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  1. I am sure that this is late but if not. Expect a prioritization question regarding a stroke (CVA) patient, or a seizure patient? I would know that difference between a hemorrhagic and ischemic cva. Good Luck!
  2. First Assignment!!!!

    Hi Dee_RN I haven't begun traveling yet but I wanted to wish you luck! Let me know what you think.
  3. Travel Nursing. ....Hopefully soon

    Sorry about the double post
  4. Travel Nursing. ....Hopefully soon

    I am interested travel nursing . I'm hoping to start in March or April 2013. I have been looking at PNS , cross country ,and Talemed. I would like to go to you North Carolina, Arizona, Alaska, or Florida. At that time I will have about 18 months of e...
  5. Off to travel....soon I hope.

    I am interested in becoming a travel nurse. I have been scanning articles and travel sites. I have also been reading a few threads on this site. I would like to begin traveling in late March or at the beginning of April. I will have about 18 months ...
  6. Discrimination, discrimination.. Tell me what you think.

    Please keep your head up. Discrimination happens, we know it. People can state it doesn't happen but we know that it does. I CANNOT say this is what happened to you in this situation. You have to keep going and apply for other jobs. Trust and believe...
  7. Finally My First Job!!!

    Thank you everyone. I am happy to finally have a job that I can live on. I plan on taking kick boxing classes and yoga. Things that I have not been able to afford. I am trying build more knowledge of my specialty area.
  8. Finally My First Job!!!

    My first job. I start in a week. I am excited but nervous. :heartbeat Praying for great preceptors that steer me in the right direction and that my patients stay safe. Any advice from other new nurses?
  9. I am not answering the question anymore. I will check female but not the race to see if it helps me get a job. Right now the only people I know that have gotten jobs in the hospital knows someone, managers or directors...someone in management...all o...
  10. Ohio Board of Nursing

    It has been a few weeks that since I took and passed my boards and I have not received my license yet. Everyone that has taken their NCLEX has gotten theirs most of them live outside of Columbus. I have called twice the second time the person told m...
  11. New Nurse Issues the CNAs

    As a former aide/tech, I have been in situations where a new RN regardless of age speak to aides like they are dumber than a box of rocks. Like another poster said, if situations are explained aides tend to do better. RESPECT goes BOTH ways. I have p...
  12. Nervous Wreck

    Prayer. I do not know if you do but Pray. When you go in take the tutorial and breathe through it. When the first question comes... take a deep breathe and pray for calmness. Do not do any studying the day before. Go and get a mani-pedi, massage or s...
  13. NCLEX-RN books - Which ones to buy?

    I used the same books. I also passed with 75 questions. I liked Saunders 5th edition because it has more subjects like: Delegation, Ethical/Legal, etc. along with the basic body subjects. After taking the NCLEX it seemed more straightforward then any...
  14. New RN

    Thank you everyone!!!!!!!!!!!! Now onto finding a job.
  15. NCLEX Tomorrow

    Its Official I am a RN. :yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah: