per diem RNs-are you called to work every day?

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I am not even joking when I say that I get a phone call and/or email to work every day. I am already on 3-4 days as it is and I still get called in. It doesn't help that I am a float between two floors (same director) and as it stands, there is no communication between the two floors, so I also get asked to work shifts when I am already working on the opposite floor.

I am so sick of my phone blowing up. Whenever it rings I have anxiety. I am also a new RN, only off orientation for a month (only got a month orientation to each floor) and I've consistently been given heavy patient loads because they are so short staffed. Most of the time, I dont feel safe.

My hair is getting more grey. Oi.



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I does get old. I work 5 days a week at my FT job, monday through friday. I have a per diem gig and they call me everyday, atleast twice. I was aways in Italy for 2 weeks and they filled up my voice mail box completely (I did let them know I was gonna be outta town). Usually the DON calls atleast once a week and gives me attitude for not picking up time, for a posistion which has no time commitment. Gonna have to give them the "It's not me, it's you" speech soon.


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I'm not an RN (LVN), but I get called almost every. single. day. for my PRN job, Even *after* I've given the staffing coordinator my availability - I have another FT job and it annoys me when she calls even though I'm @ my FT job (she has a copy of my schedule!!)

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I'm not PRN, I'm part time, however....I have been working FT and then some for 8 months because we are so short staffed. I'm really sick of working all these extra hours, and I'm soon going to start making myself unavailable for extras.

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I've stopped answering the phone. lol

I used to get calls every hour of the day and night for all 3 shifts. I do not like 7-3. I cannot do 11-7 without a weeks notice because I do have another job during the day. And 3-11 rarely has a call-in and when we need coverage for each other we usually find it.

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Why don't they hired more nurses. I would love to work (4) 12 hour shifts or more.

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they have 8 positions open on one (med/surg) and 3 open for the rehab unit


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Me too!

I'm also a new nurse - a little over a year - working per diem and am constantly called for extra shifts. I already work a full-time schedule but we are short-staffed enough that they are always calling for holes in the schedule. I take what I can but you absolutely need to draw the line early and protect your sanity.

If you have to answer - "I'm sorry but I can't. Maybe next time." If they protest - repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Excuse yourself and hang up! Staffing is management's responsibility and you can't singlehandedly be expected to bail them out working 60+ hours/week already.

We also have been hiring but can't keep any per diems. They work a month or two and disappear off the schedule. :rolleyes:

Hang in there OP! Protect yourself and shake away any misplaced guilt you feel.

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You will get called every day. It gives those sitting @ the desk something to do! Just ignore it.

Turn off your phone if it is bothering you. Make out your schedule in advance , to your liking.

You should consider setting up a contract, you should get 2-3 dollars an hour more for contract work.


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i am so old that when answering machines came in we thought that was going to solve that little problem.

it might be too late for you, but i never, ever give an employer a cell number. home/land line only, and an answering machine on it. you don't even need a phone on it, so you never need to hear it ring in the middle of your sleep cycle, and since it's only incoming calls you can get this peace of mind for like $20/month. just check the machine once a day or so, and that's that.

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I only have a cell phone, though the land line with just an answering machine is a good idea Though part of me is too stubborn to shell out $20/month just to avoid the harassment.

I am going to seek out my floor educator/manager and lay it all out. This is beginning to become too stressful and overwhelming and they are this >|

I have to be more proactive and draw some clear lines. Its time.



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My suggestion would be to send their calls straight to voicemail. My phone it is listed under contacts and options.