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Please tell me what you would do if you were me...

Here's the situation:

I am 38 years old, I have two kids in elementary school and a husband who supports us while I go to school. Financially, we are stable, but there isn't any extra money in the budget for tuition.

At the advise of my academic advisor, I applied to two nursing schools ("Don't put all your eggs in one basket"). One is a BSN program and one is an ASN program. I have satisfied all the pre-reqs for both programs.

Today I found out that I have been accepted into both programs.:yeah: Now I must decide which one I will attend.:confused:

Both programs are essentially an equal distance from my house. Both programs are respected (as far as I know), and both programs will offer clinicals at respected hospitals where I might be able to make contacts for future employment.

Here are the pros/cons:

ADN program pros--way cheaper, like probably $10,000 or more, cheaper. 4 semesters until graduation.

cons--graduate with an associates degree. Probably unable to get financial aid through this school. Would most likely (though not definitely) have to rely on scholarships and self-funding, that would be a struggle. A bit more difficult to drive to, especially in the AM.

BSN program pros--graduate with a bachelors (it is a distinct possibility that I will pursue a masters, but it will be at least 5 years down the road). Financial aid is available, could still pursue scholarships, but wouldn't be a dire necessity. Easier drive.

cons--Way more expensive, more loans to repay after graduation. 4.5 semester until graduation.

Are there any other things I should be considering but am overlooking?

What would you do, if you were me?

Thanks for the input!!:)

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If you are currently in a "financially stable" position, but unable to shell out more money for tuition, I'd go with the associate's program. Why burden yourself with the extra costs involved with the bachelor's program?? Also, after graduation, you could hopefully gain employment at a facility that will pay for your RN bridge program.

What would the total cost be for each program? What would happen if you were to finish either program and not work as a nurse soon after...?

And do you know for certain that you will be receiving scholarships?

I feel like from reading what you wrote..you are def. leaning towards the BSN. I think that's the best option..it's not much longer, semester-wise.

I am leaning towards the BSN program, mostly because I think it will take me farther in the long run. Is it true that BSN RNs get hired faster? Promoted faster? Paid (slightly) more?

I have no guarantee of scholarships. If I choose the Associate Degree program I will have to appeal to get financial aid because I have too many credit hours to qualify at a community college any more. They stop paying at 90 credit hours and I have about 105 right now.

The total cost, roughly, looks to be ADN $9,000 and BSN $21,500.

Shortly after graduation, I will have a student loan burden that will demand payment. I already have loans, so even if I elect not to go to either, I will still shortly need to find a job.


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BSN, more hospitals that are in the economy down-turn want more educated people, I guess.

Plus paying back loans is not evil like everyone thinks it is, if you want a degree, your going to have to pay the price for it (eventually lol)

First of all, CONGRATS to you!!! What a great opportunity - to be able to choose from two programs rather than only getting into one, or none! In any event, I would choose the BSN route, and find as many ways to cut-back/save as possible. The BSN will allow you to go further in the field, especially if you plan to go into administration or something other than straight bedside nursing. Good luck, and please let us know what option you end up choosing!

I would vote BSN. Not only are they more in demand, there are many more types of jobs available to you. upward mobility may not seem so important to you now but it could be in the future.

Remember there are many avenues for financial aid. If you were to work IHS, for example after grad., you could have all the debt gone in return for a 5 year agreement.

Honestly, $21k is fairly cheap for a BSN. I'd go for the BSN.

I would go for the BSN. It will definitely serve you better in the long run. In my city, the RN's with BSN's are the ones getting the jobs. It will also give you more options later on if you decide to go into management or administration. You might take on more debt now to do it, but I look at it as an investment in your future. If you're able to live on just one salary now, then once you graduate and start working you can pay those loans off faster then the payment terms if you want. I think you'll regret it if you don't just bite the bullet and get the BSN. Congrats on getting accepted to both programs - thats awesome!

Without a doubt....go for the BSN!

Well, today is the deadline to accept my position in the associate degree nursing program. And I have not accepted it (they didn't give me an option to decline, just said to return it if I intended to come).

So, BSN is the route I'm taking.

There are a couple of factors in my decision, in case anyone cares. I really had to search myself to decide. I was worried that I was only leaning towards the BSN because of my own ego in having a more advanced degree. I didn't want my own vanity to be my deciding factor.

First, the BSN is an advanced degree and only one semester longer. This will mean I'm more readily hireable, and have a fast track to promotion and specialization.

Second, I can get loans for the BSN and couldn't with the ADN. That's a huge factor for me, because it would be a panic/struggle every semester if I didn't know I could rely on loans.

Third, the ADN college has just started their program. I would be their second class, ever. The teachers they brought in are supposed to be great, but with the program so new, I didn't want to be in a class of experimental teaching and changes mid-stream in policies and procedures.

Fourth, everyone here seems to think it's the right thing to do. :)

So there you have it. I'll start the BSN program in the fall, and I can't wait!!

Congratulations, I bet you'd be so happy with your decision once it is all said and done!!

Congrats on your decision! I will *hopefully* be in the same position next year. I am finishing my pre-reqs and plan to apply to both types of programs in Jan. My programs are slightly different. I have a previous BA so my BSN program would be an accelerated break-neck 3 semesters (including a a summer). The ADN is 4 semesters. It's such a hard decision and I lean back and forth regularly. My main concern is the stress on my family of the accelerated program. I have 4 boys and my youngest will be 5 when I start. I'd love to hear how things go for you as you start you program. Congrats again!!

Congrats to you!! I think you made the right choice as well!


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