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Pinned and Proud

Last night's pinning ceremony was very nice. We had some family and friends there. A former classmate who graduated last year was happy to see that I was able to get back in and stay in to finish what I started. He told me that he's passed the NCLEX and that he's working at the same hospital where I'll likely wind up. Told him we'll have to meet up for lunch.

There were some announcements, speeches, awards, and then the chairperson read off the names of those who graduate with honors. Doh! I did not know they'd do that. Mine was the first name to be read from the Magna Cum Laude list. That took me by surprise, and I stood up and clapped for myself like a grinning idiot. My family were surprised too. I guess they did not put all my A's and B+'s together and realize I'd be on the honor roll.

The pin was placed on me by a faculty member I'd never had. Which was alright I guess. She was short, I'm tall, so I crouched a little. We laughed.

People's family members kept rushing the stage, getting in the way of the graduates walking off. Security was called. One parent got loud, complaining that she'd paid all that tuition money, so she was getting her picture. It was not as serene as I'd thought. People hoot'n and holl'rin.

The air was certainly charged, people were excited. Classmates were crying. I almost did. A sense of pride came over me, and I've been feeling it since. I've never felt this way before, at least not about myself. It's nice.

Then the 10 of us (family and friends) went out for dinner, I had a couple of 'ritas with rocks and salt, and all was right with the world. Our boy fell asleep, I sat next to him in the back on the ride home, and today we went to the movies and did a little shopping.


As for work, I've been asked by the nurse manager on that unit that I spent two rotations on to please not go anywhere else because she wants me to work there. That's a nice feeling. But I'm going to a local hospital for an interview anyway. Cant hurt to get the practice and keep my options open. Nice to have options.

Gotta love it.


donsterRN, ASN, BSN

Specializes in Cardiac Care.


Wow. It's over, my friend!!!

I'm very happy for and proud of you, too. I wish you all good things.

Take care, and post frequently!


Jolie, BSN

Specializes in Maternal - Child Health.

Congratulations, sir!

AnnieOaklyRN, BSN, RN, EMT-P

Specializes in ED, Pedi Vasc access, Paramedic serving 6 towns.

Congrats :balloons: . I had pinning and graduation today and it was cold and wet, no screaming family members though, ok well not screaming in a negative manner... Good luck on NCLEX



Specializes in ER/adult gero-NP.

Congratulations!!! The hard work payed off. Good Luck on the Nclex!

RN4life#1, RN

Specializes in ER, Occupational Medicine.

What a great ending, I wish all the best and happy hunting!;)

hlfpnt, BSN, RN

Specializes in LTAC, Homehealth, Hospice Case Manager.

I'm a little late, but congrats to you! I've followed your posts & I'm proud for you! Best of luck to you in the future! :)


Specializes in Transitional ICU, Neuro/Trauma ICU.


I had my pinning this past Saturday, the 19th and undergrad commencement Sunday the 20th. I'm glad that nursing school is over. Now onto NCLEX-RN review. :monkeydance:

Congratulations ND! Well Done!

Tweety, BSN, RN

Specializes in Med-Surg, Trauma, Ortho, Neuro, Cardiac.



Specializes in Dialysis (All Modalities) , Ex-CVICU RN.

Congrats.. My pinning ceremony was on the 17th of May (Great ceremony ... a classmate of mine proposed to his gf on stage). Starting my CIC job on the 4th of June and taking the NCLEX on the 22nd of June.

Finally over :) . Good luck with everything ND.

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