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  1. nolamommy

    Lady of the Lake Accelerated ASN

    Would anyone mind posting the ISBN number for the pharma book? I read that its the Adams 9th edition, but I just want to verify before ordering. Thanks!
  2. nolamommy

    OLOL Accelerated Nursing Pharm Notes

    Thanks Bundi! I actually emailed you today! Hope to hear from you soon..
  3. nolamommy

    I survived A&P I&II!!

    I just finished A&P 1 in a 3 week intersession. Intense but worth it! I got an A and will be moving on to 2 in the fall. Was well worth all of the hard work! =) If I can do it in intersession, anyone can!
  4. nolamommy

    OLOL Accelerated BR campus

    There is also a Bible as Lit class that transfers from UNO or DCC. However, from what I see it isn't offered online right now. But it does transfer to OLOL. I am applying to the accelerated program at the Tulane cohort for Jan 2011.. anyone have any advise for the essay portion? I didn't see a word requirement on the application.
  5. nolamommy

    I survived A&P I&II!!

    Yeah I'm scared now too!
  6. nolamommy

    I survived A&P I&II!!

    Congrats! I am getting ready to start A&P 1 on Monday and I am really nervous. It has been a while since I have been in school. I will move on to 2 in the fall.
  7. nolamommy

    Beware OLOL Accelerated ASN

    I am applying to the Jan 2011 program, so this really helps. I have a BA and have no prior knowledge of Pharm so I am going to do my homework before hand (if I get accepted). Any other input is welcome! I am willing to put the work in, but I have never been strong in math. I am not able to PM yet (working on it) but would love to message with someone who has finished the program. Thanks for your kindness..
  8. nolamommy

    Do I need Bio before A&P??

    I agree with the above posts as well. I graduated from college in 2002 so it has been a long time since I was in biology as well. I am about to start A&P in a couple of weeks at a local community college and I am not going to take bio again.
  9. nolamommy

    Have a B.S. -- 2-year R.N. -V.S.- Accelerated B.S.?

    I am attempting to go with the acclerated program route. I have a BA in Communication Disorders and will be finished my prereqs in the fall. If anything, I will do a RN to BSN program in the future. I am hoping it all works out, but this seems to be a great option.
  10. nolamommy

    A & P 1 -- Fall 2010

    This will be 3 hours a day for 3 weeks. Guess there is only one way to find out! Wish me luck!! Then I will be taking A&P 2 during the regular fall session.
  11. nolamommy

    OLOL Admissions

    I am curious as well!! I am getting ready to apply for Jan 2011..
  12. nolamommy

    A & P 1 -- Fall 2010

    I am actually getting ready to start A&P 1 in a couple of weeks..a 3 week mini session! Yikes! Anyone ever took it in a minisession?? Any advice is appreciated...
  13. nolamommy

    pre-nursing mom of 3 needs advice

    I am in a similiar situation and have finally decided to start my prereqs this summer for an accelerated program starting in Jan. I have 2 children and the youngest will be 6 months next week. So I am struggling with this decision also! I have decided to do a 10 month accelerated program b/c I want to get in and out as quickly as possible... I hope to have no regrets on missing out on the next year but I am trying to plan for the future. Going to be hard but worth it. Good luck!
  14. nolamommy

    Lady of the Lake Accelerated ASN

    Hello everyone! I hope some of you still keep up with this thread... I am considering applying for the OLOL Accelerated program for Jan 2011 (Tulane cohort in New Olreans), so I am trying to read up on it as much as possible. Like one of the other ladies, I have 2 children..however, my children are still quite young (my youngest will be 6 months next week). My husband is totally supportive and willing to pick up the slack at home while I do the program. I am currently enrolled in school to take the few prereqs that I need over the summer and fall. Any input would be apprecited?? I was told that I don't need to take the TEAS until I am accepted, is this correct?? Also I was told that you don't need the prereqs finished to apply, however you do need them to start...At most, I will only have 2 or 3 classes finished by the time I need to apply in Aug so I am concerned that will affect the decision to let me in. I would love to talk to someone about the program if someone wouldn't mind..I haven't been on here long enough to send personal messages though...
  15. nolamommy

    OLOL Accelerated programs

    Hello everyone! I have been reading as much as I can about the OLOL Accelerated Program b/c I am considering applying for the Jan 2011 class. I have a few pre-reqs to complete over the summer and fall... I am terrified b/c I have 2 young children and haven't been to school in years. Any advice? My husband is in total support of me and willing to pick up the slack at home. I have already met with the coordinator at the Tulane cohort, and she made it sound like getting into the program is no big deal? Is it really competitive? Also, is it true you don't take the TEAS until after you are accepted? Any input would be appreciated!!