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labcat01 is a BSN, RN and specializes in ICU, CVICU.

Hello! I have a BS a BSN and an MPH. I am a life long student and I love to learn. NERDY!!!

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  1. labcat01

    Edwards Critical Care iPhone app

    Very cool- thanks for sharing!
  2. labcat01

    Anyone heard anything about no more masters degrees?

    Personally, I am worried. There are 3 big nursing schools where I live and one has already gotten rid of it's MSN-ACNP program. Another school is phasing out it's MSN program so that after next year it is admitting only to the DNP program. So, whether the DNP becomes required or not, many of us won't have a choice.
  3. labcat01

    ccrn exam prep

    This is correct- according to the website: AACN Certification Corporation I agree that hospitals do tend to favor the CCRN exam and fear that you may be ineligible if you are audited. It will take you more time to study depending on your experience with swans, vents, drips, etc. I'm not sure how your current unit is- some step down units are pretty hard core and some are just Tele units. It all depends on how much experience you have with.
  4. labcat01

    I think Oprah gave my patient tachycardia

    Haha! That episode was on when I was working the other day and it was freaking my pt's family out! They were asking me about MRSA and necrotizing fasciitis. I told them to turn of the TV - that's like watching a movie about plane crashes on a transcontinental flight!
  5. labcat01

    Critical Care Pharm

    I'd like to know as well if anyone has a good resource!
  6. labcat01

    Shift Assignments - Who bugs you the most?

    I'm afraid I might fit into some of those descriptions. Sigh! I'll be sure to give my CN a big hug at work tomorrow and try my best not to complain about my assignment :)
  7. labcat01

    America's Best Hospitals: 2009-10

    Methodist IS a Magnet hospital and does have amazing nurses (I'm biased). It would have been nice for USN &WR to talk a little more about the nursing care at each of these facilities.
  8. labcat01

    Family Initiated Rapid Response Team

    We technically have it- although, we don't do education on it and I'm sure our patient's families don't know it exists I'm curious to know what others experiences are like.
  9. labcat01


    Fail blog is one of my favorite websites ever!
  10. Maybe it is just the "culture" of the cardiology practice?? That really stinks for the nurses. All the mid-levels that I work with are phenomenal- especially the cardiology PAs. They are easy to approach and talk to and the NPs are really good teachers and also really knowledgable. I can't imagine what I'd do without them. I'm sorry you are not as lucky :) (really, I'm not bragging- I've just been so appreciative of our mid-levels this week!)
  11. labcat01


    It also makes a difference WHEN you order. I've noticed that if you order during the middle of the school semester then things tend to come faster. If you order a bunch of stuff in August/September, you are going to have to wait for it!
  12. labcat01

    When did you get your first raise?

    When you first started as a nurse, when did you get your first raise (after orientation, 3 months, 6 months, a year)? For the newer nurses, how much of a raise did you get? Was it by a certain dollar amount per hour or was it a percentage of your pay? Your feedback is appreciated! Our annual reviews are coming up in May and I think I'm due for a raise. I just want to know what to realistically expect. Thanks!
  13. I don't remember anything like that on my exit HESI (though it has been awhile). Do you think they might have been pilot questions?
  14. labcat01

    How far would you commute for your first job?

    How badly do you need the money and what kind of condition is your car in? I have two young ones myself and I would not work more than 40 minutes away. At the end of a shift i'm exhausted and there is just no way I could do that! When I first started, there were days where I would still be at the hospital until 8pm. That's more like a 13-14 hour day- I can't imagine driving so far after that. Just my two cents. Good luck with the job hunt!
  15. labcat01

    Accelerated bsn program vs traditional-will my grades lower signif.

    Ditto! I graduated from my 18 month program with a 3.9- I had a two year old and I was pregnant for 8 out of the 10 months. I'm not bragging - that's just how it happened for me. The one thing I did not do was work in addition to school. I don't know if you can get away with that in this economy but it helps tremendously if you can avoid it during the first part of your program. Nursing school is tough- really tough! Just work hard and stay humble and you will be fine. Good luck!
  16. labcat01

    What liability coverage do you carry?

    I have NSO- it costs more and I get less coverage then the previous posters because I'm in Texas but I do feel a little bit better knowing I have it :)