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  1. RNKITTY04

    Nclex exam terrified!

    I feel that the review from Kaplan prepared me well. I passed at 75 questions, no problems. Take the test as soon as you can.
  2. RNKITTY04

    Reputation of a travel company

    Wow this is all really good info to have, Thanks.
  3. RNKITTY04

    Need advice!!!! I hate my job

    The comments posted by people on this board is why I very rarely come on this site anymore, I THOUGHT this board was for venting with other nurses who understood what it is like, but more times then not I see nurses getting slammed just for speaking their minds, looking for a little support. If I wanted to be talked to like crap I would be at work at least getting paid to listen to idiots spout off about things they know nothing about. Bitter much ? You bet!! Hugs to the OP and my fellow NURSES who understand and don't judge.
  4. RNKITTY04

    So the family asks me "Is Mom dying?"

    Hey JerseyRN, I work Inpatient Hospice, 16 bed freestanding, its way different then going to peoples homes. Its bascially just like Med-surg, but more emotionally gut wrenching. Sorry if I came off as uncaring I was trying to relate with the original poster, but its all good, another lesson learned.
  5. RNKITTY04

    So the family asks me "Is Mom dying?"

    These are all questions that will happen over and over. Same questions=different patients. Rattling/Food/Pain/medication, sometimes I feel like a tape recorder. Lots and lots of denial in hospice and lots of blame, mainly directed towards us(." Your over medicating" must be that 0.25mg of MS04 you gave 8 hours ago) ummm yeah.... NO must be the DISEASE PROCESS.
  6. RNKITTY04

    Anyone work at Orange Park Medical Center?

    Sorry but I don't have anything positive to say about OPMC, I worked there on/off since 1994, (only because of driving distance) I guess they are trying to make changes, but my last experience there in 2009 was horrible and I will never go back there. Would rather drive longer then deal with that place again. Not going to post specifics d/t being flamed.
  7. RNKITTY04

    I should be grateful to have a job,but

    Yea I agree the non profits are making boat loads of money, we get regular bonus checks > $500.00 a pop, we staff I'd say approx 40% agency and now they are making mandatory uniforms which they are paying for, All of this is just HUGE tax write offs. I have been in health care over 25 years and have never seen anything like this, UNREAL.
  8. RNKITTY04

    Any former surgical techs in nursing school?

    I agree 100% with the above posts. I was a St for approx 12 years b/f starting nursing. I heard over and over again, people thinking I have been a nurse forever d/t my ease around the Docs and just the medical arena in general. Thanks to my Surgical Tech background, I knew exactly what I was getting into with nursing, no big shock once I went "real world". Of course the level of responsibilty is quite intensified but no biggie, Being a ST was a great stepping stone for me, there is not too many medical environments that intimidate me and I attribuate that to my ST experience. You will be fine, I also thought nursing clinicals were a breeze compared to Surgical clinicals. Good luck to ya.
  9. RNKITTY04

    Feeling worn out all the time

    Wow, what great timing. I have been dragging myself to work for the last 6 months or so, on my days off it takes every thing I have just to go grocery shopping, my husband does'nt understand and calls me a slug, maybe he's right I feel like crap. I also work 7p-7a. Does anyone know where I might buy some energy?
  10. 1. Do you love, like or hate your job? Like 2. What field of nursing are you in? Inpatient Hospice 3. Are you FT, PT, PD? FT - 3/12 hour shifts 7p-7a 4. Do you look forward to going to work or dread it? Depends on the day, sometimes glad to have a break from hubby 5. What gives you the most job satisfaction? Family's That "get it" and are appreciative 6. On a scale of 0-10 (0 being least stressful, 10 being most stressful) how stressed does your job make you? Once in a awhile I peak at 10 but for the most part I would say 3-4 7. What causes you the most job stress? family/friends of patient that have no clue what "hospice" means, act like you don't know what the hell you are talking about. 8. What do you think could make your job better, so you get the most joy and satisfaction out of your work day? More pt education before they enter Hospice
  11. RNKITTY04

    Bad Interview...

    This being said, if you've been dating for 9 years, I have a few questions - #1- Where's the ring??!, and #2- You should be also looking closer to him to see what you can get so it's not so much of a struggle to see each other! *** ? Wow, talk about inappropriate questions
  12. RNKITTY04

    Another nurse bites the dust due to facebook

    This is exactly one of the resaons why I recently shut my Facebook acct down, If I feel the need to vent I will call my friends to chat. No more of my private life on public domains.
  13. RNKITTY04

    OK, ummm............well...........

    Yeah.. a year or so ago I might have laughed at this post, now Im just disgusted that we have to breath the same air as these Freaks. Over it!!
  14. RNKITTY04

    I use up all of my compassion at work.

    I am also a Hospice Nurse and let me tell you by the end of 3-12 hour shifts I am crispy fried in the compassion department. I totally understand the poster who wants her hubby to "suck it up", I am trying very hard not to let my Idon'tgiveacrap attitude prevail. Nod and smile nod and smile.
  15. RNKITTY04

    Happy Flippin' Nurse's Day

    They held a Lunch at some place approx 45 minutes away, and we got a tiny bag of M&M's.