are rich or poor at some point your kids will resent you but they grow and get over it.

Yes, I am still nursing, still love and now my granddaughter reads my nursing magazines instead of my kids.. Doing nothing gets you nothing..if you are unsure, start part time instead but START!!! And Moms make great nurses as they have patience that most without children do not even understand. Consider a private sitter if you do not like daycare, with 3 it may actually save you money, You might even find an adopted grandmother interested?? Best of luck to you. Yes I am going online for my BSN and my granddaughter loves to help me study!!

I am in a similiar situation and have finally decided to start my prereqs this summer for an accelerated program starting in Jan. I have 2 children and the youngest will be 6 months next week. So I am struggling with this decision also! I have decided to do a 10 month accelerated program b/c I want to get in and out as quickly as possible... I hope to have no regrets on missing out on the next year but I am trying to plan for the future. Going to be hard but worth it. Good luck!

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It can be done, I did it. I was a mom with 3 small children, ages 5, 6 & 7. Before that I had been a stay at home mom and house wife for 8 years. It was do able, but tough. I was lucky to have a very supportive husband that could see an end to the means, some of my classmates were not that lucky. My hubby rolled with the flow adapting to dinner being late, the laundry not completely finished each day and the house was not impecable anymore. He had less free time as he had to help take kids to sports, do homework, housework and make dinner. He also had to endure all the stress that comes from the ups & downs of nursing school. When I finally graduated my RN license, it was a group effort by myself and my family. Sit down with your hubby and let him know what to expect, dinner may be quick and microwaveable, you will need more of his help. Your kids will adapt, mine did. They actually enjoyed daycare. And on clinical days twice a week I was home by 2 pm, and I had no school on fridays. 75% of my class had small children and all passed. A few had unsupportive hubby's who wined and moaned the whole time about their wives being busy. I say go for your dream, communicate with your spouse let him know it will be tough, but in the end everyone will benefit from mom working, and mom will be happier following her dream. Remeber you can do it and kids are resillant. My kids are so proud of me and tell everyone they know that their mom graduated from nursing school at 40 yrs. old, my son tells people that I was a nurse before I went over the hill! LOL from the mouth of kids!!!

Hello pre nursing mom, I started the nursing program while I was pregnant, with a four and five year old. There were several other pregnant moms also in my nursing program. Our class started with about sixty students, only twenty seven of us sixty that started the class finished. Amazingly me and the other four pregnant moms was among the twenty seven that went straight through the program. I think our situations made us more determine to do it one time and one time only (each semester ) and besides kids need to learn to socialize, to be with other kids. When my kids started pre-k and kindergarten they were honor role students because they had a head start in day care. Find a day care that has a teaching enviroment. This was seven years ago, I'm so glad I did it at that time there's so much activities once your kids start school to include being there to help with home work. A three day a week schedule allows you to be flexible for family times. Gook luck with your decision.:nurse::up:

I think it is really important to find good daycare. As a daycare provider myself, I know how hard it is for kids to be away from their parents all day long 5-6 days a week. Last summer I worked for a mom who worked 11 hour shifts. I use to take the kids to the hospital to have lunch with her. They got upset and did miss their mom alot at some points but it got easier. We met the mom for lunch, did some school (they were 5 and 7) and tried to memorize a Bible verse every week to keep us busy. Plus we live near the beach, so that helped. :)

I too am a SAHM of 3 2 of which are in school full time and my youngest is only 1.5 so I'm finishing up pre-requs slowly ( I too have prior BS) and my committment is to my family 1st and then myself but I can afford to do so. I cry thinking handing my little one over to another person all day everyday so i just can't do it. I think they are only little for a little while and I'm teaching our families core values every moment of his little life and soon he too will be inschool fulltime and then so can I. I think theres much more to miss as a baby/toddler/preschooler than afterschool events. Besides most fulltime schools are done by 3pm except for clinicals.

I would follow your gut on this one for sure, bc it sounds to me like your asking someone to tell you to be mom first nurse 2nd.