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Pet Nurse?!

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by Mashira Mashira (Member)

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I wouldn't get bent out of shape about it ....

However agree it isn't ok for a tech to call themselves a 'nurse'.

Only RN's and LVN's can call themselves nurses.

I am pleased some people have got the time and energy to take up the fight

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Do you think that they have "Pet Ganey" Scores?

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Well, having in the last month my sweet Old English Sheepdog

take ill suddenly, I have been in and out my vet office and vet specialty

hospitals. He spent 4 days in the vet ICU. He received excellent care

from the vets and their staff. Their dedication and professionalism

was top notch. Along the way, the vets/staff also supported us

in making decisions.

I am sorry to say he lost his fight on this Monday, and I was present

when the Vet and vet tech put him to sleep. He was very aware and

present of his surroundings (our home) and passed peacefully.

I'm so sorry about the loss of your sweetie-pie that way. It was tough to put down my mother's old Golden Retriever Charlie just 3 weeks after my mom passed away. A double whammy even though Charlie was having trouble breathing and getting up on all fours. But he was elderly. It's hard with a sudden illness. Hugs. {{{jahra}}} :redpinkhe and hope the other family pet makes it alright.

I don't have a problem with it; in fact, I think only the person wearing such a badge should have a problem with it.

I'm sure she comes across men who take the message literally....:D

Or . . sometimes I would like to put myself up for adoption, I think I do big sad eyes well enough to tug at the heartstrings, but advise that this pet nurse wants to be the kind on the satin pillow with the manicured nails and sterling silver "pet nurse bowl". I do not "fetch". :p

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I have to say my first thought about the term "Pet Nurse" was the same as GH:

"I'm sure she comes across men who take the message literally"....:D

"but advise that this pet nurse wants to be the kind on the satin pillow with the manicured nails and sterling silver "pet nurse bowl". I do not "fetch". :p

It sounds dumb actually - not cute. Because it makes a person's mind go to the demeaning ideas above.

However, I wouldn't report it to anyone and get too bent out of shape over it either.


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Mmmkay, so I have a little vent.

I went with FI to the vet today, and the Vet Tech comes in, looks at the pup, and does her thing. Then says, the nurse will be in shortly. Um, kay?

'Nurse' comes in. I read her badge and it says, "Jane Doe, PetNurse"

We talk about the pups issues, and then I ask her, "So, what do you have to do to become a PetNurse"

and she replies, "Oh well, (Vet Hospital Name) will send you to school for a year or something and you take some classes. You don't have to do it though. I never did, I don't have the time, it's like five days a week. Why were you interested in becoming a PetNurse?"

I try to keep from slapping her and laughing at the same time, and say. "Oh no, just wondering."

OMG! I am tempted to report this to the Texas BON. We have a Title Protection law that does not allow anyone to call themselves "nurse" or any form of anything that implies "nurse" unless they are licensed LVN/LPN/RN's. I think that is more for 'impostors' though and I don't know if this applies.

To add insult to injury, at the front the girl that rings up the bill (and is all of 17 years old) has a badge that states, "PetNurse Aid"!

What do you guys make of this?!

I work as a vet tech actually... in North Carolina. I have never heard of a "pet nurse." I think it's something "cute" that clinic probably came up with and not a real title... it can't be a real title... you have vet techs (which act as nurses for animals basically... and it's not limited in any way to "pets." Or dogs, or cats. Vet techs work for farmers, and such as well, with cattle and horses, and everything else... 'pet' is frankly rediculous).

In north carolina, you do not have to be certified. I work for 8.50 an hour, and it was all on the job training. In my job, I draw blood, give some vaccines, do lab work, assist in surgery, insert catheters, do after surgery care, do x-rays, give fluids, monitor vitals... clean up poop off the side walk, clean cages, give baths, trim nails... I mean it's all over the place, but some of it, if it were human, would be among the scope of practice for a nurse (most would be more along the line of a CNA). But none of it deservers the title "pet nurse." That's demeaning both to what I do, and what nurses do.

If you do get certified, your scope of practice does increase in the state of NC, and everywhere else (but not by much in NC), and you can plan on making around $30,000 a year.

So wow... I would find a new clinic... and if it's a state thing, I would find another state. And if it's really a new american thing... I'm leaving this country.

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You must go to Banfield. That's about the only place I've heard of using Petnurses, Petnurse Assistants, Aides, whatever.

Banfield is a corporate. 'nough said.

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raekaylvn has 10 years experience as a LVN and specializes in School Nurse, Peds HH, DD.

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I understand why the Vet place is calling their Tech "Petnurse" and Tech Asst "Petnurse Aide". Think about it, the term nurse is comforting. People with sick animals want to be comforted.

With that being said, I'm an LVN and I already have a hard time being respected as a nurse. The thought that a Vet Tech is/would get more respect from people for the "nurse" title over me, an actual licensed nurse, kinda bothers me.

Also, no matter where I worked, I'd have an issue if the corporation/company tried to made my title be "RN Assistant" or something along those lines. I worked hard for my title, and my license. Why would I want to be anything different?

Lastly, yes, nurse is a protected title. And I completely agree that if we let the title be thrown around... with vet techs, MA's, CNA's, strippers, ect... we will become less respected to the public. I mean, we already have a hard enough time gaining respect as it is.

To those who have lost sick animals, I feel your pain. Within the last year, I've had to put down 3 wonderful dogs who have been by my side since I was a teenager. Its a tough loss :(

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gauge14iv has 23 years experience and specializes in ICU, ER, HH, NICU, now FNP.

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In texas, this is illegal, in fact they made one vet clinic chain stop! It should be reported.

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i live in pa and know there is an associates degree for vet techs and you do become licensed. you have to renew every two years and have continuing educational courses. the veterinarian office i go to calls them veterinary technical nurses or vtns. they must have their associates degree for veterinary technology as well passing the boards before they are hired there.

i can understand your frustration because you toiled away to get your nursing degree and here is this girl who fell into the job and now is sharing the title.

however you have to realize that the basic definition of the word is to: manage or guide carefully; look after with care; foster. that is essentially what she is doing albeit with a cutesy job title. now if she is saying that she is a registered nurse and telling her friend with high blood pressure that taking fido's meds will help them then there is a huge issue.

personally i think the term certified nurse assistant is more annoying. i am a cna (as well as pca because i'm in a hospital) and everyone just blocks out the words certified and assistant and only hears the word nurse. i am constantly correcting people about what i am. just the other day a friend asked how my new job was going and after i told her she replied "well, you're a nurse now so i'm sure it is hectic for you." then when my other friend who is an rn and i were hanging out and talking to her new boyfriend he replied "that's awesome you're both nurses. did you go to the same school?" :rolleyes: :no:

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This honestly doesn't really offend me. It's obviously just some cutesy marketing strategy.

There are things that I do feel cheapen the profession of nursing. What comes to mind are all the commercials on daytime TV that make it seem like "anyone" can become a nurse - easily - when we all know that it's a hard job that requires a lot of intense, often difficult schooling. So many for-profit schools have tried to capitalize on the "nursing shortage," it's really too bad. Just my opinion.

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sunflower777 specializes in 12 years exp in corporate healthcare.

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This thread is pathetic! Let the girl keep her job! Geesh!!

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suanna has 30 years experience and specializes in Post Anesthesia.

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What is the concern- that the title "pet nurse" is going to somehow diminish the title of NURSE that garners such deep respect from members of public and the the health care team??. We're already everybody's whipping boy, we have no judgement, no insight, no skillls, no knowlage... Mostly we just stand batting our pretty little eyes, hoping to get one of those smart doctors to take us into the linen closet for a quick trip to paradise! If it wasn't for those brilliant doctors telling us what to do, we wouldn't be able to find our way in out of the rain.

Our occupation has a long way to go before labeling someone a "pet nurse" is going to do anything to make the public's concept of what it means to be a nurse much less respectable than it is already.

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