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deza has 2 years experience as a BSN and specializes in psych.

6 months of RN geropsych inpatient experience.  2 years RN adult inpatient.

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  1. deza

    RN to PMHNP

    I would do UT Tyler's RN to BSN instead of UTAs. UTA requires an extra literature course. And it takes longer than 9 months, their website is misleading.
  2. deza

    Northern Kentucky University

    There is an NKU PMHNP facebook group. That would be the best place to talk to current students.
  3. deza

    Nurse patient ratio

    Lapreea, My first RN job was like that. We had 18-24 pts and the LVN did meds. Where I work for RNs it's 6-8:1 usually. And for the techs they usually have 8 pt's on their rounding board. This is for inpatient psych where most pt's can do ADLs independently.
  4. deza

    UTA Spring 2019 PMHNP

    Does anyone have any info on the program? I was told that they are making it longer the last time I spoke with an advisor. Also from a current student I heard that they had hired a pediatric NP to be director of the psych NP program. It is extremely hard to get info from the school. I had called them, sent an email and filled out the request for info form. Also some information online is old and incorrect.
  5. deza

    Imminent danger

    Often it depends on the situation and the specific patient especially if they have a history of violence on the unit. If they do enough to attempt to harm someone or themselves we give them EM meds. I have given emergency meds before because a pt was disrupting the milieu. We had already attempted verbal deescalation, zydis 20mg PO and taking the pt to a quiet room. The pt remained highly agitated and did not stop the behavior and was given IM medication while in personal restraint.
  6. Thanks SDStudent 1. I wish pathoma had android support. I'll try it once I start school this fall for patho.
  7. deza

    Scott & White Summer intern 2016

    I have considered it before. I just can't see myself doing the schooling for crna or being in the OR for long periods with the gown, mask and hairnet on. I'm surprised there is no term agreement. Thats Interesting about becoming a tech and the salary change for not passing nclex. Are you wanting to do crna later?
  8. deza

    Psych np

    You can get your fnp then do a post masters and get the certificate then take the psych exam.
  9. deza

    Scott & White Summer intern 2016

    Yeah I'll definitely let you know. I can be so fickle that I like having options. One week I'll be like I want to end up being a psych NP then next week it's fnp, so I'm thinking maybe a critical care position would be best and that way I can do anything pretty much after that experience.
  10. deza

    Scott & White Summer intern 2016

    Eh its ok. I should have gotten a recommendation from a unit manager, but I didn't think about it until spring break. I have a position waiting for me at one of my jobs and I also accepted an offer from THR, neither of them are critical care though.
  11. deza

    Versant THR

    Awesome to hear that. I only have one co worker that has gone through it and I never think to ask. I did accept a position at THR.
  12. deza

    Scott & White Summer intern 2016

    Got a rejection email from Baylor Scott and White today. I think it was for the DFW area critical care application.
  13. deza

    Scott & White Summer intern 2016

    Sneed I have heard the same about specialty units like having less experience. I guess that way we wouldn't have bad habits from different type of units.
  14. deza

    Scott & White Summer intern 2016

    The psych position is not affiliated with Baylor. The downside is there is no tuition reimbursement and the health insurance will cost more. I have not received an offer from Baylor yet just an email for a phone screen. It's just hard to decide between doing something medical or psych.
  15. deza

    Scott & White Summer intern 2016

    How long is the agreement with Baylor?
  16. deza

    Scott & White Summer intern 2016

    Awesome Sneed. Congrats. I got a call for temple med surge but idk if I want to move down there. Also I'm having a hard time because I have a psych position for around 30 or maybe a few more an hour. But I'm afraid of being stuck in psych.

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