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pre-nursing mom of 3 needs advice


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I am in Pre NUrsing too with a 6 yr old in school and a 4 year old in preschool. I am doing all the pre classes before I even apply to my Community College's Nursing school. I was told that once you get accepted to have a back up plan to the back up plan to the back up plan for your kids. The Community College I attend has a policy where if you miss two days of class a semester (which, I would really try not too but kids get sick and I am there Mom). If you miss more than 2 they kick you out of the program. With me paying for school out of my families pocket....I am considering switching gears. No wonder there is a shortage in nursing. Sorry, I know this didn't help...but I have the same worries. My husband is only home on the weekends.

You definitely have to have a back up plan...Being a single Mom I know that all to well. I am fortunate to have my grandma, but she too is getting older...I worry that other people won't be able to care for my kids, but I have had to give that to God as well and know that He gave me this amazing gift to care for others and my kids think that it is amazing! They tell everyone that their Mommy is their very own doctor! (lol) I have to remind them that Mommy is a Nurse and they laugh and say, but yes Mommy you take care of us better than anybody! It is an awesome feeling to hear them say that they are PROUD of me, too!

Don't wait...It gets harder as they get older! I decided that I wanted more for them and needed to get my ADN. I've been an LPN for 12 years and I love my job...It is a great feeling to be able to bring my kids to work and every now and again...I get to volunteer as the Nurse at their school! They love it! You see it could open up many more doors for you...Like maybe once you are done, you can really spend more time with your babies and be the Nurse at their school! I think my kids owuld rather that I only volunteer sometimes though!

I worried that if I ahd to work and go to school that my babies wouldn't know me, but that isn't the case. My abby whom is only 2 loves to be with his Nana, but he cries for me and he loves me to pieces and when he wants something or needs something he calls My name!!!

Yes, God entrusted our babies to us, but He also gave us a gift to use not to allow to sit idle. Yes kids aare only little once and they grow so fast, but going back to school is not a bad decision as a matter of fact it benefits your children! I worried that my kids would feel the burden o fme having to do homeowrk but instead they love that I am having to work as hard as they do...I have one child that loves homework, one that loves to draw and hates homeowrk and one that zips through homework like a little whiz kid...They baby well he thinks that he is top-notch above it all! ;) But me being able to share in that with my kids has made our bond even stronger and they now believe me when I say that homework is important and doing well in school is important always! They try even more now and they truly give 100% all the time! I am proud of them and they make my journey through school that much more exciting! I make it a point to go to school everyday so that I can be their role model as to the importance of having good attendance! Their school promotes perfect attendance and me going everyday makes them want to go to!

Being a Nurse is one of the best things that I have ever done and it is rewarding (yes, often times time-consuming) but worth every second of it!!!:lol2:


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I would like to add something. I was reading another thread today from a nurse in a medi-spa that does cosmetic procedures; she has been insulted repeatedly by many nurses asking her when she's going to be a "real" nurse and work in acute care. I see the same type of judgmental attitude here, like you're only a good mom if you do this or that. Nobody is saying that moms in nursing school should lock their kids in a closet.

Why is it so difficult for women to simply come up with helpful suggestions for a good mother who wants to become a nurse? I would bet that the dads out there who are in nursing school (and I went to school with many moms and dads) aren't struggling with these issues--and if they are, they certainly are NOT being criticized or somehow being made to believe that they are going against God's plan, taking somebody's place in school who doesn't have these issues, wasting precious years with their kids, etc. (and for the record, all of the people who dropped out of my program were young, single and had no kids) I'm sorry, I don't want to veer this thread off course into a sexism discussion, but I want people to stop and think before they post. Can we just try to help solve her problem? Jeez.

Again, an earlier poster suggested non-traditional child care, which can be a fabulous option, like a home day care. Personally, I couldn't afford out-of-the-home day care and didn't feel it solved all of our potential issues, so my husband and I hired an au pair. It's a great option, and it prevents all of those horrible, "oh, no, my kid is sick!!" and "I have clinical at 7am, and I can't drop my kids off until 9am!" moments. Anybody else have good suggestions?

Darling, I have been there and done that. It will all work out. The children will do much better than you think. I was a single parent with small children. I constantly told them this is for us. I would plan homework time with them, you must have play time for the smaller ones. I promise you one thing it will be all right.

Hi, I have a 3 yo n an 11 yo, both go to school. Thankfully The school goes from PK-3 through high school. My oldest one started day-care at age of 2 and I cried every day to n from picking her up. Guess what? She love day care, and she learned a ton!!I was the one with the issues! lol It was a great experience for her. My 3yo adores PK-3 and cries when I miss her n pick her up early...

My point is, you never know till you try. If you can find a nice facility that you trust, you can star out your school now. It wold be rather nice to be able to afford things they might be interested in by the time you graduate, instead of having to wait for mommy to start working so they can do things like ballet, or pony riding (lol). If you put them in day care and they hate it, you can always put a stop to it, it's not like it will be written in stone... I don't know about your area, but were I am, getting into nursing school is extremely competitive, and I would not pass such opportunity. Good luck with your choice. :)

hey now, i just want you to know that if you decide to go for it, try not to feel bad!! As your kids gets older you can use it as a teaching point for them; to say how you wanted to better your education to make a better life for the whole family. So you sacraficed a few years. I have a 14-mo old and he will 2 when I start the accelerated BSN prg i hope to get into. So for that one year, he will be with my mother-in-law a LOT- she is our "daycare." I already don't agree with EVERYTHING she does, so it makes me a tad nervous. But, she is our best option and there is no way we can afford daycare- and I cannot wait any longer to put school off; we need the money that badly. I know I will miss him a lot during school, but it's just the same as any other woman who goes back to work after having a baby. people just need the $$, unfortunately. Also, I'm already 33 and we want to have another baby- so I am wondering where we are going to fit THAT in?! LOL! :-)


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You can do it. I started my ADN program when my youngest was 6 months old. I am getting ready to graduate in a few weeks. I have 3 ages now are 6, 2, and 15 months. I elected to attend a night program because the hours allowed me more flexibility with my kiddos. There has been days when I only get to see my kids for a bit before they go to bed, but I now know that it was well worth it. A lot of late nights and early mornings, but I had rather do it now, with only one childs school functions to work into a nursing students schedule.

I wish you the best.


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I did an LPN program full time when my 1st one was an infant. I dont recommend it. I started doing prereqs for RN/ADN program when my little guy was 3 and in preschool. I would run to class for the 3 hours while he was there and then run back to get him. It just worked out that by the time they were both in school FT, I was ready to start the program. You might want to look into getting your BSN and just taking classes slowly 1 or 2 at a time. The ADN program is really hard and fast. Only you know what you are capable of and how bad you want it. I personally would be setting myself up to fail if I tried it with 3 little ones. It is not just the class time you will be away. You will be mentally absent too. Devoted to your studying, care plans and papers, unable to cook or clean very much. It puts alot of stress on your family and marriage.


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My children were 2 and 6 when I started an ADN program. I worked full time during the day and went to class in the evening and occasionally on weekends for three years. It was not always easy and I was guilt-ridden most of the time. In the end, my children benefited throughout because they saw the dedication and determination I had to achieve my goals. Now, we have more time together, and more funds to be able to live more comfortably. I was fortunate enough to have the support of my husband who stepped right in and took over the household duties and made up for any of my absences.

Good luck with whatever you choose to do. I know I am so glad now that I made the choices that I made.

By the way, one woman in my graduating class went through two pregnancies during nursing school. She gave birth to her first during spring break of our first year and gave birth to her second during spring break of our third (and final) year.

Hi. I'm a single mom with only one child (she just turned 4 this past weekend), I work part time as a bookkeeper, just finishing up my second semester in a 2 yr RN program at a community & technical college, and I take 6 credit hours at a local university toward a BSN in health sciences in order to qualify for financial aid to pay for all this madness (have too many college credits to qualify for federal aid at a community & technical college).

Needless to say, I am SOOOO glad this semester is almost over!!! In the past week, there have been 4 nights that I've gotten between 1 and 3 hours of sleep.

My advice to you is...

your children are only little once, enjoy it while you can (as long your situation will allow you to do so).

I can't speak for all nursing programs but 2 yr programs are very rigorous and just having one child could make that complicated. I can't imagine doing this and having 3 children. I didn't even have time this past weekend to have a birthday party for my daughter. Our closest family was here, she had a few gifts (that I purchased that morning), and some cake. And of course, my nursing study buddy was here but then again she always is!

I'm not saying it's not possible, it just depends on how bad you want to be a nurse.

GOOD LUCK in whatever you decide,

terrible mother :crying2:

By the way, one woman in my graduating class went through two pregnancies during nursing school. She gave birth to her first during spring break of our first year and gave birth to her second during spring break of our third (and final) year.

Um, WOW- how convienent for her! How did she ever PLAN that one?! :lol2:


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I have three kids, 4, 2, and 1. I am in an ABSN 14 month program. I have more time with my kids than if I worked full time. The kids stay with their grandmother or my husband while I am in class.. I have class 4 days a week. Anyway, I think in some ways I have it a lot easier than the moms with older kids. It is doable if you have family support! I absolutely love nursing school. Doing great!

I have a 3-year-old and I'm in nursing school and working part-time as a Realtor. Sometimes it's tough because I have to spend an evening studying for an exam rather than spending time with my family, but it's really not as crazy as I thought it would be. Most evenings, I'm still able to get my house clean, cook dinner, play with my daughter and hang out with my husband. It's really all about time management and with 3 young children, I have to believe that you're probably pretty good at that already! I know that I'm missing out on some time with my daughter while I'm at school, but I keep reminding myself that the end justifies the means and my schedule as a nurse will allow much more time to spend with my family than my schedule as a Realtor! I'm excited to do something amazing for my family, for my patients, and for myself, and I know that my daughter will be proud when she's old enough to understand what that means :)

Good luck to you in whatever you decide!

Just do what is in heart, if you are happy your children will be happy, the biggest regrets in life are the things you did not do, not the things you have done. This comes from a grandma that is in her first year of Nursing. You can do anything as long as you set your mind to it and have a strong support system.


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24 yrs ago I was single mom to 3 children 1,3,8. I singed up for Community college as it was close and the state helped pay for Child care. Had enought college credits to go one hr away for BSN but was afraind i would have to quit. Ended up graduating with honors. I had sitters quit night before clinicals and every horror situation come up but I did it and my children all said when they got older how proud they were that I went to college with them being little. Wish now I had the BSN then but probably would have been quite harder with the commute. Yes, they are only little once but it is not like you are going away, you will be there.. if you are not sure..do it online!! They did not have such things years ago, then you do not have to leave except for clinicals and forget the guilt.. Trust me no matter whether you work, stay home are rich or poor at some point your kids will resent you but they grow and get over it.

Yes, I am still nursing, still love and now my granddaughter reads my nursing magazines instead of my kids.. Doing nothing gets you nothing..if you are unsure, start part time instead but START!!! And Moms make great nurses as they have patience that most without children do not even understand. Consider a private sitter if you do not like daycare, with 3 it may actually save you money, You might even find an adopted grandmother interested?? Best of luck to you. Yes I am going online for my BSN and my granddaughter loves to help me study!!

I am in a similiar situation and have finally decided to start my prereqs this summer for an accelerated program starting in Jan. I have 2 children and the youngest will be 6 months next week. So I am struggling with this decision also! I have decided to do a 10 month accelerated program b/c I want to get in and out as quickly as possible... I hope to have no regrets on missing out on the next year but I am trying to plan for the future. Going to be hard but worth it. Good luck!

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It can be done, I did it. I was a mom with 3 small children, ages 5, 6 & 7. Before that I had been a stay at home mom and house wife for 8 years. It was do able, but tough. I was lucky to have a very supportive husband that could see an end to the means, some of my classmates were not that lucky. My hubby rolled with the flow adapting to dinner being late, the laundry not completely finished each day and the house was not impecable anymore. He had less free time as he had to help take kids to sports, do homework, housework and make dinner. He also had to endure all the stress that comes from the ups & downs of nursing school. When I finally graduated my RN license, it was a group effort by myself and my family. Sit down with your hubby and let him know what to expect, dinner may be quick and microwaveable, you will need more of his help. Your kids will adapt, mine did. They actually enjoyed daycare. And on clinical days twice a week I was home by 2 pm, and I had no school on fridays. 75% of my class had small children and all passed. A few had unsupportive hubby's who wined and moaned the whole time about their wives being busy. I say go for your dream, communicate with your spouse let him know it will be tough, but in the end everyone will benefit from mom working, and mom will be happier following her dream. Remeber you can do it and kids are resillant. My kids are so proud of me and tell everyone they know that their mom graduated from nursing school at 40 yrs. old, my son tells people that I was a nurse before I went over the hill! LOL from the mouth of kids!!!

Hello pre nursing mom, I started the nursing program while I was pregnant, with a four and five year old. There were several other pregnant moms also in my nursing program. Our class started with about sixty students, only twenty seven of us sixty that started the class finished. Amazingly me and the other four pregnant moms was among the twenty seven that went straight through the program. I think our situations made us more determine to do it one time and one time only (each semester ) and besides kids need to learn to socialize, to be with other kids. When my kids started pre-k and kindergarten they were honor role students because they had a head start in day care. Find a day care that has a teaching enviroment. This was seven years ago, I'm so glad I did it at that time there's so much activities once your kids start school to include being there to help with home work. A three day a week schedule allows you to be flexible for family times. Gook luck with your decision.:nurse::up:

I think it is really important to find good daycare. As a daycare provider myself, I know how hard it is for kids to be away from their parents all day long 5-6 days a week. Last summer I worked for a mom who worked 11 hour shifts. I use to take the kids to the hospital to have lunch with her. They got upset and did miss their mom alot at some points but it got easier. We met the mom for lunch, did some school (they were 5 and 7) and tried to memorize a Bible verse every week to keep us busy. Plus we live near the beach, so that helped. :)