Plantar fasciitis


I have plantar fasciitis and can't seem to find the right shoes..any suggestions? I thought about Danskos but am not so sure. :paw:


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Had it bad and went with the Crocs. Not very fashion forward (I think they are ugly) but it was an amazing difference. I know not everywhere allows them now though.

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Which style crocs? I have some of the regular ones but my feet still hurt after work.


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I had a pair of white Merrills with aftermarket insoles. It helped. But I finally found relief from 1 prescription NSAID, took it when I went to bed, woke up the next morning and it was significantly better.


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I bought Roper (yes, by Justin Boots)Performance slip-ons. They're great!!! My feet feel so much better. I never really knew I needed an arch support like that until I wore them.


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I had surgery for severe plantar fasciitis last summer. I saw 4 doctors before getting the surgery and they ALL told me that Crocs are the worst shoe for it. Although they are comfortable, because they don't fit your foot tightly like a tie shoe, they allow your foot to lift in them. What works the best for me is Asics 2120's or better with Spenco orthotics. (The custom molded ones didn't even work as well as the Spencos). I've been suffering for 3 years with this now. I DON"T recommend the surgery, however!

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When I had PF, I suffered the tortures of the damned until I started wearing a special brace that kept my foot dorsiflexed during the night. This probably took weeks off the healing process, as I'd been dealing with the pain for many months and nothing helped until I bought that brace. Keeping the affected foot in dorsiflexion when at rest gently stretches the tendons, which prevents that agonizing pain when you get out of bed and walk to the bathroom in the morning!

In addition, I found New Balance, with memory-foam insoles, to be the best shoes for my feet. Everyone has different needs, however; you may need to experiment with several brands before you find the right ones for you.

Good luck!

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I bought some SASs.....wrong choice as they made my feet hurt worse, way way worse!

I bought some New Balance walking shoes but there wasn't enough arch support....the salesman recommended an arch support. Big difference, much better now.

There are different size arch supports, I have a high arch and went with the highest they have. They hurt my feet at first, but once the plantar faciatitis healed, the arch supports now work great.


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My mother had/has (does it ever really go away??) plantar fasciitis. I introduced her to my friend who is a Chiropractor and he his trained in A.R.T. - Active Release Technique. He does something to break up adhesions and release tension and it promotes healing and proper function. I'm not well versed in the exact science behind it but I do know that he has a nice following of MDs and RNs in his practice as well as college and professional athletes. ( I was shocked to know that my family practice doc is one of his patients LOl)

PM me and I can ask him to recommend someone in your area. Not everyone trained in A.R.T. is a chiropractor if you have an aversion to that practice, but those fully trained in the technique are few and close knit

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i wear new balance with superfeet insoles... i got them at REI. they don't seem like much but they have like a plastic bottom that takes the impact off your feet. the insoles have made SUCH a difference with my PF. the burning is not so bad at the end of the shift.


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Has anyone with PF tried dansko professionals? I tried a pair on and it was incredible for my feet while I walked around the store. I didnt even have my custom orthotic in them and my feet stopped hurting while I had them on..but I'm hesitant to buy another pair of shoes that feel great initially, but then after a 12 hour shift still end up with hurting feet! Just wonder if anyone else had tried.

I did get some relief(for 3 months)using the custom orthotic with New Balance 926's(like another poster)...but now the left foot has started to hurt again...I go into the podiatrist Monday for yet another cortisone shot(my third this year...think it's my last). This podiatrist offers some type of non-surgical treatment that involves the use of high intensity sound waves on the heels. I'll try to find a link to their website to post. Something somewhere has got to work long term if I'm to stay in this profession! :-)

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