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  1. DMHG1812

    What area can new CNA make most money?

    Actually, I chose this temporarily for two years while in the RN program I will be starting this Fall. Had to quit my full time job of 13 years with same company in accounting paying ending pay $17.00/hr. Ouch! Yes, it hurts. But, getting accepted in the program was like winning lottery!
  2. I live in South Texas. Most hospitals require at least 1 year experience to work as CNA/PCT. I heard Nursing homes have high turnover rates due to low pay and intense labor. Any advice?
  3. DMHG1812

    Pay Rates 2010

    Dis-regard. Did not notice that this is the CNA discussion posting. Thanks:coollook:
  4. DMHG1812

    Pay Rates 2010

    Are you referring to a CNA/Nursing Asst? Those rates could not apply to RN pay. Please confirm. Confused?
  5. DMHG1812

    pre-nursing mom of 3 needs advice

    I am not sure what region or city you live in. But let me brief you on what's going on here in Texas. I have heard several stories of people relocating out of their hometown and even out of state, due to not being able to get into a nursing program. Waiting lists are at least 1 year. I am also pending acceptance into a program this Fall, but won't find out until this June. No, my daughter is not of preschool age, however, if she were, that would not change. Getting into a program seems to be like winning the lottery now days. Look at it this way, you are improving your job skills, to make a better living for you kids. It's a sacrifice any way you look at it. The earlier the better. I wish I had done the same when my daughter was of school age. I would not have to apply for grant and loan money to put her through college! Good luck to ya. Hope you find it easier to make your decision.
  6. DMHG1812

    Just gave up a decent income to be a CNA

    The only issue is that some employers are not willing to be flexible such as mine. Work hours Mon-thru Friday, 9am to 6pm. We are a promotions company, the area I work in gets very busy at certain parts of the day, my position would need to be replaced with someone full time. This is probably the same issue people who have to quit their jobs have.
  7. DMHG1812

    New admission guidlines for hcc adn

    Just wondering if anyone was aware that Houston Community College added more criteria for acceptance into their ADN? Added English 1302, Sociology and need to test out of or take Math 0312. In addition, You must take their Hesi and Pharm math test before consideration into the program. Seems to me as if, they are making it really hard to pursue a nursing career. You would think with the shortage of nurses, it would not be this difficult. I am finishing Micro this semester, and would have all pre classes finished. Now, this is changing my plans to enroll into their program. I have to get accepted somewhere by 2011, so I won't have to take my Pharm class over! I am trying to be patient and apply to other ADN programs .
  8. DMHG1812

    Am I Nurse Material?

    Why don't you change your screen name from RN Hopefull, to RN WILLBE! Start the optimism now!
  9. DMHG1812

    Am I Nurse Material?

    RN Hopefull, I know how you feel, afraid of failure. Please don't let this hinder you as I vowed to myself, after having no college credits up until age 31, due to getting married at an early age, that I would keep going forward no matter what. I was afraid of all the test needed to enter college, since I had been out of school a while, and comparison of grades since I did not try my best in high school. Ever since this promise to myself, I maintained all A's in my courses. And I gained nothing but optimism through it, so failure is no longer in my mind. I am claiming that I will be in an ADN program this Spring! You need to get the negative thoughts out of your head. I know it's easier said than done, but if it means changing your surroundings, then so be it. This is your career and it will benefit your family.
  10. DMHG1812

    Am I Nurse Material?

    I agree, Nursing is a very wide range career. Just to name a few, Hospitals, home health, nursing home, then to follow, all of these can be broken down into sub areas, such as peds, neonatal, geriatrics, etc. etc. Doctors office. Depends on what you want. I know some, that like to move around in different areas, just to get the hands on experience.. My brother is a RN, wanted experience in ER, after working with psychiatric ward, and they would not move him , so he found another hospital that would allow him to work in ER- two months later, that hospital he left, called back and offered more money, and let him work in any area of his choice! LOL. Gotta love it..
  11. DMHG1812

    Am I Nurse Material?

    Just to let you know, I have had similar experience, not from my mom but my mother in law, who is a nurse. My mother is a NICU RN. I have a brother who is a RN and a firefighter. My mother in law also said it is hard work and you have to remain on your feet alot. Think at times, they say these things, because they really feel in their heart it may not be in your best interest, but it's up to you. Hun.. I am 34, have no prior medical experience, been working in accounting for 12 years with same company, and started pre-reqs in 2006-( I must say, I had a bit of procrastination due to fear of failure!), I will be finishing up this July -summer 2, with micro, 4.0 GPA all the way, going forward and on my way to admissions for someone's Spring 2010 ADN program! :yeah:I say, go with your heart! I know nursing is my destiny! I love hospitals, and the idea of helping others! As other bloggers here stated, you have already shown motivation, that's all you need to keep going. Let us know how things progress with you! Good luck! Many blessings towards your chosen career.
  12. DMHG1812

    LoneStar CyFair College Fall 2009

    Thanks for the info. rjsalimi! I will keep you posted on my admission status! This is full time correct? As I don't believe ADN programs are taught on a part time basis..
  13. DMHG1812

    LoneStar CyFair College Fall 2009

    Hi There, I am also planning on attending Kingwoods Evening ADN program for Spring 2010. Can you brief me on the hours of classes of and clinicals? I work Mon-Fri. 9AM to 6PM, and wondering If I will need to make some adjustments. Look forward to hearing from you! thanks.
  14. DMHG1812

    New "09" Fall Lone Star North Harris Students

    Just wondering if anyone has taken the HESI at LSC? Only Reading and English according to the website. Is it pretty basic? Just wondering. I plan to apply next month for Spring 2010 ADN program. God willing and the creek don't rise!! Ya know, this is hurricane season..
  15. I have heard of several people stating that you can get a part time job, at a hospital-gain hands on training, while currently enrolled in a nursing program. Does anyone have any experience on this? Do you just provide proof of being enrolled in a nursing program? Does it have to be near your graduation date? No certification is needed? Anyone's advise would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.