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Hi all, 

I currently have my BSN and have been working in psych since I graduated with my ADN. I am in search of a good PMHNP program online. I live in Massachusetts but would like to continue to work as much as possible throughout the program so online would be best. All of the programs I have looked into are so expensive! The cheapest I have found is Walden but I have read more negative reviews then positive reviews about them. I am looking for recommendations on a PMHNP program that is affordable. Thank you all in advance! 

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To your point, Walden does have some mixed reviews.

There's a lot of good threads on this topic, I'll share just a few to try to be helpful:



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Go to an in-person school, reduce your hours and immerse yourself in your future career. It's absolutely ridiculous that NP programs push out providers from all online schools who continue to work full-time. Really speaks to the rigor of the education...

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There are cheaper schools than Walden. Spend more time searching. I live in the central southern US and it was known to be one of the more expensive less reputable schools. Check out husson university. It was around 30-36k 3 years ago. Wilkes is cheaper than walden. 

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The University of South Alabama. It is $594/unit for 69 units. That's approximately $40,986. It's completely online. However, you may need to visit the campus once the entire time you're there. It's about 3 years. I believe you get your DNP. This is based on the last time I spoke to them about a year ago (about Aug 2022). Things may have changed. 


Another one is Maryville Univeristy in Missouri. Completely online. No GRE. There is an admission essay. 3 years for the DNP. It's about $72,000.


Both have the PMHNP.

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