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  1. Nclex exam terrified!

    I feel that the review from Kaplan prepared me well. I passed at 75 questions, no problems. Take the test as soon as you can.
  2. Reputation of a travel company

    Wow this is all really good info to have, Thanks.
  3. Need advice!!!! I hate my job

    The comments posted by people on this board is why I very rarely come on this site anymore, I THOUGHT this board was for venting with other nurses who understood what it is like, but more times then not I see nurses getting slammed just for speaking ...
  4. So the family asks me "Is Mom dying?"

    Hey JerseyRN, I work Inpatient Hospice, 16 bed freestanding, its way different then going to peoples homes. Its bascially just like Med-surg, but more emotionally gut wrenching. Sorry if I came off as uncaring I was trying to relate with the origina...
  5. So the family asks me "Is Mom dying?"

    These are all questions that will happen over and over. Same questions=different patients. Rattling/Food/Pain/medication, sometimes I feel like a tape recorder. Lots and lots of denial in hospice and lots of blame, mainly directed towards us(." Your...
  6. Anyone work at Orange Park Medical Center?

    Sorry but I don't have anything positive to say about OPMC, I worked there on/off since 1994, (only because of driving distance) I guess they are trying to make changes, but my last experience there in 2009 was horrible and I will never go back there...
  7. I should be grateful to have a job,but

    Yea I agree the non profits are making boat loads of money, we get regular bonus checks > $500.00 a pop, we staff I'd say approx 40% agency and now they are making mandatory uniforms which they are paying for, All of this is just HUGE tax write of...
  8. Any former surgical techs in nursing school?

    I agree 100% with the above posts. I was a St for approx 12 years b/f starting nursing. I heard over and over again, people thinking I have been a nurse forever d/t my ease around the Docs and just the medical arena in general. Thanks to my Surgical ...
  9. Feeling worn out all the time

    Wow, what great timing. I have been dragging myself to work for the last 6 months or so, on my days off it takes every thing I have just to go grocery shopping, my husband does'nt understand and calls me a slug, maybe he's right I feel like crap. I a...
  10. 1. Do you love, like or hate your job? Like 2. What field of nursing are you in? Inpatient Hospice 3. Are you FT, PT, PD? FT - 3/12 hour shifts 7p-7a 4. Do you look forward to going to work or dread it? Depends on the day, sometimes glad to have a b...
  11. Bad Interview...

    This being said, if you've been dating for 9 years, I have a few questions - #1- Where's the ring??!, and #2- You should be also looking closer to him to see what you can get so it's not so much of a struggle to see each other! *** ? Wow, talk about...
  12. Another nurse bites the dust due to facebook

    This is exactly one of the resaons why I recently shut my Facebook acct down, If I feel the need to vent I will call my friends to chat. No more of my private life on public domains.
  13. OK, ummm............well...........

    Yeah.. a year or so ago I might have laughed at this post, now Im just disgusted that we have to breath the same air as these Freaks. Over it!!
  14. I use up all of my compassion at work.

    I am also a Hospice Nurse and let me tell you by the end of 3-12 hour shifts I am crispy fried in the compassion department. I totally understand the poster who wants her hubby to "suck it up", I am trying very hard not to let my Idon'tgiveacrap atti...
  15. Happy Flippin' Nurse's Day

    They held a Lunch at some place approx 45 minutes away, and we got a tiny bag of M&M's.