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labcat01 is a BSN, RN and specializes in ICU, CVICU.

Hello! I have a BS a BSN and an MPH. I am a life long student and I love to learn. NERDY!!!

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  1. labcat01

    How is CVICU different from ICU?

    You probably need to ask the unit where you plan to interview. In my CVICU, we recover heart patients (CABGs, Valves, etc). We also recover and care for heart and lung transplants, ECMO patients, IABPs, and every kind of VAD under the sun. We also ge...
  2. labcat01

    Edwards Critical Care iPhone app

    Very cool- thanks for sharing!
  3. labcat01

    CCRN & Laura Gasparis videos

    I took and passed the CCRN this June using mainly her cds to study for the test. I'd recommend them to anyone! If I had further questions on a topic, I used the PASS CCRN book to read up on it and then did the practice questions on the cd. Good luck...
  4. labcat01

    Anyone heard anything about no more masters degrees?

    Personally, I am worried. There are 3 big nursing schools where I live and one has already gotten rid of it's MSN-ACNP program. Another school is phasing out it's MSN program so that after next year it is admitting only to the DNP program. So, whethe...
  5. labcat01

    ccrn exam prep

    This is correct- according to the website: AACN Certification Corporation I agree that hospitals do tend to favor the CCRN exam and fear that you may be ineligible if you are audited. It will take you more time to study depending on your experien...
  6. labcat01

    A few questions

    If you are worried about your BP, you should talk to your doctor or cardiologist about it. We can't give medical advice on All Nurses and even if we could, it sounds like you have a medical history slightly more complicated then the average person. T...
  7. labcat01

    Advice from experienced RNs please!!!!!

    yes! so true- i don't know anyone liked nursing in nursing school. it is a bit different once you are out of there. you've gotten great advice so far. i would really try to get some experience as a critical care nurse before you make any big decision...
  8. labcat01

    I think Oprah gave my patient tachycardia

    Haha! That episode was on when I was working the other day and it was freaking my pt's family out! They were asking me about MRSA and necrotizing fasciitis. I told them to turn of the TV - that's like watching a movie about plane crashes on a transco...
  9. labcat01

    Critical Care Pharm

    I'd like to know as well if anyone has a good resource!
  10. labcat01

    Shift Assignments - Who bugs you the most?

    I'm afraid I might fit into some of those descriptions. Sigh! I'll be sure to give my CN a big hug at work tomorrow and try my best not to complain about my assignment :)
  11. labcat01

    Multiple BP meds & dialysis- to give or not to give.......

    I think you definitely did the right thing. It is never a bad thing to ask questions or to refrain from doing things you are not comfortable with. I think that shocker29 gave you some spot-on advice. Good luck!
  12. labcat01

    Med Errors

  13. labcat01

    Offered a job today and flattered, but stumped.

    Personally, I would never take a job in case management- it is just way too stressful (at least it is in my hospital). Plus, I just can't stand all the paperwork and red tape. No thanks! Cath lab recovery would be an awesome job- I think. Maybe not a...
  14. labcat01

    cardiac for dummies, website or book

    Hi- I think it depends on who you talk to. Some of the nurses I know say it takes as much as 5 years to get comfortable on a new unit- agh! Here are two general websites that I like: -------> General ICU stuff http://www.p...
  15. labcat01

    I just got hired in an ICU!!

    Congrats!!!! Enjoy your vacation- you've totally earned it :)