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  1. someday1012

    confused about interview yesterday

    I'm curious to know...did you get it?
  2. ]Hi! ]I am a nursing
  3. someday1012

    Eating their young?

    i've always been apprehensive about the "eating their young" thing. it's somewhat scary because I am only a student doing pre-req's and a lot of times that i've been a patient or my son has been a patient-i've always asked the nurse questions about their job and explained that i'm going to school for nursing. they've almost always responded that they love it. ]then I come on here and read all these stories. Sooo either the nurses that I talk to lied or I’m living on a completely different planet than the people on AN.
  4. someday1012

    You don't work in anER. Get over it.

    I'm somewhat divided here. I agree to what you are saying and I feel that exact way about a lot of different things. I think of that saying "stop ********, start a revolution". However, I also agree with PP. Being a single mom, I have found myself having to do A LOT of things that I would have never expected and things that I am absolutely embarassed about but have to do anyway. I would hope that you understand that there are exceptions to the people that annoy you. I always try to understand what the other person might be dealing with when it comes to treating people a certain way.
  5. someday1012

    Wrong choice maybe?

    Totally agree with this..and I also wanted to add that you should be the change that you want to see in the world/"in that facility". Perhaps if you continue on with persistance in the outstanding care that you are giving the patients, other people will catch onto that and want to give that care as well. I think this would be especially true for new employees coming in. I feel like the optimism and caring attitude could, 1 by 1, turn everyone around.
  6. You sound like you are in the same exact situation as I am!! I was taking pre-reqs as well, but things werent working out because I had too much going on. I want to be able to focus on school. I have a 3 year old too. And my family is not supportive of this decision. But I have to take this leap into the LPN program because I feel that it's the best option right now.
  7. someday1012

    How long does it take to get over being squeamish??

    Hi OP...how have things progressed for you? I'm getting ready to start nursing school and feel the same way.l
  8. someday1012

    Do the squeamish survive?

    Well it's been a long time since this was first posted..I'm curious how things have changed for OP. I'm now in the same boat.
  9. someday1012

    Hello? Is there anyone in my situation?

    latoya...your post is actually really inspirational. i love to see that drive that you have. keep that going!
  10. someday1012

    Please tell me what you would do if you were me...

    I feel like from reading what you wrote..you are def. leaning towards the BSN. I think that's the best option..it's not much longer, semester-wise.
  11. To OP..i'm so curious to know how your program is going?! I'm starting in PA in January 2012..Which one are you at?
  12. someday1012

    Years of CNA experience helpful?

    Are you going into one that's in high demand?
  13. someday1012

    Single Mom and Night Nurse??

    While I do somewhat agree with some of the stuff stated in other posts..I also see where you are coming from. I live in Maryland and will be starting an LPN program in PA in July. What part of PA are you looking at? I've heard stories where people do trade off babysitting. I know that there are some in-home setting daycares that do have non-traditional care. Maybe you could try contacting pennsylvania child care something or another that could direct you to some certified in home care's. You could call around and see if those people would do over nights.
  14. someday1012

    Got my acceptance letter!

    Congrats!! I am hopeful that there will be an acceptance package in my mail when I get home from work! :)
  15. someday1012

    new lpn student tired of school already, needs motivation

    I dont know about you but I feel like i've been jumping through hoops to get through the beginning steps of applying, testing, and all that with work and a child. Just remember how excited you were when you found out you were accepted and hold onto that.
  16. Hi I've applied to the hanover practical nursing program in hanover, pa. i've looked on here for some info./reviews on it, but everything was older. Has anyone been a student here or know anyone who has?