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As students we have heard the good and bad side of nursing as a profession. I wanted to know what would you like to change or how would try to make a difference as a nurse when you enter the profession.

I would like to advocate for nurses. We are the patient's advocate, we are their voices. But sometimes nurses don't seem to get the respect that they should. In my opinion we need to be heard and get more respect from everyone in the health care industry.


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One of the things that I would like to see changed is the relatives only policy. Still today in many hospitals, same sex couples aren't recognized as next of kin the same way married couples are.

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IT starts with respect for yourself but there are two things I would like to change.

1) narrow the theory practice gap

2) Increase the scientific basis of our profession by increasing use of evidence based practice.

A lot of ills in our profession stem from the lack of science based guidelines. It comes down to one persons opinion is as good as another's. One of the things I love about this BB is that we can discuss issues such as water VS NS down NG tubes ( a recent example) and kick around what scientific evidence there is talk it out with out one person flaming another on the basis of "It has always been done that way" or "When I worked in ......... and they are the best and they did that"

We have so much potential to exchange information on this BB and explore the areas of nursing that are not on solid ground. Do you know that I have spoken to nursing lecturers who have told me that there are no new areas to research in nursing???

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That's the sort of thinking that almost shut down the US Patent Office in the late 1800s because "everything had already been invented"!


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Originally posted by Paleobug

One of the things that I would like to see changed is the relatives only policy. Still today in many hospitals, same sex couples aren't recognized as next of kin the same way married couples are.

This is very true!!

There are some cities that recongnize same and opposite sex couple by a registry, if you register, you have the same rights as family and married couples when it comes to making choices for someone who is unable and things like that.

We don't have it here, but cities like San Fran, Denver.


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I agree that we need advocates. I am a nurse of almost 2 months. I love my job, love the busyness of nursing, but hate the BS.

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I want to make sure that every single patient i have that is terminally ill will die in as less pain as possible, with friends and family at their side (if this is what they choose).

My last 10 years as a nurse i hope to be teaching an A and P class. I want to be able to give an education and wonder to myself as i look at my students "wonder where you will be and what you'll be doing in 20 years?". Had someone tell me there is nothing more rewarding than the feeling, and i want to experience that myself :)


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I would like to see an institution run strictly by nurses. This institution would have a free clinic, free child care (round the clock) for employees, and have a nursing research facilitiy nearby. Anyone in management must have a nursing practice background (no one that had a master's degree in business/health administration allowed unless they were a nurse first). And nursing skills would be billed outside the linen closet!!

Of course the idea of an institution run by nurses might make it a little difficult to recruit some doctor's...but who needs a doc with an attitude toward nurses anyway!?!?!

Patient's would be allowed to stay until the NURSE and the doctor agreed that they were well enough to return home....not when the insurance company decided that they were better because the average numbers showed they were.

Wow! I like that idea! Any very rich nurses out there want to help me out on this??????


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Amost forgot....all management MUST work one shift per week on the floor (hands on with an assignment) so they remember what it's like to work in the trenches!


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Essarge - along with that, how about making everyone else work the manager's shift once a week so they can find out the headaches on THAT side of the tracks?

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You guys... had some great statements...

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