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  1. deyo321

    Medication Administration

    We don't do KOP's or CNA's.
  2. deyo321

    Emergency Response Equipment

    Our bag has individual bags (like shaving kits) velcroed in so you can rip out what you need. Like one is diabetic emergency, IV start, etc. We have all the regular stuff, but I made myself a "lac" bag out of one. I seemed to be responding to cutters frequently, so I made myself a bag with exactly what I need on the scene for lacerations. I mean you dont need O2 for superficials lacs. So everything is in one place the way I like it.
  3. deyo321

    Unbelievable inmate requests

    Yea thats one I like... if your yelling at me I am pretty sure you are breathing!
  4. deyo321

    Unbelievable inmate requests

    OP is from a female.... This one threw me for a minute: "I have Fishers" say it... I had to; lol I was trying to think of some obscure disease!
  5. deyo321

    I refuse to be a punching bag - NO MORE ASSAULT

    I think leslie that I disagree. Never thought that would happen. My rationale is because we are pretty much compelled to offer help. You can't just walk away from a bleeding person because they are combative, or tell that little old Grandma to take a hike when she scratches you, you still need to provide care. That in my mind raises the level of a medical professional to someone who should be better protected by the law. I don't even like saying that because I also like to believe that everyone is equal. Ahhh the dichotomies of me. That being said it wont prevent it from happening, but maybe it would make more people aware of the issue.
  6. deyo321

    I refuse to be a punching bag - NO MORE ASSAULT

    Another reason I love my job. An inmate tries to take a swing at me he will be kissing linoleum. And he will definately be picking up charges. I am so much safer here than even in the nursing home where over the years I have been scratched, pinched, spit at, and slapped.
  7. deyo321

    Unbelievable inmate requests

    I just got this has an inmate request to see the PA: " The breakthrough pain is becoming worse and causeing diminished dexterity and constant mental distraction" (yeast infection) I kid you not it reads just like that. Can't make this up. Diminished dexterity from a yeast infection...hate it when that happpens.
  8. deyo321

    An Interesting Conundrum......

    Think about corrections. Emergencies AND no Press-Gayneys. No families to have to cater to. Always interesting.
  9. deyo321

    LPN's in county jail?

    It will depend on how the facility uses them. You will have med passes, treatments, assist with MD and PA call, intakes, emergencies, detox, and documentation. It is much like a blend of long term care, clinic, pysch ward and ER. Good luck. It is the best kept secret in nursing.
  10. deyo321

    What does "+++" mean in narrative charting?

    It could also denote UA dips that are grossly positive for blood, Leuks or bilirubin. That was what came to my mind first.
  11. Thats why you don't eat the peanuts on the bar . LOL.
  12. deyo321

    Who's medication error was it?

    First don't beat yourself up. Med errors suck, but they happen. Myself I probably wouldn't have circled another nurses initials. Though your investigation probably turned up the correct information you should have (as you now realize) passed the info on. This happens in jail where the inmate will come to med pass and say they didn't get their morning meds, I can't administer them if they are signed off. ( not that I would anyway) Maybe the nurse ran out of time to go back and circle them but I usually will not call for a one time time change order. In working with INH and B6 I probably would have called the doc and told them what I believed and then let them give me the order to give a second (presumably first) dose. This would have covered you in the event that she claimed she did give it, which she had to claim because it was signed out and you would have rested easier beliving the therapy was followed correctly. What always chaps my hide is the inmate who takes the med looks in the cup takes the med and then says "I don't think that was mine, what was that?" Are you ******* kidding me? Too late now. The inmate who took the meds could accurately describe 4 pills that he took? Do they even look like naproxen? Which I am assuming is one pill? Geez take some responsibilty for your own health. Sorry my own rant... good luck let us know how it goes.
  13. deyo321

    Suggestions on saving money

    We made a significant change last year to save on medications, a huge portion of our budget. We now primarily use a chain grocery store to provide our meds. So 100 celexa $9.99 vs 30 celexa $81.00. This took some work on nursings part as they are not set up to provide MARS or waste, but they can do bingo cards. So we continued our relationship with our original pharmacy for inspections, wasting narcs, med carts and MARS. Many stores, Walmart, Target etc offer this savings on medications. They are interested in selling more so they were willing to become providers. In an emergency I can send an officer to get a medication immediately. The store does not always have everything but they can get it next day usually. So extra work for nursing equaled large savings for county. The savings though is redunculous. The original idea seemed preposterous, NOT use the big pharmcy giant everyone uses and we had for years!?! But it can work.
  14. deyo321

    What is it like to be a nurse in a prison?

    ICE= Immigration and customs enforcement.