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I am a new resident to NC and recently tested+ for MJ for which I was placed in the IP for one working year. I was wondering if anyone knows how many times I will be tested during this program because with no job and $76 a test, Im not sure how long I will be able to cover the fees as I already had to pawn my TV to cover the $350 addiction consult. Any questions or feedback would be greatly appreciated!!

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It avg 18 times a year. There will be months you have 1 test some 2 times I have tested 4 times in a month. How did you end up with 1 year the program is a minimal 3 year with stips on narc for the first year of employment? You may want to get a job outside of healthcare until you're able to get a nursing job. Anything is better than no income at all.


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Yes and yes, look for a job in the meantime, you will drive yourself insane spending too much time away from the workplace. I am working on a loading dock right now, in two weeks I start work at a plant nursery:). This job has been so therapeutic for me and gives me a much needed break from my mind.


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I was placed in a program for one year, with no restrictions. The NCBON says as long as I log into FirstLab everyday, pass my drug screens, and pay the fees I will not have any restrictions and no disciplines listed on my nursing license. I had to see an addiction specialist also and had he determined me to be addicted to MJ then I would have been placed in the three year program. The rep at FirstLab told me the BON has a number of test they want administered, but of course wouldnt tell me how many. I just hope they wait until I get a job to test so many times regularly. I tested 3 times in March :( I have to work in healthcare for the program. As of right now, I have been in the program since Nov but it doesnt count towards my one year since Im not working yet. Thanks a million for your help, its greatly appreciated!


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Twoyearnurse Im so happy you found something therapeutic to do! Im not sure what I would do without nursing, its all I have ever known or done. God bless you and thanks for the encouragement!

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If what you say is true and you have no restrictions, why are you not working? I had many job offers until they saw the narc restrictions and recinded the offer. Thank God I am now working and nearing completion of my contract. Go get that job and get this thing done.

FirstLab for ohio can only do 15 a year. Not sure about your state though. I can't imagine it being much more.


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In NC you are advised that it can be 2-3 times per month. With that being said it's does state that it can be more OR less. There are no maximum number of testing days. It's said to be random and without pattern.

In my experiences I have been tested 1-2 times per month and the longest in between was nearly 7 weeks (I was in panic mode by 5th week!). Typically I pay $152 a month and have had one MRO review which added extra $$$.

Before I went back to work as a RN I made sure I had enough money to cover testing above all else. Meaning reducing on ALL expenditures, forbearances on my student loans, no more cable or Netflix. No fast food, no get the idea here...lack of all luxuries.

It took four months to get a job after reinstatement, and even now I am cautious on how I'm spending, because that rope is still around my neck. Not that I'm being dishonest or using, but I am at their mercy until told otherwise.

Prayers for you, the program is very doable you've just got to be determined and without excuses!


If you message me I can give you my number and we can talk or text.


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She does have a restriction. Her contract requires that she works in healthcare. Mine says as an RN. She's not lying.


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Lol nowimclean Im not sure why I would have to lie in a forum amongst strangers where I need a question answered. As I stated, when I went to theaddiction consult it was deemed I wasnt addicted to MJ and maybe thats why we were placed in different programs. Im also not sure what why Im not working has to do with how many times I will be tested, but I will answer that for you too. I live in a very small rural there arent many available jobs to begin with and I still must notify employers of the participation in the program and they must submit quarterly evals to NCBON. Thanks again for your help and input