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deza has 6 years experience as a MSN, NP and specializes in psych.

6 months of RN geropsych inpatient.  4 years of RN adult inpatient. Currently working as a PMHNP in community mental health.

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  1. deza

    Texas State PMHNP Fall 2020 Looks like it may be around 31,000. I think it was less when I attended. You might want to ema...
  2. My last job I think we were supposed to get another nurse to verify the patient when they didn't have an armband. Most of us would grab our pt's labels at the beginning of the shift and scan it after verifying name and DOB without another nurse.
  3. I agree with sindoriel. I wouldn't trust that the ones interviewing you would be understanding of your past. As a nurse I doubt you'll be doing cbt or dbt, so they may not care that you know about those types of therapy. I would be more impressed if...
  4. deza

    Are bras contraband?

    You revived a 6 year old thread LOL.
  5. In TX some places do. My last job the bedroom cameras did not record. My current job the cameras do record in the bedroom. They are a tool used to review personal restraints, chair restraints, unwitnessed patient claimed falls, observing a patient th...
  6. deza

    Average nurse/patient ratio?

    14 patients is pretty average for freestanding/private psych facilities where I live. If you can find an inpatient hospital position they will probably have a more reasonable ratio. My first job was a geropsych facility and we had up to 24 with an lv...
  7. deza

    Texas State PMHNP Fall 2020

    Some of the classes have few lectures and power points. Very little teaching from the instructors in some courses. This program does not help with clinical placement. They may if you live in the Austin area. The new clinical placement coordinator is ...
  8. deza

    Texas State PMHNP Fall 2020

    Also if you fail a class or change to part time it could delay your graduation 6months to a year having to wait for a course to be offered again.
  9. deza

    Texas State PMHNP Fall 2020

    The program is extremely disorganized. Most of the faculty are FNPs with a post masters in psych, so they are not very experienced. A few of the teachers that are not full time are experienced PMHNPs. Look into UT Tyler's program. I did their RN to B...
  10. deza

    RN to PMHNP

    I would do UT Tyler's RN to BSN instead of UTAs. UTA requires an extra literature course. And it takes longer than 9 months, their website is misleading.
  11. deza

    Northern Kentucky University

    There is an NKU PMHNP facebook group. That would be the best place to talk to current students.
  12. deza

    Psych or LTC less Stressful?

    I've only done psych. Finding a place where they medicate early and have good agitation protocols helps. And decent staffing of course. I hardly ever lift or turn patients in psych. The most stressful thing to me is getting my medication pass done i...
  13. deza

    Texas online PMHNP programs

    Sending you a PM
  14. deza

    Inpatient or Outpatient for future PMHNP?

    I think you made a smart choice AlcRoc. I would love to do outpatient psych full-time and pick up inpatient. It would be beneficial to pick up shift inpatient, so you can see everything(emergency situations, all the bizarre things pts do, EPS, policy...
  15. deza

    Walden online University

    Look into cheaper online schools. People tend to go here cause there co worker is a student at Walden and because the admission process is extremely easy.