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  1. deyo321

    HIPAA and Correctional Officers

    Mouth checks are safety and securities concern. The LT should post at med pass and check each inmate. If I have an at risk inmate refusing their anti-pyschotic meds I will give the pod Officer a heads up. In segregation med refusals are logged in the pods briefing.
  2. deyo321

    Thinking of going to corrections

    I am very lucky where I work: I had an officer tell me yesterday that when he was training a new officer he told them the nurses have it "dicked" here. I said what? He said "you all walk into work and have like 57 secret service agents ready to jump in front of you" Isn't that the best? I also think that if a nurse ever got hurt on their watch they wouldn't want to live that down. Also we have candy and motrin so...
  3. deyo321

    First Death Threat

    Why did other nurses give it if facility policy is no sleepers? Just sayin... I had one inmate yell "It's your job to give me what I want" which struck me as so funny that a laugh escaped before I could put on my game face (thinking hooker) to which he yelled " I want that ***** fired!" Oh well...and he works at our local brew pub restaurant.
  4. deyo321

    New nurse still on orientation and first med error?

    I would have gotten the order. You had to call the MD any to report error right?
  5. deyo321

    Real vs fake chest pain

    This is always difficult in Corrections the old MI vs anxiety. UUGGHH one of the worse. Are you staffed with more experienced nurses? Follow the protocol. If you can, get help. Observe what more experienced nurses are assessing. I can tell you that you develop a kind of gut intuition in nursing. You want to assess accurately, but...when in doubt ship 'em out.
  6. deyo321

    What 2 do if u r called to a man down?

    I believe the above post is the answer they were looking for.
  7. deyo321

    Department of Corrections Nurse

    Just so this is clear; I am not a first responder, corrections is. I am on the scene only after a successful lockdown and security ok. Many of our Officers are EMT's, ex-, or current military and firefighters. They are extremely well trained and in emergencies I have no problem being part of a team and appreciate what they bring to the table. Some have more emergency background than I and I am always glad when they are with me at codes. I am lucky where I work. Check out the facility because just from reading here you iwll see that there are vast differences.
  8. deyo321

    What to do after being fired.

    Getting fired is devastating. However I'd venture that it is pretty common in nursing. Part of the shark tank mentality that we allow to prevail. I bet a show of hands would turn up greater than 50%. Some take it as a badge of honor, because what it generally means is you stood up for something or someone and management didn't like it. That being said I understand there are some heinous nurses that shouldn't be allowed to care for plants, much less people. But I'd venture that a large precentage of nurse firings are personality related. Me? I'd have two hands up. Interestingly enough (and maybe to inspire hope) I was fired from the county nursing home because I "wasn't a good fit" when a new DON came on board. Yes I was under 6 months employed. I now work at the county correctional facilty and have for years. So it was a blessing in disguise because I love what I do. Good luck. Focus on the positive.
  9. deyo321

    Scrubs for Prison

    I just avoid orange...lol
  10. deyo321

    Medication Administration

    We don't do KOP's or CNA's.
  11. Hi Is anyone aware of a reason an electronic monitoring device cannot be worn in surgery? Thanks in advance
  12. deyo321

    EM and surgery

    Hey does anyone know if it is contra-indicated to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet in the OR? (The patient not the Surgeon). Thanks.
  13. deyo321

    Typical Medications Distributed

    You will want to be familiar with pysch meds different facilities have different formularies so it varies I give a lot of amitriptyline, clonidine, celexa and paxil. Those are probably our top 4. We also use typical and atypical anti-pyschotics. This is in addition to your HTN, diabetes, cardiac and the ever abundant abx. for bad teeth. I feel safe where I work. Honestly there is no typical day. We pass meds, do intakes, assist the docs, deal with emergent situations, asses,asses,asses. Advocate, teach, detox, dressings, all kinds of nursing. Someone on here said it was a cross between ER and nursing home that fits. All facilities differ in their hiring, but I think most use lvns.
  14. deyo321

    Professional boundraries in Correctional Nursing

    FIRM=No means NO!, FAIR=The same goes for all of you. CONSISTENT=It will be the same tomorrow! I liked this explanation. It made me smile. Thank you.
  15. deyo321

    Nurses Misbehaving While Caring For Inmates

    Where is the @#$!% ignore button!
  16. deyo321

    Nurses Misbehaving While Caring For Inmates

    I would like to advise someone starting out in corrections nursing to stay true to her/his convictions about delivering care. Are you in a position to advise someone on this matter? It would be terribly reckless of you to advise someone on a subject if you have no personal experience. Really that could be quite dangerous in this instance. You list no specialty and from your posts I gather you have not worked in corrections. In fact I agree with Orca in wondering if you are a Nurse. Deyo leaving the sandbox.