Please pray for us


I posted this request for prayers in another thread (big thanks to all who replied:icon_hug:), and I'm hoping that a few more of you wouldn't mind saying a quick prayer for my classmates and I. We take our exit HESI (a dreadful test) tomorrow and a lot of us are freaking out. If we don't pass, we don't graduate in 15 days. PLEASE, everyone say a quick prayer for us. We need all the prayers we can get. Thank you in advance.

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my prayers are with you.. you will do fine... keep me posted ..

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I'll definitely pray for you and your classmates. :saint:


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Good luck!!

You guys can do it!!!


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Wish you all the will make it:)


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Good luck with everything. I know how nerve racking it could be.

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Prayers all around- our exit test is a week from Monday. There is a lot of tension going on over here :)

i will pray for yuo guys, i know you must be nervous... wish you all the luck in the world...we need more caring,praying nurses....


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Best wishes from Italy, too.

You guys will make it ;)


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Prayers to everyone and best wishes on your exam.

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Prayers said here as well. ;)


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Sure, I will pray for u all guys...Best of Luck...don't put too much pressure on brain...u will be fine...

take care!!!

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