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Home health was tops, 2nd was L&D
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BrookeeLou_RN specializes in Home health was tops, 2nd was L&D.

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  1. BrookeeLou_RN

    Working with interstitial cystitis. is it possible?

    I worked with IC back in the 90's, the pain got so bad I had to go on morphine and stop work. I finally decided to have my bladder removed replaced with urostomy. and after adjusting to it I was able to fo back to work. I would speak with your manager and see that she knows why you have to use rest room so frequently. Good luck.
  2. BrookeeLou_RN

    St.Mary's or Good Sam in West Palm Beach???

    Used to live there and have family there now. Salaries are poor in FL. The best hospital near that area is in Boynton Beach. Might want to check that out. In my experience both St Mary's and Good Sam are related somehow business wise so I bet salaries are close to the same. Boca is a odd town, very clique type place, Not a good palce to work or live unless you have the $$ and can do it well. Going north Jupiter had a small but pleasant hospital. St mary's used to do all the medicaid and indigent but i think now it is split. I 'd say the best part of FL is the winter weather. Does not even have great beaches till you go north or south. Best of luck.
  3. BrookeeLou_RN

    New grad - Anxiety and Depression

    I agree totally. Concentrate on learning your job..obviously you passed boards.. so that is a Biggie! I fell that people who are not supportive and who put you down are really jealous of your guts to go out there and go for the Gold!! And yes, get a more experienced opinion on your level of anxiety and depression.. there are meds out there that work and could make your life better. But being stressed thru-out nursing school and starting first job are so normal!! Once you accept it in your mind that you are a nurse and a capable one , you may find alot of these issues melt away. Best of luck to you, and keep us posted.:heartbeat
  4. BrookeeLou_RN

    Ohio University RN-to-BSN Program

    I went to a another online program, actually 2 classes at 2 different place..my financial aide was never used until the semester was over. So I think you may find that it will all catch up eventually. Any place I ever spoke to says the colleges front the money because Financial aide can not be paid out till a certain point. I am speaking in general have no specific knowledge of OU..just thinking they must have similar issues. :)
  5. BrookeeLou_RN

    Should I settle for a job I'm not happy with?

    Employers do this to get applications/ resumes that they can use to fill a job quickly if the need arises....they also like to see what's out there. This is what a HR person told me. Also we have a local hospital that posts regularly at least 20 different jobs and yet they have a Hiring Freeze! But if they find a great candiadte they will interview with the statement of there being hiring freeze bu they expect this position to ope soon. If you are a great fit, magically the Big Kahuna in control agrees to open position. Also employers are not filling positions where a nurse leaves, they just delegate more work to employees who remain.
  6. BrookeeLou_RN

    Should I settle for a job I'm not happy with?

    I, truly believe that the difficulty many experienced nurses are having with finding/changing jobs is related to this: In this economy where employers get many applications for most positions and many posted positions do not actually exist..the experienced nurse is being less sought after. I had one place that interviewed me, and I knew the manager and my references knew her also and I still did not get the job I was highly qualified for, explained to me off the record. she could not hire me with over 20 yrs exp when a RN with 2-3 yrs experience would be okay and alot less pay!!! And location does matter.. the more new grads coming into a flooded market in one city will mean harder to get a job, then if you live way out and no flood of new grads, better shot. The OP's original question is should she settle..IMHO she should not if she can afford to take that lifestyle.
  7. BrookeeLou_RN

    Should I settle for a job I'm not happy with?

    I am one who could not work somewhere and be miserable. But I did not have to be jumping with joy either, though it was preferred. I had a position once that paid so well, I mean like double what avg RN pay was at the time but I hated it. It was so boring and mundane, I finally just had to go to manager and ask to transfer. I could not even wait for the 6 mos in position rule. They let me transfer as they said if I was that unhappy they would not make me stay. I took a psotion for less pay but it was challenging and much better for me. Now if you need to eat or keep roof over your head.. you should pick one place and work and keep looking forward to better times. But if you do not need the above, wait and see what happens. I truly believe everything happens for a reason and things have a way of working themselves out. I hope all your dreams come true and wish you the best of luck!
  8. BrookeeLou_RN

    depression and anxiety

    Please go see your Doctor ASAP. they are your best bet for dealing with your health.
  9. BrookeeLou_RN

    mood stabilizers and school

    I am not in college at this time but started RN-MSN online program last year then went on lamictal. No way I can focus, finish tasks or complete detailed papers. Part of me really wants to go back but reality is it will not happen for me. But every one reacts differently to different meds. Good luck in your journey
  10. BrookeeLou_RN

    obs&gynae/womens health courses?

    Most colleges are not specific that way, it is more on the job training. If you were going for Nurse practitioner, you can do Women's health. You would learn pre and post natal but would not have to work in it. Emory's program is good for that, but there are many others I am sure. Good luck with your journey.
  11. BrookeeLou_RN

    Hello everyone :)

    Welcome back, Jennifer. You are never too old to go to college. Just remember to break things down to small units and not let the big picture overwhelm you! Good luck in your journey :)
  12. BrookeeLou_RN

    Ohio University RN-to-BSN Program

    OU seems to be reasonable tuition but with all the requirements and the postponement of start dates, it is becoming more costly. Plus the stress of waiting for the starting info.
  13. BrookeeLou_RN

    Ohio University RN-to-BSN Program

    They also said the students who applied to start in June would! I would want more than just their advertisement of word. They might mean they were accredited but are they still and did they pass? Just a thought.:)
  14. BrookeeLou_RN

    Ohio University RN-to-BSN Program

    I think what Chuck means is that without his DAR he does not know truly what will be accepted and if they do not accept what he feels is appropriate he may not want to attend their University. Yes, that class may transfer but many university will not accept actual Nursing classes for transfer or they will be very picky about that you have taken. Most universities have your transfer evaluations done long before classes start even places that start more frequently. It does not take rocket science to evaluate and regardless of their computer issues this should be complete before any one ever takes a class. I agree with Chuck would never start classes without one. I have gotten them from universities even before I applied to start!!
  15. BrookeeLou_RN

    What money can get you.

    I, seriously do not believe Jane Doe will actually work as a nurse. It has to be beneath her. I agree with finding the Dr aspect but that means actually working as a nurse. She will never make it even if she were to pass boards. Unless Daddy can pay for her to pass boards. I think her parents wanted her off her butt and learning something...or at least attending classes for something. She will always believe there is a different set of rules for her kind, gotta remember she was raised this way! I think you would be best off not to continue listening to her ex-friend. The less people talk about it the better.:)
  16. BrookeeLou_RN

    Terminated illegally I believe

    Every thing happens for a reason!

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