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cvssc has 12 years experience and specializes in L&D telephone triage.

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  1. I work in an inner city teaching hospital. When you are hired, you may make it know and sign appropriate documentation to not participate. I ahve been there for 9 years. We have only performed 5 terminations. 4 were for the mother's health risks and one for fetal abnormalities. I do not believe in abortion. I was the 17 year old mother. However, after talking with my pastor, he believes even in these situations, we are helping people not necessarily committing abortion. There are definite risks to the mother's in these cases.
  2. cvssc

    Elective Primary C/S

    There are several issues that bother me with this subject. C/S is a MAJOR abdominal surgery. These are real risks--bleeding, infection, damage to other organs, hysterectomy, and DEATH. Death is also the worse risk of anesthesia. Labor is painful. Yes, lawyers are involved so much in our sue happy society that we cannot provide patient care. We are providing lawyer resistent care. We can do a lot to help ease pain, but again, labor is just that--LABOR. Hard work is painful. Someone needs to explain this to people before they every have sex. You don't get something for nothing. The main reason epidural medication is used, it because it is the most relatively safe anesthesia to use. Let's stay with the path of lease law suit risk. Our society is so me, me, me conscious that we don't think about the baby. I don't want to hurt. I don't want stretch marks. I want to decide what day I deliver. What about the child that is going to turn your nice, neat little world upside down. That's what we need to think of. What's best for the baby. There's a reason we were made to have babies. It is a natural process. I work in a high risk unit. I have traveled. Let's not treat everyone like they are sick or a procedure to do. Let's let nature do what God intended unless he let's us knowhe would like us to help him. I have done it with and without epidurals. With, when induced for being that 17 year old first time mother with out of the world blood pressures. That was 25 years ago when no one went with you if you were not married. I don't think any of us has the upper hand on being scared. That epidural for a petrified kid wasn't so bad compared to the pain of having a 8# 10 oz baby with out an epidural. The amazing thing is, anmesia comes into play when you hold that child. How on earth do you think we have more than one child. We need to be an advocate for out patients--mother and child. Yes, there are risks with any delivery. But, I have seen death more with C/S than vaginal delivery.