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Hello Everyone

Just found out today that our school does not want to have a pinning ceremony for our graduation in May 2005. They said that when they have the pinning ceremony that none of the nursing student go to the whole colleges graduation. Also the whole reason why we do fund raisers is so that we can have a pinning ceremony. Can anyone please tell me why they are on our tails to have fund raisers if we are not going to have a pinning ceremony? We started a letter with a petition to our dean of nursing and haven't heard anything yet. It's just so frustrating to think that we would not have the traditional nursing graduation. Sorry, but that will be the only time in my life that I will wear the white dress and the white cap, and darn it I WANT TO WEAR IT, at least for that day. I mean nursing isn't like any other major where you can say hey I think I'll be a business major and then just be a business major. You have to go through so much to just get accepted and then the work that goes in to it, and then they try to take tradition away from you. Makes me so mad. Sorry for the rant just needed to vent.

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If your class is footing the bill for pinning, and the school is not chipping in anything (but a hard time), why is it then that the school can dictate whether you have pinning or not???

If you have pinning in a different location, and only for the graduates and their families, how can the school say no??

This is YOUR time! If you want it bad enough, then fight for it. Good luck!!

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My nursing administrator also discouraged a pinning ceremony. Said it was unprofessional. Every class has its own pinning ceremony anyway, off campus on another night. We did fund raising too. Local hospitals donated congratulation cakes. We had one of the sub nursing instructors (who was on our side) speak. A couple of the teachers came to the pinning even though the adm did not want them to.

No one can stop you from having a pinning ceremony off campus and it can be lovely. And you can also graduate with the rest of the college students. We did both. It was very nice.

Check out rental prices at local Elks Lodges or Vets Halls . . . hire a DJ, do finger-foods, have someone speak, hire someone to video-tape it, have your family members pin you. You can do it.



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Discourage a pinning ceremony? Why in the world would they want to do that? No graduation ceremony with your whites and cap? I am horrified!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jen2 I really hope you and your fellow students can reverse this. I agree that you work hard to complete nursing school and being able to wear you cap and pin at the ceremony is priceless. And just when are you supposed to recite the Florence Nightengale pledge? Some traditions are good and this is one of them. Hope you get your pinning ceremony and your graduation ceremony.


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I agree with everyone else...fight for what is yours! We have a pinning ceremony at our school but the grad class for this spring is at odds with the faculty. They wanted to have it at a nice restaurant, rent the banquet hall, etc. and the dean said no. They had to have it on campus otherwise the school would not sanction it. Sanction? Heck, the grads pay for it, not the school.

Now our class..June 2005, we want pins and "Nursing Caps" and they are telling us no caps! We are the ones raising the funds not the school and we should be able to decide how, where and when we have our graduation besides the one the school has.

So...needless to say...we will be pushing this issue until we graduate!!


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Glad to see others agree. It is so crazy that they still expect us to do fundraisers. They said that the money will go towards new dummies for the lab. Guess what? When I graduate, I won't care about new dummies for the lab, I won't be using them. Every class from 1989, until now, has had a pinning ceremony, and a professional photographer comes to take group pictures of the entire class, as well as individual pics. The nursing department walls are covered with group pictures from past grads, and we have all longed to be on that wall. I think that they are running out of room, so now they are telling us no.

We are going to keep pushing the issue. We will go straight to the CEO if we have to. If all else fails, we have decided that we will have our own pinning at a restaurant or hall, and the money we raise will go toward that, not for dummies for the next class to use.


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aside from the pinning thing, I'd be flipping out about pressure to fundraise for the school's expenses. shyeah right!


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I would be so pissed if I were you. I can't tell you how many times, my classmates and I talk about our pining and how proud and happy we are going to be. I feel like you are being totally cheated and ripped off. Very cheesy on the college's behalf.

Sorry, and hope you can get it sraightened out.


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Originally posted by stevielynn

My nursing administrator also discouraged a pinning ceremony. Said it was unprofessional.

Unprofessional????? This person really said this?? I would think a pinning ceremony would be as unprofessional as the people coordinating and participating in the ceremony (students and faculty). So in a sense she is saying you and your fellow classmates as well as your faculty are unprofessional. I wonder if she was projecting from her high school graduation (or perhaps her own pinning ceremony)? Such a curious statement.

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Who has control of your class account?? Is it at the school, or is it at a local bank? Who's names are on that account?

I only ask this because if the higher-ups catch wind of your renegade plans of an independent pinning ceremony, they could seize your class account (if they have that ability).

I would be offended if my school told me that we had to pay for new school junk with our pinning money. Uhhh...what does tuition go for??? I bet if there was a national newstory about this, you would have a bunch of ticked off nurses on your side....just a thought.

I would fight this tooth and nail. It sounds like your college is playing pinning, and oh yeah, the money will then go to buy new dummies for the lab. Sounds fishy to me. You guys pay enough to actually go to school, college budget cuts are not your problem, and yet yours is making your class responsible for picking up the slack with cuts.

Pinning is the most professional rite of passage I can imagine.

What a dope your administrator is. Won't you be glad to be out of there.

congratulations on even being able to anticipate it. You are almost done!

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I was just wondering if there was an update to this story???

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