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  1. BrookeeLou_RN

    Ohio University RN-to-BSN Program

  2. BrookeeLou_RN

    What did you want to be when you grew up?

    I just remembered at age 5, I wanted to be President.. MY grandfather told my mother if ever there was a "woman" President I might be the one as I was a "tour director/planner/bossy" type kid at 5. Always making sure things were done and where they belonged. I always wanted to own a gift store and once I did for about 1 1/2 yrs called "The Pot of Gold". Loved every min but was in a tiny town and many many moons ahead of my time.Besides commercial gifts, I taught myself how to do balloons and got a machine where you put the gift in the balloon, and I had local crafters put consignment items in my store, WE had a farm room with animals made and dressed up, we had painting and painting on large mushrooms or saw blades. All the stuff was so neat, I wanted to take it all home! This was back in 1993 and my 28 year old son met a guy on his job recnetly who lives in that tiny town and remembered our store! When I went to college after divorce under a county program, I did real well in science and that teacher talked me into nursing. When I told my mom I was going be a nurse, her initial reaction was "Whatever for?" But she changed her mind real fast and was supportive.
  3. BrookeeLou_RN

    Ohio University RN-to-BSN Program

    Sometimes higher price schools offer better financial aid packages so it may make sense to look into the higher price ones. Do you know where you want to take NP classes? Try to decide and find out their requirements for entry. If any accept a 3.0GPA, WEstern Governors may be the route to go, they are reasonable, accrediated and offer BSN quickly..but this would not work if you need higher than 3.0 as to the way they work. What about Univ of Wyoming? Thomas Edison? these are both reasonable from what I have resaearched. I am not getting into debate over online schools who have brick and mortar premises also but I think that is the area I would make the lesser of mu concerns. Each year online become more accepted and by the time you are down, I personally think it will be a non-issue. Aspen could get you the mSN and then you could just look for the NP program specific to your needs. It does not offer BSN but in the long run it may make sense especially is you need to bet DPN. I have followed you on this thread and I feel you have the patience of a saint with dealing with this. Many others would have punted. I admire your dedication. Just hope you can get accepted and get on with your classes. Best of luck to you and to the others in the same boat waiting on a college. Maybe it is great once you get in but I would never tolerate being treated that way as a paying student!
  4. BrookeeLou_RN

    US nurses... what makes you do it??!! (rhetorical question alert!!!)

    Funny thing is when younger, I would have moved most anywhere for a good job, now I have settled and no work.
  5. BrookeeLou_RN

    Do you think younger generations have a sense of entitlement?

    This is probably quite true, but I think OP was saying when you had paid your dues you did have right to some feeling of entitlement. I think this recession has changed America in general and I do not think things will ever go back to the way it was. Things will get better with time but it will still be different in my opinion.
  6. BrookeeLou_RN

    US nurses... what makes you do it??!! (rhetorical question alert!!!)

    I really can not believe it is age alone as I have only been out like 9 mos, so age was never an issue before. I hear ya on the no money, no gas. It is also self defeating for my self esteem as well.
  7. BrookeeLou_RN

    Nursing Student Lifetime Lifting Restriction?

    I did tons of research, I truly believe I was sorta scammed into their stories. Like I do believe some can actually make money, but the one in a million is really one in a million and they have some sort of in ..like legal background with family etc. The concept is wonderful and if attorneys cooperated it would be a great job.. but I got interviews and each one ended up picking my brain over some make believe case til I said Okay, you can hire me if you want more. I am sure someone will come on here and flame me as there is always the exception to the rule but this is truly what I found. I was on the east coast. Would have been better doing paralegal , less money and with some experience would have made nurses salary, but not $150/hr..of course that claim does not say how many hrs you will have work!!!! And also I ended up having to take it off my resume as two places questioned if I could be a liability..little knowledge..dangerous thing scenerio.
  8. BrookeeLou_RN

    US nurses... what makes you do it??!! (rhetorical question alert!!!)

    I did this a long time ago but found no drama with school, or finding a job or with passing NCLEX ( and I did the 2 day test, would not wish that on any one). The drama I find is now with 23 yrs experience and having to have taken some time off for family illness, I can not buy an interview let alone a job. I never noticed the other recessions but this one Big Time! Maybe it is my age, yet I am always encouraged to go get higher degree.. but then I will be even older and in debt and what if then no job either??????
  9. BrookeeLou_RN

    Nursing Student Lifetime Lifting Restriction?

    I did that legal schooling and set up business and worked my heart out for long enough to realize I obviously do not live anywhere near where those people are needed or wanted. It was alot of $$, but I did learn from it. Yes, I talked to supposed real nurses who made a real living doing that. So maybe somewhere someone can but not me and I was top in the class. But I agree there are many areas of nursing where you do not have to lift but many of those required preve=ious experience. Best of luck to you. You may find you need more education as it does seem to be relative to how much lifting is needed. :)
  10. BrookeeLou_RN

    Do you think younger generations have a sense of entitlement?

    i see this in dealing with business. receptionist at dentist flew off at me because an earlier customer upset her??!! i told her it was not my problem and she responded it certainly was not hers!! and the young mgr was standing right there. and they are new in town..when i finish the work i paid for i will never go back and i will not recommend them to anyone, and frankly they do not care. my own children blame everything on someone else and i know they were not raised that way. i find it discouraging. only time i will assist is if grandkids need food. i used to try to help but received no thanks at all acted like it was my job.
  11. BrookeeLou_RN


    Welcome, you will learn much more than ever imagined by reading posts on this site, explore alittle and enjoy.
  12. BrookeeLou_RN

    My PhD Journey - Part 1

    Wow! You are an inspiration to all nurses everywhere. Thank you and keep going, you are awesome.
  13. BrookeeLou_RN

    The short notice interview?

    Change even when good is scary. It is hard to leave comfortable even if you are totally over it. Relax, you will get oriented and do well with new position. If you miss bedside alot there is always agency on the side. Try to remember when you were new at current job and how scared you were. Letting go of bedside nursing can be a stressor as in school that area is concentrated on the most. Take some deep breaths and make plans for your new position. Write down all the positives. You can do it.
  14. BrookeeLou_RN

    Are experienced nurses having an easy time finding work?

    I have 23 yrs exp, and can barely get an interview. Never saw things this tight. Even the job searches I use now have 1-3 jobs /day and used to have 30 per day.
  15. BrookeeLou_RN

    2nd degree BSN vs. Nursing Master's

    I would say go for the Master's. Yeah maybe for the first 6 mos you might be overqualified but I doubt. Too much education is a good thing! And the masters will open other doors for you. If you can do I say go for it!